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Pain Genie / Scenar Testimonials

Effective pain relief rivaling Chinese Medicine

After more than 20 years of successfully practising Traditional Acupuncture I was astounded to discover that such a small device could have a massive impact on our healing potential. While it is simple looking, its sophistication is beyond doubt. It will deal with almost all pain problems, but it also has such a capacity to assist disease and harmonise the body and mind that easily rivals with Chinese Medicine, sometimes even surpassing it.Dr Robert J Esser, BAc MBAcC M.Ista TFTalg*

I have used the Paingenie on my brother in law who has had chemo and lost feeling in his feet. The doctors told him he may get feeling back or not in about 18 months. With one 10 minute session he has sensation in his feet again so I left the machine with him (he is in Switzerland) and now I don’t have a machine. I would love to buy another one if possible. Let me know
S. C, Sommerset*

My Scenar experience

When Marie-Agnes used the Scenar on me I realised what it was from previous treatments on a much larger machine a year ago.

Recently had fallen down the stairs and damaged the muscles in my left arm and shoulder. The muscles were scared and my osteopath had suggested further work for mobility and to remove the scaring. For me that was a lot of Shiatsu but I realised I could use the Scenar to heal myself and bought one.

Initially I did the sweeping until I found the sticky patches on my skin and did the 4 way sweeping across these patches to good effect. I also used the modulated frequency to loosen the muscles. The modulation on the muscles felt really good. In just two treatments (self-administered) I had full mobility in my shoulder. I continued a few times after that and can say I am very impressed with the Scenar.

I have worked on computers or in the print industry on very fixed focus work for a long time and now suffer short sightedness. I do not like being short sited and decided to buy the two Scanor wands to try strengthening the eye muscles. I could have used the Tibetan eye exercises but that takes daily exercise for a long time. I followed the instructions in the manual every day for a week and noticed that I was not suffering from eye strain after a day on the computer and if anything my eyesight had improved and held that quality. At this point I ordered the goggles from Marie-Agnes as I think 10 minutes a day wearing them will be easier. I’ll let you know how I get on.

I had been having trouble with my foot and ankle for about 6 months. Perhaps damaged from dancing Forro or perhaps the realignment of the foot through Tai Chi. Either way I was in pain if I overdid it walking and could not dance. I tried the Scenar using the 2 wands (one on each foot) by following the meridian lines up my feet to my knees. As I reached a new meridian point the Scenar would bleep and I would leave it in place till it had finished its treatment cycle at that meridian point, then move it on to the next. (I have an acupuncture doll to show me the meridian lines on the body). With just one treatment following all the meridian lines up from both feet to my knees I completely healed the problem. No pain walking and back dancing again. Wow.

Thank you Marie-Agnes.

Sandira Michael*

Dear Marie

Just a few working examples of the Russian Space technology device. I have successfully used it for the following conditions.Having read all the relevant bumph on using the device I came to the conclusion that to suck and see is usually the best way forward.

I always put the maximum electrical pulse into the area to be treated that the recipient can handle without having to tie them to the chair or remove them from the ceiling.

My own back has suffered a lot of ware and tear from Rugby and motorcycle racing crashes,as well as many years of physical activity playing tennis,skiing,hunting,karate,running,cyclingand gym. You get the picture!!!! Yes a pretty f….. up back. Not to mention the neck ,Knees shoulders etc.

The Atlasprofilax treatment worked 100% on me giving me full neck rotation and much more flexibility than for many years. I used to visit the Osteopath very regularly and only went once to have my neck crunched since the treatment and have never returned in 2 years.

So I am convinced that the alignment and general mobility of my back has most definitely benefitted more from the Profilax treatment than from all the many different types of alternative
methods available and I have tried all of them. Not to mention the money and time it has saved me.

This brings me back to the Shens 2 device. When you have injuries and wear and tear as I do you are never likely to have a trouble free active lifestyle. This is where the Shens 2 is the perfect compliment for post AtlasProfilax Individuals as well as just about anyone in my humble opinion.

When I get any type of pain related problems in my back I get my dutyful wife after a bit of nagging!! to run the device up down and around the troubled areas and it never fails to alleviate the problem by the next morning. Occassionally two treatments are needed.

I have even experienced instant relief.

