Pain Genie Scenar Guarantee VS Other Devices

Pain Genie Scenar guarantee | supplies the Pain GenieThe Pain Genie Scenar Guarantee Removes Any Risk

Important information follows about the Pain Genie Scenar Guarantee: Many Scenar devices are sold throughout Europe and the USA with complicated instruction manuals that describe complex protocols far beyond the scope of pain management and with little or no support.

We believe Scenar technology has been less accessible due to high prices with limited support and training. We provide this remarkable device with instructional DVD and user manual which contains clear instructions without unnecessary medical or technical jargon. Beyond pain relief the Pain Genie Scenar becomes a lifestyle choice, simple techniques lead to many real health benefits.

A multitude of pain relief products exist, just open any Sunday newspaper or look at the adverts on television, cable, satellite etc. Every day we meet and talk by phone to people who feel they have been let down by so many of these products and of course a large proportion of them feel highly skeptical, even cynical of what they have seen on this site. Our response is truthful and simple – this is revolutionary technology – you having nothing to lose except your pain!

Pain Genie Scenar guarantee: Technologically and effectively superior to TENS

A frequently asked question is ‘I can buy a TENS machine for £50, why would I want to spend £350 – £450 on the Pain Genie Scenar’?…Here is the answer:

A TENS machine sends out one impulse that effectively blocks the signal of pain being received. Perhaps for ‘very’ short term use this may be okay – say, during child birth. Most people that we talk to get little pain relief from TENS and those that do say it is short lived – hardly surprising as it is essentially ‘blocking’ signals of pain. Our view is that it’s like having a fireman knocking on your door telling you that your kitchen is on fire… and you just close the door and carry on as though you have not heard him! Pain is their for a reason. To compare TENS technology with SCENAR technology is like comparing a pair of roller-skates with the Space shuttle and prolonged use of TENs may have adverse effects as it is masks the symptoms of pain, rather than addressing the underlying cause.

The Pain Genie Scenar, on the other hand, sends out neural like impulses in a bio-feedback conversation with the central nervous system – stimulating the A, B and C nerve fibres in a continuously evolving reaction to changes in the skins conductivity, promoting dramatic releases of neuropeptides and healing compounds. This means it can be used often to treat more difficult conditions as many of our customers are happy to report – see just some of the many testimonials.

As for any other pain relief products on the market we are happy to make a simple statement : We will happily demonstrate the effectiveness of Scenar technology over any other product for pain relief.

Pain Genie Scenar guarantee: Avoid inferior  copies and ‘clones’ to avoid disappointment

Finally let’s look at other products that describe themselves as Scenars or as using Scenar technology.

Similar Scenar devices might look genuine, but are they reversed engineered products or clones? The price varies for many of these cloned devices with products ranging in price from (typically) £250 – £3500 and some of them appear to be similar. We have all these devices (including most pain relief products on the market) and have experience with how they work and the effects they provide – and we are certainly happy that some of them give positive results. This said, there is only one genuine manufacturer of Scenar products and the VAST majority of statistics and quoted effects on the Internet and in publications apply to the GENUINE article… and that is why we have come together with the manufacturer to produce the Pain Genie Home Scenar package and provide you with the assurance of the Pain Genie Scenar Guarantee.

Ask yourself these questions of any other competitive product – is support available? what guarantee is available? do they provide a powerful and easy to follow training DVD? is the manual easy to follow? what immediate support can you expect? how do I know it works? what happens if there is a problem with the device – can you easily return it through a country’s customs system – will it come back? can you plug in to a network of experienced Scenar Doctors, Professors and therapists? do they speak English? do they run training courses if I want to train to become a Scenar therapist – or just to increase my understanding? can they tell me what other simple techniques can be used alongside Scenar to further accelerate healing? does it have CE certification? will you definitely receive your Scenar device by insured and signed for delivery? is the company long-established, solvent and reliable? can you pay by credit card giving you added buyer protection? is there on-going support and techniques provided as part of the package? We are backed by over 10 years of experience and we are the official UK distributor of these products, supplying the public, therapists and doctors worldwide.

Pain Genie Scenar guarantee: Provides superior training and support

Pain Genie Scenar is the only organisation to supply a training DVD, a quick-start guide, comprehensive instructional manual, 18 month product guarantee and package of extra benefits including ‘tips and techniques’ on the members area, helping you to take control of your own health.

The Pain Genie is a revolutionary device, using a technology that boasts a history of successful treatments that is second to none. We are confident that the Pain Genie will work for you, and are happy to eliminate your financial risk by providing a 28-day money back Pain Genie Scenar Guarantee with every device subject only to the following request: All we ask is that, if you cannot get a significant reduction in pain through self-treatment, you contact us so that we can work with with you to get relief, and if after that you are still not experiencing satisfactory results, we will refund your investment.

“Both in acute medicine and in chronic problems previously unresponsive to treatment, it is possible to achieve therapeutic results that I could only have dreamed of previously. For me, Scenar treatment is the discovery of recent years. It is the most valuable and effective new form of therapy that I have learned about during my professional development over 25 years or more”
Dr Hans Bründler
, MD currently offers the Pain Genie Scenar for a special price…read more

January 25, 2017