Pain Relief Equipment SHOP are proud to offer the world’s premiere electronic pain relief device the Pain Genie Scenar… “The Pain Genie is a revolutionary device, using a technology that has a history of successful treatments that is second to none. We are confident that the Pain Genie Scenar will work for you, eliminating your financial risk by providing a 28-day money back guarantee with every device.” Read more about the Pain Genie here, listen to just some of the many real testimonials here, see the Pain Genie special offer here

The Pain Genie Scenar allows you to take control of your own health, enabling you to safely administer effective pain relief to aches, ailments or injuries. Includes 28 day money back guarantee, 24 months product warranty and lifetime membership access.
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Products Currently Available:

  1. Pain Genie — Scientific Pain Relief Device: Learn more about this acclaimed  pain relief device which accelerates the body’s natural self-healing abilities: Pain Genie or simply ‘add to basket’ now, using the button below to purchase….And don’t forget to check-out the other useful accessories for the Pain Genie…
  2. Comb Attachment for Pain Genie: for use on head or where hair might interfere with connection to the area that you experience pain. Can also be used for your pets where they are suffering discomfort… read more or ‘add to basket’ using button below.
  3. Cosmetology Probe for Pain Genie: Large Y-shaped probe for use with Pain Genie to allow precise treatment of facial pain, for example, following cosmetic surgery… read more or ‘add to basket’ using button below.


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