I am a classical Pianist and often experience Tendonitis type problems in my wrists and hands. One treatment and i’m as loose as a goose the next morning!!

I have treated a variety of conditions in friends. Ten minutes of treatment and one friends tennis elbow from golfing was fixed 100% and it did not return. Gout, frozen shoulder,sore knees and elbows and I am currently treating my son’s sciatica though it is proving to be very difficult to shift but has improved. Daily treatments are necessary.

I don’t think one should be limited in ones usage of this marvelous device. I thoroughly recommend it.

Regards Adrian.*

Dear Rahim,

Michael Chamberlain – DOB : 12/11/1943
Flat 4a, Avenue Manslons, St Paul Avenyue, Willsden, NW2 5UG
Mr Chamberlain attended clinic today for his yearly follow up flow rate and bladder scan. This is following optical urethrotomy which was done in 2006. He managed to void 275 ml, Qmax was 18.6ml/sec, and post void residual 46 ml. This is an improvement compared to his previous results, where the Qmax had deteriorated to 11.9 ml/sec. When I explained this to the patient, he told me that after his previous appointment he noticed a further deterioration with his flow, so he took matters into his own hands and did some research of which he came across, a « Scenar device», which as he explained to me « sends electronic impulses through the skin to stimulate natural pain relief aind repair system ». He has been using this device since November 2010 and he has noticed a huge improvement to his LUTs and the flow definitely has improved. This is the first time I have come across this device, so I was not able to comment or give the patient any further advice regarding this therapy. I will discuss this with Miss Smith, Consultant Urologist, and find out if she would like to see the patient in the outpatient department.
For now, I have given the patient another follow up in a year’s time, If he does have any problems before this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will provide patient with the earliest available appointment.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Miss Bernice Mpofu
Urology CNS*

Pain in emergencies

Having read many testimonials during my 14 years of dealing not only with cancer, but also two heart attacks and on-going angina, I am wondering how to make my recommendation for the amazing Pain Genie Home Scenar stand out from the crowd. This little gadget is truly amazing. I have used it in emergencies, and as supportive treatment for different types of pain. I have found the Pain Genie Scenar simple to use and extremely effective. Personally I never leave the house without it – it has helped me and many of my friends.
Kadarijah Gardiner (Stage Actress – Jean Harvey)*


As a Fibromyalgia sufferer – and using the Scenar to treat myself – I can say that it helped heaps, to the point where I can have weeks without pain. However, particularly, in the early days, I always had exacerbation of pain. Its almost as if the body over-reacts in a big way. I absolutely love the Scenar. It’s given me back my life. Before Scenar I used to be in chronic pain and feel so tired that I’d just look up and say “Beam me up, I’ve had enough”. I have also treated others with Fibromyalgia and they react in the same way – they get exacerbation’s as well. Speaking for myself, it was a very gradual and subtle change – but gradually I just started feeling better and better. Then, one day, probably 6 months later, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t been in pain for a week. Just tell your patients that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Rosemary C*


I suffered from very painful RSI for years as a result of computer work. I had some Pain Genie Scenar treatments and now am pain free. Nothing else had the same dramatic effect.

Back Injury

One moment I was in absolute agony, having injured the base of my back – I thought I’m not playing tennis again, at least for three weeks or so. I could hardly get in or out of the car and it was really painful. But 5 minutes treatment with the Pain Genie, I was back on court playing again, much to the amazement of everyone around me. I just could not believe it – 5 minutes before I could not stand up and now I’m back in the game. Absolutely extraordinary – don’t ask me how it works, I don’t need to know but I would use it every time!
Mike Reid ( Radio DJ, TV Presenter )*

Ulcerative colitis

After the treatment I received during your training, I noticed a marked improvement afterwards, and realised I lacked some very important ‘basics’ before. It is now two weeks after the training, I have used the Scenar approximately every 2nd or 3rd day, and my condition is pretty much recovered. I am now eating virtually what I like and no longer suffer from adverse symptoms, even though the Scenar diagnostics mode suggests there is still something in the background which I will continue to treat. I am now about to start treating my hip, again with the Scenar, and am optimistic about what the results will be.
Tim Curbishley*

