Neck Pain Treatment

That Really Works

Neck Pain Treatment That Really Works

ATLASPROFILAX®, first cervical vertebrae (C1) realignment


What is the Atlas?

Neck pain treatment starts with understanding the source of the issue. The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra in the neck, also called C1, situated at the base of the skull.

Who will benefit from the AtlasPROfilax® procedure?

The AtlasPROfilax® Technique is for everyone, from babies to the elderly. The spine of elderly people may never be perfectly levelled, but tensions and pains could be greatly reduced, their balance and posture may improve and they would have a much better quality of life.

This procedure is highly recommended for people who have been involved in a car crash accident (whiplash), had a difficult birth, fallen off a horse, bicycle or ladder, rugby players, footballers… and many of those who can’t even recall any previous physical impact or injuries.

How would AtlasPROfilax® change people’s lives?

When people are experiencing recurrent back or neck pain, migraines, dizziness, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, pain in the hips or knees, uneven pelvis, trapped nerves, legs length discrepancy, balance and posture problems, T.M.J, sinuses problems, and nothing seems to help, it is worth trying the AtlasPROfilax® Technique.

Is the Atlas misaligned?

95-98% of human beings have a misaligned Atlas (at different degrees) from birth, due to an inherited defect or to the mechanical stress during the birth process. Traumas, such as whiplash, falls, difficult birth or intubation during surgery under total anaesthesia, can worsen the misalignment, causing neck and shoulder muscle pain.

Conventional medicine does not consider the Atlas misalignment a possible cause of disorders in the patient, furthermore it does not show up in regular X-rays or magnetic-resonance imaging. As a result this problem generally goes undiagnosed, see:

How could a misaligned Atlas affect the rest of the body?

The Atlas carries not only the skull, but also facilitates SUSPENSION, BALANCE, and CONTROL of the spine and skeletal system.

A twisted Atlas can cause significant adverse changes to the posture. The spine can be compared to a chain. When the first link is twisted, each link down to the last twists, thereby disrupting the rest of the chain.

The whole back bone tries to compensate for such imbalance causing significant adverse changes to the posture, affecting in turn the pelvis, knees and joints, causing numerous painful and medical conditions, as well as head, neck, and shoulder pain.

Furthermore, the neck is the passage for the nerves, veins, arteries, cerebrospinal fluid and the spinal canal through which are transmitted all information between the brain and the various organs.

Therefore, the AtlasPROfilax® Technique works as a neck pain treatment by improving the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and more efficient lymphatic drainage, a smoother functioning of the nervous system, and an ability for the life force to flow more freely.

This link is quite interesting and particularly so if you click on the C1, where the animation seems to demonstrate its effect on just about every nerve and organ in the body:

What does this stiff neck treatment procedure involve?

A strategic and non-chiropractic specific massage is applied to the short musculature of the neck, using a specially designed hand held patented device, that massages muscles, fascias and soft tissues around the Atlas (not the Atlas itself), doing a neuromuscular and myofascial work in the occipital region that restores and can improve fascias and muscles related to chronic pain and many pathologies. In addition, this vibropressure work improves the Atlas position in most cases.

There is no popping, twisting or cracking of the neck vertebrae, it is a non-invasive and very safe stiff neck treatment.

How is this different from chiropractic/osteopathic work? neck-pain-treatment-1

The Atlas neuromuscular specific massage is a non-invasive, non-medical and non-chiropractic procedure. This myofascial and neuromuscular treatment works on the muscular alterations of the suboccipital area.

AtlasPROfilax® practitioners only work on the very top cervical vertebrae, whereas Chiropractors and Osteopaths work on the whole body.

Chiropractors and Osteopaths usually don’t work on the Atlas as they are generally not trained or equipped for doing so in the manner of the AtlasPROfilax® training.

However, massages and osteopathic/chiropractic treatments are highly recommended following the AtlasPROfilax® chronic neck pain treatment procedure to support the body when shifting and adjusting.

Listen to what  Chiropractors say about AtlasPROfilax®:

How many neck and shoulder pain relief sessions are required?

Only 2 neck and shoulder pain relief sessions are needed:

  • The initial session is the main session and is for the Atlas realignment.

It includes some kinesiological tests and anthropometric measurements developed by AtlasPROfilax®, in order to establish whether your Atlas is potentially out of alignment or not, how far out and the direction of the tilt.

  • The follow-up session of neck pain treatment (free of charge) is for a check-up, any muscular release massage required and also to clear any negative cellular memory, helping the body to re-adjust to its new position.

Will the Atlas be relocated in a pecfect position?

Working on the soft structures around the C1 will most of the time lead to an improvement in the position of the upper cervical vertebrae and possibly other vertebraes (C2, C3, etc.).

However we have seen clients whose Atlas position didn’t change but they had amazing results as the Atlasprofilax® resets the cervical fascia and the cervical muscles, which will then produce a domino effect downwards (from head to toe, throughout the fascia muscles of the body).

Marie Atlas Ltd the AtlasPROfilax® practitioner for neck pain treatment

Marie-Agnès Casalini has extensive experience, being one of the first practitioners in the UK trained to apply the AtlasPROfilax® Realignment Technique.

Since 2007, she has helped a large number of people with all kind of problems. You can see plenty of feedback Marie Atlas Ltd has gained from happy clients here: If you wish to discuss your neck pain treatment needs, then call on (+44) 01342 303 279.

Note: More information on this subject may be found on Marie-Agnes Casalini website: and a video of happy clients who experienced amazing results with AtlasPROfilax® Technique: