Had a treatment with Marie Casalini for my Whiplash… and still today, after 9 year, I have no problem, no pain in neck, no pain in elbow and wrist, no loud cracking noise from my neck. so very happy with the treatment. thanks

Practising sport without any fear - Pelvis aligned

I suffered hips misalignment since I was born. Later on when I started practising sport (especially kickboxing), my hip joint became inflamed. Doctors and Osteopaths told me that my pelvis was misaligned….I have tried all sorts of treatments to correct the misalignment but my hips never stayed in place. Since I have had my Atlas corrected with Marie-Agnes, I have noticed lot of changes, like a positive energy I did not have before, and most of all, my left hip and shoulder has not got inflammation anymore. Today (9 years after the atlas realignment) my pelvis is still aligned and I can practise sport without any fear. Money well spent!!!!!

Effective pain relief

am extremely happy with AtlasPROfilax method and as a result of this amazing treatment I am off hook from shoulder pain and osteopaths (mine suggested “now only once a month” after intensive treatment, so £35 a month – £420 a year). This AtlasPROfilax Treatment is only once in your life and the price is less then “ once a month treatment with osteopath for a year” . I am pain free, I can sleep like a baby now. I am very pleased.

Best adjustment I have ever had - No limp anymore

Recently, I had a spinal adjustment and had the Atlas vertebrae put into place. I felt as if I was taller and standing very straight. My friends sometimes mentioned I had a very distinctive walk and I often wondered “how” I walked. I am told I no longer walk with a limp and feel I no longer feel “bent” in the middle. I tore the ligaments in my arm/shoulder and could’nt put my hand behind my back very easily. Now, I can and have nearly the same movement as the other arm. I could’nt lift my right leg very high, having dislocated my hips a long time ago. Now, I can and can squat and get up without levering myself up on whatever happened to be near. I have been to chiropractors since 1950 and this is the best adjustment I have ever had. Everyone needs to have it done. Audrey, 77 yr old.

My son is healed and I've a couple of centimetres extra

I am the mother of a six year old child who had a hip problem. When I was discussing it with Marie-Agnes, she suggested the Atlas bone massage for my child. I was a bit sceptical. Then we measured my sons legs before the massage and we could really see the problem: Ilhan my son had a leg longer than the other. I did not hesitate any longer and Marie-Agnes did her work on him. Straight away, we measured the legs again, and to my surprise both were the same length. I could not believe it. I went to consult a chiropodist who confirmed that my son’s hip problem had miraculously disappeared. Then I called Marie-Agnes again for myself as I had a scoliosis problem. Before the session I was 159cm tall then afterwards I was 161cm. Today I feel fulfilled because my son is healed and I’ve a couple of centimetres extra. Thank you very much to Marie-Agnes, I will highly recommend you.

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