Frozen shoulder

In 2004, I developed frozen shoulder symptoms in both shoulders and tried several therapies with barely any result. From the first Scenar session with Richard, my range of movement improved, and after a few months of weekly treatments, I’d recovered 90% or more of normal movement. Four years later, this huge improvement is still there.
Paul L*

Hip pain

The pain in my hip built for months until it was agony. I had pethedine injections and went on morphine and several other drugs. After collapsing at work and unable to walk, I phoned Paul who gave me daily Scenar treatments and NES therapy. After 10 days I’d stopped the drugs, was almost pain free and drove 80 miles to a key work event. I had a few follow-ups until a slight ache was gone and in the six months since then I’ve been totally pain-free and resumed a very active life.
Stephanie D-A, Lewes*

Emotional and Physical effects

I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for 10 years working with a variety of individuals with different types of health problems from acute back problems to chronic illnesses. Due to my own bad experiences with GP’s and listening to horror stories from people i worked with i have been open minded to alternative and complimentary therapies and believe we can heal ourselves. I do not believe in taking pain killers to mask the bodies own defence mechanism to tell us when there is a problem. I come across so many people who put their own lives in to the hands of their general practitioners and accept what they are told and often go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or dismissed treatment because they generally can’t help them. We need to be open minded to new ideas and beliefs if we want to make a difference in the world. So many people seem to live with constant pain and believe they will never get better.
We need to take our lives in to our own hands and believe in the evolution of mankind. I have had a number of treatments with the Pain Genie in times of crisis, for pain relief as well as emotional and physical upset and in each case it has given me instant relief. It has helped me release tension in the neck and shoulders and relieved headaches. On one occasion i felt physically sick and was with a SCENAR therapist who treated me for a few minutes with the device, i was amazed how the sickness subsided and i felt like a completely new person. My head was completely clear and i felt refreshed and energised and continued to enjoy the rest of my day. Thanks to the development of the Pain Genie i have been able to help others. The instant results i have experienced with this device is amazing and the results i have seen with treatments has given me a new found confidence with this technology.
Suzi Tsoi*

Pain Reduction & Accelerated Healing

“If I told you about a device that takes away pain, speeds the healing of all kinds of wounds, tears, and fractures, and that is also effective in circulatory, respiratory, neurological, genito-urinary, gastrointestinal, endocrine, gynecological, immunological, dental, and even psychological disorders, and helps the body naturally readjust and recalibrate its inherent self-healing ability, would you think I’m describing some fantastic, futuristic apparatus? It exists today and is being used in medical facilities around the world and its real name is SCENAR, an acronym for the Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator device, originally developed in the 1970s by Russian scientists for the Soviet space program and then later used by the Soviet military as a battlefield treatment device”.
Lev G. Fedyniak, Medical Doctor*

Shoulder pain

I suffered from a pain in my shoulder for over 2 years, caused by heavy lifting. I had previously used a tens machine which helped the pain but not the problem. Colin treated me with the Pain Genie. After one treatment which lasted less than 10 mins, the pain had gone. I am now enjoying full mobility without pain and can even lift and enjoy DIY again.

Painful knee

I bought the Pain Genie Home Scenar for a painful knee condition. It worked extremely well on the knee but even better was the result I got after falling down the stairs. At the time I seemed to have no pain but was a bit shaken, until 3 am when I awoke with excruciating pain in my foot and ankle. After about 10 minutes of using the techniques on your introduction to scenar dvd I was so much better that I went back to sleep; I treated myself over the next two days (also my left side that needed attention the next day) and now am now pain free and feeling good – amazing ! Thank you.
Alison Smithson*


To anyone thinking about Scenar treatment, Over a number of years now my health has deteriorated due to stress related issues. These were brought on by living in an abusive situation for many years. I finally had what the doctors called an emotional breakdown. I was on anti-depressants, HRT, anti-histamines and migraine medication for an extended period of time. Some of the symptoms that I suffered from included migraines, exhaustion, hot flushes, sudden massive weight gain (4 dress sizes), panic attacks, muscular tension, and back and joint pain. I stopped taking the last of the daily medication shortly after I began a course of Scenar treatment with Helen Harnden. Immediately after the first treatment I started to feel the benefits. I have now received a total of 8 sessions. I have fewer migraines, I no longer feel exhausted, my body temperature has levelled and I have begun to lose weight. I have lost that overwhelming feeling of being ‘weighed down’ with problems and because of this I have been able to systematically deal with the problems in question. My back and joints are less painful and in fact, it has been confirmed by my osteopath that since my last appointment with him my body has improved. I have in the past, tried a number of alternative therapies; some have worked while others simply did not. However, without hesitation I would recommend Scenar treatment to you. It really does seem to be a remarkable treatment for such a wide range of medical issues.

