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Natural Pain Treatment Expert - Certified Level II Atlas Profilax® | Marie Atlas LTD
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 by Stephanie & Derrick Pinnoy
Highly recommended

My husband and I received treatment from Marie whilst on visit to UK from South Africa.My son suggested the treatment as my husband was suffering from severe neck pain and no other treatments had helped.

I had painful joints in shoulder,Knee and lower back .

After the first treatment I felt much ‘lighter’ Could not really pinpoint it.

My husband’s neck was relieved and he could turn more easily. He keeps up with neck massage and some stretches.

We are still feeling much better after a month and I’m sure will continue to do so.

Definitely recommended

Thank you Marie.

 by Susan Bryan
Highly Recommended!

My posture improved immediately on my first visit to Marie. I am 72 years of age and had taken to wearing a posture support in order to keep my shoulders straight and my head upright. I have not had to wear this uncomfortable "gadget" since that day. Now I am looking forward to all my old aches and pains righting themselves. Although I know that this will take longer. Glad I found you Marie! Thank you.

 by Tahir Khan

Thank you Marie.
For so many years i have been struggling with neck
problems in the morning, never being able to find
the right pillows ..2 being too much and one not enough.
After your treatment i sleep confortably with one pillow.
Its been a week since my treatment, and the body feel diffetent.
A good different .It feels looser.

 by lexa dudley
so Much Better

I have struggled with my neck and shoulders for ages, so I went to see Maria in the hope she could help. I spend a good part of my day at the computer writing and only take mild exercise. After the first treatment I certainly felt better, but after the second visit, which is included in the fee, I felt amazingly better, looser and relaxed. If you suffer from neck problems this is a must.
Coincidentally, I had fallen the week before, my dog getting between me and the floor and Marie very kindly used her 'magic wand' on my hip, which was causing some pain. Well, I walked out feeling just a twinge, but but after a few hours all the pain had gone. wonderful.
If you are in doubt, give it a try, what have you got to lose, and the relief from pain is well worth it. Thank you Marie.

 by lexa dudley
Neck pain

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years and decided to go and see Marie with the hope she might be able to help.
She went through my history and did some work on my neck. Afterwards I felt lighter, my neck didn't seem so heavy and my shoulders were relaxed. What a relief after such a long time.
My husband went next and Marie manipulated him with her machine, which is not painful, but a little uncomfortable.
The following weeks My husband definitely noticed the difference and resumed gardening etc. we are both in our late 70's.
On the second visit, which is included in the fee. I told Marie I was still a little stiff and she used her 'magic wand', on both me and my husband.
Well for the first time in ages I am free of pain. I write for a hobby and sitting in front of a computer or huddled over a MS is not conducive to a good posture, but Marie has loosened every thing and taken away the pain.
So all I can do is highly recommend her. If it does work completely for the first time, it certainly will on the second time.
Good luck and enjoy some pain free time.

 by Ann Rethman
Happy with treatment

Despite feeling sore after my initial treatment (having ridden horses for many

Despite feeling very sore after the initial treatment, this completely disappeared after the second and I now feel taller in my neck and shoulders, nor am so round-shouldered. Thank you Marie

 by Audry
Best adjustment I have ever had - No limp anymore

Recently, I had a spinal adjustment and had the Atlas vertebrae put into place. I felt as if I was taller and standing very straight. My friends sometimes mentioned I had a very distinctive walk and I often wondered “how” I walked. I am told I no longer walk with a limp and feel I no longer feel “bent” in the middle. I tore the ligaments in my arm/shoulder and could’nt put my hand behind my back very easily. Now, I can and have nearly the same movement as the other arm. I could’nt lift my right leg very high, having dislocated my hips a long time ago. Now, I can and can squat and get up without levering myself up on whatever happened to be near. I have been to chiropractors since 1950 and this is the best adjustment I have ever had. Everyone needs to have it done. Audrey, 77 yr old.

