Beware Of Copy Cats

Beware of copycats!

Trust your atlas only to certified Atlasprof®s. There are many copycats and other methods around, claiming to conduct atlas treatments or atlas corrections just as effective or even better than the original AtlasPROfilax® does.

There are two types of other methods:


1. Copycats

Downright copycats of AtlasPROfilax® have names like:

  • Atlantotec
  • Atlasreflex
  • Atlasrelax
  • Atlasbalance.

Some of them are former Atlasprof®s that have decided that they could make more money by leaving the AtlasPROfilax® community, some did not want to stick to the high standards of quality control and safety of the AtlasPROfilax® method anymore, or they are a copy of the Atlantotec copy, like e.g. Atlasreflex.

Although, technically these methods still realign to the AtlasPROfilax® treatment resp. copy it in modifications, we strongly advice against them for the following reasons:

  • Only with a certified Atlasprof® you have a guarantee to be treated with the AtlasPROfilax® method as developed by Réne C. Schümperli.
  • Only certified Atlasprof®s have to have professional liability insurance (not applicable to North America and Australia) that protects you and your children in the very rare case of negative after effects (so far, no damage case has emerged in over 2 million AtlasPROfilax® applications worldwide).
  • Copycats work by violating copyrights and other applicable laws. As AtlasPROfilax® is available worldwide, prosecuting them is very complicated, expensive and time-consuming. However, we focus on the quality of the application, the trust and satisfaction of our clients.


2. Other atlas treatment methods

There are other methods that assume to treat or “adjust” the atlas vertebra. The most prolific are:

  • Dorn Method in variations
  • Vitalogy
  • Arlen method
  • Atlas Orthogonal.

We do not comment or evaluate other methods. We believe that practitioners of other methods are just as enthusiastic about improving their clients life as our Atlasprof®s are. René-C. Schümperli, the inventor of AtlasPROfilax®, used to be a Vitalogy practitioner as well. Out of dissatisfaction with the effects and sustainability of the Vitalogy method, he kept on researching and developed the AtlasPROfilax® method between 1993 and 1996.


AtlasPROfilax® separates itself from other methods in the following ways:

  • AtlasPROfilax® is constantly developed and researched by professionals. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted and a lot of Atlasprof®s are physicians that are convinced by AtlasPROfilax® and research it.
  • There is no arcane or “esoteric believe” in AtlasPROfilax®. It is not based on ancient medical knowledge.
  • AtlasPROfilax® is safe. Not a single case of malpractice emerged which has been reported after an AtlasPROfilax® treatment performed by certified, authorized and quality-controlled Atlasprof®s.
  • AtlasPROfilax® just works. Countless professional and client testimonials have already told their stories about that.

If you have questions about the AtlasPROfilax® method and about current research about it, please contact us.


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