Highly Recommended!

My posture improved immediately on my first visit to Marie. I am 72 years of age and had taken to wearing a posture support in order to keep my shoulders straight and my head upright. I have not had to wear this uncomfortable "gadget" since that day. Now I am looking forward to all my old aches and pains righting themselves. Although I know that this will take longer. Glad I found you Marie! Thank you.

Thank you Marie.
For so many years i have been struggling with neck
problems in the morning, never being able to find
the right pillows ..2 being too much and one not enough.
After your treatment i sleep confortably with one pillow.
Its been a week since my treatment, and the body feel diffetent.
A good different .It feels looser.

so Much Better

I have struggled with my neck and shoulders for ages, so I went to see Maria in the hope she could help. I spend a good part of my day at the computer writing and only take mild exercise. After the first treatment I certainly felt better, but after the second visit, which is included in the fee, I felt amazingly better, looser and relaxed. If you suffer from neck problems this is a must.
Coincidentally, I had fallen the week before, my dog getting between me and the floor and Marie very kindly used her 'magic wand' on my hip, which was causing some pain. Well, I walked out feeling just a twinge, but but after a few hours all the pain had gone. wonderful.
If you are in doubt, give it a try, what have you got to lose, and the relief from pain is well worth it. Thank you Marie.

Neck pain

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years and decided to go and see Marie with the hope she might be able to help.
She went through my history and did some work on my neck. Afterwards I felt lighter, my neck didn't seem so heavy and my shoulders were relaxed. What a relief after such a long time.
My husband went next and Marie manipulated him with her machine, which is not painful, but a little uncomfortable.
The following weeks My husband definitely noticed the difference and resumed gardening etc. we are both in our late 70's.
On the second visit, which is included in the fee. I told Marie I was still a little stiff and she used her 'magic wand', on both me and my husband.
Well for the first time in ages I am free of pain. I write for a hobby and sitting in front of a computer or huddled over a MS is not conducive to a good posture, but Marie has loosened every thing and taken away the pain.
So all I can do is highly recommend her. If it does work completely for the first time, it certainly will on the second time.
Good luck and enjoy some pain free time.

Happy with treatment

Despite feeling sore after my initial treatment (having ridden horses for many

Despite feeling very sore after the initial treatment, this completely disappeared after the second and I now feel taller in my neck and shoulders, nor am so round-shouldered. Thank you Marie

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