 by Hanife
My son is healed and I've a couple of centimetres extra

I am the mother of a six year old child who had a hip problem. When I was discussing it with Marie-Agnes, she suggested the Atlas bone massage for my child. I was a bit sceptical. Then we measured my sons legs before the massage and we could really see the problem: Ilhan my son had a leg longer than the other. I did not hesitate any longer and Marie-Agnes did her work on him. Straight away, we measured the legs again, and to my surprise both were the same length. I could not believe it. I went to consult a chiropodist who confirmed that my son’s hip problem had miraculously disappeared. Then I called Marie-Agnes again for myself as I had a scoliosis problem. Before the session I was 159cm tall then afterwards I was 161cm. Today I feel fulfilled because my son is healed and I’ve a couple of centimetres extra. Thank you very much to Marie-Agnes, I will highly recommend you.

 by Tatania Wilkes
Effective pain relief

am extremely happy with AtlasPROfilax method and as a result of this amazing treatment I am off hook from shoulder pain and osteopaths (mine suggested “now only once a month” after intensive treatment, so £35 a month – £420 a year). This AtlasPROfilax Treatment is only once in your life and the price is less then “ once a month treatment with osteopath for a year” . I am pain free, I can sleep like a baby now. I am very pleased.

 by Gurvan Le Quilliec
Practising sport without any fear - Pelvis aligned

I suffered hips misalignment since I was born. Later on when I started practising sport (especially kickboxing), my hip joint became inflamed. Doctors and Osteopaths told me that my pelvis was misaligned….I have tried all sorts of treatments to correct the misalignment but my hips never stayed in place. Since I have had my Atlas corrected with Marie-Agnes, I have noticed lot of changes, like a positive energy I did not have before, and most of all, my left hip and shoulder has not got inflammation anymore. Today (9 years after the atlas realignment) my pelvis is still aligned and I can practise sport without any fear. Money well spent!!!!!

 by Michael Haagensen

Had a treatment with Marie Casalini for my Whiplash… and still today, after 9 year, I have no problem, no pain in neck, no pain in elbow and wrist, no loud cracking noise from my neck. so very happy with the treatment. thanks

 by Margaret McLachlan
I feel much keener to face the day

Hello Marie-Agnes,

I said I would write to you to let you know how I feel after the treatment on your last visit.

Although I was not suffering any major problems before my treatment, I used to wake up with some ache in my back most mornings. I put it down to getting a bit older, and assumed that I would simply have to manage it as best as I could. In order to ease myself into the day, I used to use my electric massager most mornings before getting up, simply to loosen the muscles and get rid of the ache. Since my treatment I have not suffered any aches at all and knowing that when I wake up I shall be able to get up and move around perfectly comfortably without having to gentle my back into the day is absolute bliss. Getting up in the morning is actually a good time now, rather than feeling like a poor old crock, so that I feel much keener to face the day.

Other things are still adjusting – I had muscle spasms in my neck occasionally, although they have lessened considerably over the month and have now stopped almost completely. Judy and I have been comparing notes, and we both feel more upright and balanced when we are walking. Also, I did go through some odd periods of depression – nothing serious though. Suddenly, with no cause or warning, I would feel very very down. It would last for few minutes and then go again, so I am glad your details of what to expect actually mentioned the possibility of depression because I did not then worry about it. That too has now cleared again.

The work you did on the arthritic joint in my finger has proved amazing as the pain has completely gone, even when I knock it.