More energy

I am very pleased to recommend Pain Genie Scenar treatment, which has given me greater agility and energy. I have been able to reduce my medication and its side effects.
Caroline C*

Avoid painkillers

Following neurological damage to the face and neck after dental work I had tried most things to calm down the various nerve and muscle pains I was experiencing; Firstly thePain Genie helped me to avoid pain killers. Secondly, although I had been getting relief from osteopathy, it was expensive and you were always reliant on appointments but using the device gave ME something I could use to control and eliminate the discomfort – whenever I wanted.

Back and knee pain

Attending my usual weekly pilates class at the local gym the teacher Pam was struggling herself raising her leg in one of the stretching exercises. At the end of the class she was telling me that her visit to the gym Physio hadn’t helped her pain below her knee very much. So I told her about me receiving my Pain Genie Home Scenar 4 or 5 days ago and that I had watched the training dvd a couple of times and would like to try it out on her. She was willing to give a a go as she had another class in a couple of hours. So off I went home, and then read quickly through the training booklet and returned to the gym not feeling very confident at that point. After application of the Pain Genie which only took a couple of minutes I asked her if the pain had moved. Standing up she displayed a look of amazement that the pain had completely gone. I felt really pleased with myself to say the least. After another chat she said she had a sciatica pain in her lower back so I applied the magic machine at the point shown by her and after a few seconds the sticky area went smooth and the pain again completely disappeared. Now I am really looking forward to the Pain Genie Training in Petersfield on 27th and 28th March.
Derek Moore*

Wrist Pain, sore skin

I bought a home Scenar device because I still had pain in my wrist following very expensive physiotherapy. After using the device on my arm a few times, I was pleased that I no longer had a problem with my wrist. My husband had been using cream, prescribed by the doctor, on a sore patch of skin on his forehead for over a year. Treatment was give regularly with the device for a few weeks, and is now completely healed. We are so pleased with our “Pain Genie”.
Diana H.*

Ankle injury

Skate boarding accident – injured ankles.I received one Scenar treatment from Helen and felt an 80% improvement. I was shocked and amazed. It really does work.
James L*

Painful shoulder

I have had several sessions of Scenar with Richard Cumbers – and it is an amazing experience. The first time was when I had a very painful shoulder, which I had wrenched; I knew nothing about Scenar, and happened to mention in passing that my shoulder was giving me pain – Richard (in true style) got out his little Scenar machine and treated my shoulder then and there (in a school Car Park!) for a matter of about 20 minutes – and I was amazed at the result. Consequently I went to him for a course of treatment a couple of months later, during which he treated my shoulder again, also my knee and ankle. I had two further dramatic occasions, one of which was when my dog had cracked me hard on the bridge of the nose – which was of course immensely painful. Now I don’t know how long this would have taken to heal without the Scenar, but I happened to be seeing Richard that morning, within hours of the “accident”, and he treated my nose. With several subsequent treatments on it bruising did occur, but I suspect not nearly as badly as it would have done without the treatment, and within a few days both pain and bruising had disappeared. The final occasion was when my leg seized up, and I could neither bend nor straighten it – and I ‘phoned Richard in a state of desperation. He came to my house and treated the leg, which improved then and there. I think this Scenar treatment is excellent, and particularly effective if treatment takes place as soon as the problem occurs.
Jane V, Worthing*

Neck pain

I met Helen recently, after having an acute neck pain, restricting movement. She gave me a mini treatment there and then. I was amazed, immediately the pain subsided and I had full movement of my neck again.
Lisa (51)*

