AtlasPROfilax® Studies: Stabilometry

The AtlasPROfilax® Wellness Technique

AtlasPROfilax® Studies: Stabilometry

Stabilometry before and after AtlasPROfilax®

One of the most immediate and interesting changes after the application of the AtlasPROfilax® method is the valorisation or improvement of a cephalopodal orthogonal axis, by normalizing the curves of the spine in the case of hyperextension or rectification of the latter. This implies an improvement in the cases of anteriorization of the head, anteversed shoulders, kyphosis and lordosis (cervical and/or lumbar), and pelvic inclination or rotation. The reflection of postural change, which remains unchanged over time in a high percentage of people, can be measured by stabilometry.

We report here the case of s 28 year old person suffering from chronic neck pain, back pain and back pain. In addition, there are kyphosis and pain in the joints of the hip, knees and feet.

AtlasPROfilax® correlates significantly with postural change, with minimal postural recurrence (less than 8%), which guarantees both a much more natural static and biomechanical quality of life and reduce the risk of muscle damage or joint wear by asymmetric overloads.

Stabilometry before / after AtlasPROfilax® method (see video)


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