The Method

R.C. Schümperli developed a unique method to safely and permanently correct a misaligned atlas with just one application. The AtlasPROfilax® application consists of a safe, strategic, non-chiropractic massage to the short musculature of the neck, to loosen the tension and allow the atlas to return to its natural position.
I use a patented device, AtlasPROfilax® Wellness on the soft tissues around the Atlas and the patient will feel a gentle vibration during treatment. AtlasPROfilax® method works on freeing the soft tissue and musculature around the vertebrae not on the vertebrae itself. There is no popping, twisting or cracking of the neck or any cervical vertebrae.
For anatomical and mechanical reasons a corrected Atlas cannot be dislocated again!
The healing duration is dependent on the physical constitution of each individual. Your body will regain its natural vital strength and you will feel its regeneration process accordingly.


Body cells and organs do not, however, regenerate overnight. Likewise the restoration of skeleton balance and posture improve gradually.


Following the AtlasPROfilax® Wellness treatment, it is possible that you will experience a variety of responses all of which indicate self-healing has begun. These may include tiredness and muscle tension around the neck and lumbar region. You may experience mild versions of past ailments which have not completely healed. They can present themselves temporarily and in changed form. We recommend you observe your body carefully and write down changes in the way you feel. Support the self-healing process with regular back and neck massages as well as relaxing baths.


AtlasPROfilax® method only needs to be applied once in most cases.
However, the body and organs do not regenerate overnight. Some additional treatments such as massage, diet, detoxifying procedures, may be needed to support the process triggered by the Atlas realignment.
In addition, other treatments and therapies will be more effective as a result of a corrected atlas.



The repositioning of the Atlas is a simple and safe procedure which produces lifelong advantages. Children can especially benefit from a treatment as a preventative measure, allowing them to grow up healthily and develop to their fullest potential.
The treatment of children is particularly recommended because of both the ease of execution, resulting from the near-absence of muscular contractions, and the greater capacity for adaptation. Most of the time, we will take care of our own health only when the pain and the problems are already at a very advanced stage and no longer bearable (symptoms correction). After years of problems and attempts to alleviate them with massive and prolonged use of medicines, the body finds itself in such a precarious state that it becomes increasingly difficult to recover, and the regeneration phase is much longer and more problematic. It may even happen that a particular person is so ill and his/her body is so exhausted that it cannot regenerate. In such a case the correction is useless.
For this reason, the AtlasPROfilax® correction shall be seen as a preventative measure and can be checked and corrected in children, even if they do not yet appear as having any problems.


The AtlasPROfilax Wellness application can only be practiced by a specialist who has been educated and certified by the Atlas Academy in Switzerland, SA CH 3960 Sierre. The method is non-medical and is non-chiropractic.


Dislocated Atlas
Relocated Atlas
The Atlas should be sitting level, or square, on the cervical spine (neck), and the head should be square on the Atlas. It basically asks the question: “Is your head on straight?”The Atlas is the top bone of the spine. It is the vertebra that the head sits on.
Atlas Subluxated If the atlas is misaligned (subluxated) it causes the head to tilt. The body instinctively tries to straighten the head up while keeping the head over the feet (centre of gravity). This causes STRESS throughout the rest of the spine, the shoulders, the pelvis, the hips, the knees, and the ankles.
Subluxations (misalignments) are often deceiving. Even though symptomatic pain may appear in the lower back, legs, shoulders, arms or other parts of the body, their cause is very often located in the cervical spine (neck).
How does this unique method differ from General Chiropractic treatment? One of the most obvious differences is the gentle way in which the practitioner works. No strenuous manipulation is needed. The method consists in applying a patented device, AtlasPROfilax® Wellness, on the short neck musculature to loosen the existing tensions and allow the atlas to naturally come back into its position. The patient will feel a gentle vibration during treatment. The AtlasPROfilax® method works on freeing the soft tissue and musculature around the vertebrae but not on the vertebrae itself. There is no popping, twisting or cracking of the neck or any cervical.
It may happen that a person is particularly ill and his/her body is so exhausted does not regenerate as quickly as expected.
In such case, a correction might not provide optimum result.
For this reason, the Atlas correction shall be seen as a preventive measure and be checked and re-aligned in children, even if they do not yet appear as having any problem.

January 10, 2017