Back, hip and knee pain

While visiting my family down south, I met a Gentleman and got into conversation with him. I told him I was having difficulty walking, standing and sitting too long. He told me about Richard and gave me his number. After an initial assessment of my problems to pains in my back, hip and knees. Richard started to give me treatment, using Scenar. The first treatment made me feel light hearted and optimistic that things were going to get better. The second treatment made me feel on top of the world as the back pain had almost disappeared and the hip was beginning to feel well. My walking had improved, I could stand and sit for longer periods of time, and my only problem was my knees. After the fourth treatment even my family noticed my general improvement. I visited my consultant (who removed a tumour from my spine in October 2002) and he was amazed at the difference he has seen in me. The same applies to my GP who said I should try to continue having treatment.
M B, Sheffield*

Achilles tendon pain

I snapped my Achilles tendon and had surgery. A few months later, I was in acute pain – a permanent suture was rubbing against the scar tissue. Walking was difficult and driving was impossible. After one Scenar session with Paul, the pain went and hasn’t returned.
Marco C, Lewes*

Reduced scarring

After a major surgery I had several Scenar treatments, which helped to boost my immune system, reduce scarring and lifted my energy levels considerably.
Marjorie (65)*

Hand injury

I fell heavily onto my left hand, twisting the thumb at a right angle. This left major bruising and swelling in the thumb, wrist and hand, and significant pain, especially at night. With Scenar treatment, I was surprised to see the bruising and swelling reduce in even the first treatment, and after several treatments, the pain at night had gone.
Mary, Derbyshire, (77)*

Avoiding Painkillers (for dental pain)

Following neurological damage to the face and neck after dental work I had tried most things to calm down the various nerve and muscle pains I was experiencing. Firstly the Pain Genie helped me to avoid pain killers. Secondly, although I had been getting relief from osteopathy, it was expensive and you were always reliant on appointments but using the device gave ME something I could use to control and eliminate the discomfort – whenever I wanted.
Mike Foulkes*

PMT pains

I have suffered from bad menstrual pains for a number of years. Since receiving Scenar my PMT and pains have decreased significantly.
Rachael (44)*

Painful Back

I was suffering from a bad back from heavy lifting, and Helen gave me a brief Scenar treatment. When I returned home I could not believe the effect. I was able to move easily without any pain whatsoever!
Roger (60)*

Chronic chest problems

I always seem to suffer from chronic chest problems and since a series of Scenar treatments, overall health and breathing have dramatically improved.
Roy (66)*

Calf muscle injury

On a dancing holiday I suffered a tear to my calf muscle. I was in acute pain and unable to place any weight on my right leg. Apart from missing out on the dancing I was feeling very upset and anxious about not being able to drive home three days later. Helen came to my rescue. Her device had an immediate effect, which meant that I was able to put some weight on my leg and so speed the recovery. Miraculously after a day I could walk and after further treatments, in three days I was dancing again. Having suffered similar injuries in the past, this, to me, was a miracle. Helen showed no surprise in my miraculous recovery – her belief in her product is based on repeated success and faith in this amazing technology.
Sandy W, Bucks*

Elbow Injury

Have to say I could not quite believe it..!! I first set eyes on a device (Scenar) via Dr Sanjay Choudhury, about 4 years ago, here in Sussex, I remember I had a dodgy ankle, he used it on me briefly, maybe 5 minutes, I remember at the time being amused, and thought it was a bit cranky!! … but then my ankle healed. I then periodically kept hearing whisperings of Scenar devices through friends that had amazing results from this little gadget. I recently injured my elbow, pretty badly, (after years of punishing gymnastic regimes, and plenty of Yoga) my wrists and elbows are prone to suffer .. my elbow was strained to the point I could not raise my arm, a real effort to even hold my handbag. We sat for a while Helen and I, and Helen began a treatment. I believe the Scenar was on a moderate setting .. pleasantly buzzing away, I guess for around 6-7 minutes. The rest is history, absolutely amazing results, really. My elbow felt significantly better almost instantly, and continued to improve. That evening it was 100% better. What an amazing piece of equipment – portable, versatile, can be used on pretty much anything.. ONE WORD REALLY … PROFOUND
Sara B*

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*All video testimonials featured are of the opinion of the person that wrote them: Marie-Agnès Casalini  takes no responsibility for anything stated and would like to make it clear for legal reasons that she does not claim to have healed or cured anyone.

January 21, 2017