AtlasPROfilax® Studies: Diagnosticum Videos and Images

The AtlasPROfilax® Wellness Technique

AtlasPROfilax® Studies: Diagnosticum Videos and Images

Videos and images from the Diagnosticum study

Video 1: Atlas cranial-caudal deviation with tilt

Typical deviation of the caudal skull of the Atlas with top left tilting and right rotation. The head is forced to assume a tilted position. The axis also takes an inclined position. C3, C4, C5 and C6 adopt a compensatory position in the opposite direction favoring a cervical rotoscoliosis. C7, T1 and T2 compensate in the opposite direction by transferring a rotoscoliotic effect to the ridges

Video 2: referential analysis of video 1

Detailed analysis of video 1 with positional orthogonal reference lines.

Video 3: Technical effectiveness check AtlasPROfilax® (before / after)

This video shows an anatomically normal theoretical model of a coronal cut of the head joints (C0-C1 and C2) and visually describes their parts.

The video shows coronal cuts by CAT before and after the AtlasPROfilax® Method. The time span is just 40 minutes between one shot and another.

In the pre-therapy shots, patients present (in more than 98%) very clear articular asymmetries of the occipital condyles with respect to the upper articular facets of the atlas glenoid cavity. In addition, the articulation of C1 with respect to the axis is also altered.

After the AtlasPROfilax® method of R.c. Schümperli articular asymmetries have disappeared. The recess of glenoid cavities with the occipital condyles is correct and complete. The same happens with the C1-C2 joint, whose symmetry is normalized after the application of AtlasPROfilax®.


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