As I said, I would like to buy one of the scanners, and as my Mum is keen to see if it will help her she is pushing me not to wait until after Christmas

Please let me know about the scanner.

 by edward
Neck, shoulder and joint pain

I cannot speak highly enough of Marie after a chance meeting through a friend and subsequent treatment with follow up. This lady has learnt amazing skills that I have truly benefited from and I’m enjoying life so much more with no joint pains or neck or shoulder problems. The therapy that Marie practices I feel is priceless. I cannot recommend her highly enough. THANK YOU MARIE AND GOD BLESS

 by Angela
Breast alignment - no crooked smile anymore

Well, my neck mobility has certainly improved – that’s for sure…….. however, the most significant improvement has been with my breasts!! – by that I mean alignment…. let me explain!! I realised, about 6 yrs ago that my right breast was a little lower than my left – this had gradually got worse over the years until there was about a slightly less than one inch (how many centimetres is that?) difference in actual drop – I put this down to all the weight I had carried on my shoulders over the years regarding bags and shopping etc… which weight I always carried predominantly on my right shoulder – it had actually started to upset me However, by the atlas treatment from Marie Agnes, I can honestly say that my breasts are now LEVEL – and it’s unbelievable – I never bothered plus my slightly crooked smile is now straight!!! My neck has become a bit stiff but this will go away and my lower back still gives me the usual stiffness due to the osteoarthritis – I feel this will be with me for ever… However, i’m so happy with the smile and the breast re-alignment

 by Samantha
Nintendo Wii confirmed atlas alignment

Having Atlasprofilax treatment done last year has helped me go through some radical changes in my life, shifting from a material to a more spiritual way of living. In reality I have gone through a ‘rebirth’. When my atlas bone was adjusted to its correct position, I noticed my hip was now balanced and no longer slanted, this allowed my legs to balance in alignment to each other, as previously my right leg had been slightly longer. I got confirmation that my atlas bone was now in alignment, from a young lady promoting Nintendo Wii machine a week ago outside Wicks DIY store. When the lady weighed me she was surprised that my weight was equally balanced on both sides of my body. She told me that most people she weighed tended to be ‘off balance’ and heavier on one side of their body. For any one looking to have atlasprofilax done, I would definately recommend Marie. I’m elated with the results of treatment and its benefits are ongoing. Thanks Marie!

 by David Turner
My spine is more flexible and my posture is improving

Although I was feeling quite sore and tender immediately after ‘having my head put on properly’, I felt different straight away; my shoulders felt relaxed in a way that I wasn’t used to and my neck felt longer. Initially I had a few headaches and pains in my back, but after a few weeks I now feel generally much more healthy; my spine is more flexible and my posture is improving noticeably. I’ve still got a lot of old tension-habits to overcome, but it feels as if I’m making progress with that without too much effort, whereas before it was a constant struggle to feel comfortable. Surprisingly, I also feel more cheerful and optimistic. Thank you Marie-Agnes, I will certainly be recommending this to other people.

 by John
My back pain disappeared

Very happy with this treatment.

I no longer have any back pain and I have more flexibility with my neck.

Highly recommended.

 by Tatiana Clayton
5/5...the best thing I could have done for myself

I’m someone who whilst never having had a bad accident or experienced whiplash yet lived with painful C1/C2 vertebrae rotation on an ongoing basis for the last 15 years. Those suffering will know that this includes sickening headaches, nausea and limited head and upper shoulder movement. In my case things were getting worse and I was spending a small fortune on osteopath treatments which never lasted beyond 3 days after which the C1/C2 would slip out of alignment using the body’s own “posture memory”. Not wanting to live the rest of my life like this and after doing some Internet research I discovered several AtlasPROfilax websites. I read about the treatment as well as the testimonials of those who had it done.

Now I’m extremely cynical about anything that smacks of a “cure all” but after years of spending a small fortune on osteopathy without getting any long term benefit the pain was worsening so my feeling was one of desperation: what did someone like me have to lose? It turned out having the AtlasPROfilax treatment was the best thing I could have done for myself. In spite of having to perform heavy outdoor work – there remain only the minor aches and pains expected as the body heals after a lifetime misalignment. The C1/C2 vertebrae remain naturally in place. Even a cranial osteopath – a hard nosed cynic like me when it comes to any “miracle cures” – has confirmed that the spine and vertebrae remain naturally in alignment of their own accord. I would urge anyone suffering spinal or neck pain to consider having the AtlasPROfilax treatment and give themselves a chance to heal- it’s the best health investment you’ll ever make.