Pain Genie Scenar

pain-genieTake Control of Your Pain Today With the Pain Genie?

The Pain Genie Scenar is the most technically advanced pain relief device available today.

It is a breakthrough in stimulating the body’s natural self healing abilities and is highly effective in all forms of pain relief including neck and back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, fractures, arthritis, RSI, IBS, burns and aching joints.

The Pain Genie was developed by an elite team of doctors and scientists to keep cosmonauts in optimum health during space travel.

Now it is the treatment of choice by an increasing number of world-class athletes and medical professionals, but you don’t have to be an expert to use it. It is literally so easy anyone can use it and benefit within minutes.

Dr Mike Shapow Pain Management Center Owner recommends Pain Genie ScenarThis is how Pain Genie works

As the Pain Genie is gently brushed over an area with inflammation or pain, tiny electrical impulses, similar to those produced by the nervous system, are sent to the brain. These impulses instantly stimulates the  release of powerful natural healing compounds.

The results are usually immediate and long lasting, and most people are experiencing a dramatic reduction in pain, often within seconds according to many testimonials.*

You also receive training materials and additional support

Pain Genie training video |

  • Quickly become familiar with your new Pain Genie by watching the detailed Controls and Settings section, or start treating yourself immediately by following the quick-start guide and watching the 2 minute demonstration in the Getting Started section.
  • Follow the examples of how to treat a range of common pain related complaints and see how easy it is to apply the skills to your own situation.
  • Master the techniques of treating most types of injury, aches and pains and get rapid results in minutes, by learning the procedures explained in the Brushing Technique section of the DVD.
  • Understand how you can give your friends and family an ‘overall treatment’, known as the 3 Pathways and 6 Points, that concentrates on the back, but improves the body’s total well-being.
  • See how the 3 -7 minute Single Point treatment can relieve point-specific pain and kick-start the healing process.

Suzi Tsoi Health and Fitness Advisor praises Pain GenieWhere to purchase the acclaimed Pain Genie Scenar pain relief deviceWhen you order today you also get the DVD Introduction to the Pain Genie home device
The introduction training DVD comes complete with an instruction manual and quick-start guide. It is packed full of information, instructions and examples of how you can use your Pain Genie Scenar to deliver rapid pain relief and give you back the chance to enjoy your health.

The Training DVD, Instruction Manual and Quick-Start Guide have been produced to support the Pain Genie Scenar, sold through Pain Genie Ltd and its authorised sales network (of which Marie Casalini is a member). It does not contain any material that is applicable to, vouches for, or supports any other product, or similar product supplied through other channels.

pain-genie-scenar-dvdpain-genie-scenar-dvd-sleeveThere is a chapter showing testimonials from real people who have used Scenar technology to relieve pain and improve their lives. This includes a woman injuring her ankle only days before a ski-ing holiday, but thanks to using the Pain Genie she goes on to enjoy a happy and pain-free trip.

Your purchase of the Pain Genie Scenar also includes:

MIke Reid DJ TV Presenter praises Pain GenieLifetime Access to Members Area:

You are also provided with access to a series of members videos to demonstrate techniques to deal with specific problems such as:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • RSI
  • Sports Injuries
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Stress
  • Tennis Elbow


Using the Pain Genie couldn’t be easier. There are no wires, or hard complex instructions and it can be used almost anywhere. Just take a look at the video below:

See How Easy It Is To Use Pain Genie

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Still not convinced? Take a look at the reviews from experts, the media and normal people like you and me: read more stories from happy users of the scenar pain genie here
We guarantee the effectiveness of the Pain Genie Scenar: see our guarantee here

Millions of people are unnecessarily living with pain thinking it is ‘just part of life’, ‘getting older’, ‘being too active in sport’ or ‘trying to deal with injuries that do not appear to heal’. Now there is a guaranteed solution – try the Pain Genie today


*All testimonials featured are of the opinion of the person that wrote them: Marie-Agnès Casalini  takes no nresponsibility for anything stated and would like to make it clear for legal reasons that she does not claim to have healed or cured anyone.

January 13, 2017