Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who will benefit from the AtlasPROfilax® Technique?

The AtlasPROfilax® Technique is for everyone, from babies to the elderly.
The spine of elderly people may never be perfectly levelled, but tensions and pains could be greatly reduced, their balance and posture may improve and they would have a much better quality of life.

Anyone with problems with the spine, neck and joints are highly recommended to check their C1 alignment. However, we recommend this procedure to nearly everyone for the purpose of prevention (according to studies 95 % of humans beings have the Atlas out of alignment).

How did the Atlas get misaligned for most humans?

Birth can be very traumatic for babies (forceps, caesareans, prolonged labour, suction), sometimes also the position of the foetus is not quite right in the mother’s womb. We have observed that many babies could have their Atlas out of place from birth already.

There are other contributing factors like the tremendous stress children sometimes undergo (e.g. falls, knocks…) at an early age, when they learn how to walk or ride a bicycle. Later on, additional traumas can aggravate the situation in the event of car crashes, sport or work injuries, bad sleeping conditions, whiplash, etc…..

How is this Therapy different from chiropractic/osteopathic work?

The Atlas neuromuscular specific massage is a non-invasive, non-medical and non-chiropractic procedure. This myofascial and neuromuscular treatment works on the muscular alterations of the suboccipital area.

AtlasPROfilax® practitioners only work on the very top cervical vertebrae, whereas Chiropractors and Osteopaths work on the whole body.

Chiropractors and Osteopaths usually don’t work on the Atlas as they are generally not trained or equipped for doing so in the manner of the AtlasPROfilax® training.

However, massages and osteopathic/chiropractic treatments are highly recommended following the AtlasPROfilax® chronic neck pain treatment procedure to support the body when shifting and adjusting.

Listen to what the newspapers and Dr Neil Thomson, Chiropractor, say about AtlasPROfilax®:

We always recommend clients to see their Chiropractor or Osteopath, or have massages, (or whatever treatment they usually rely on) following the AtlasPROfilax® Therapy because the whole body/skeleton will be wanting to settle into the correct position, and this may take a little time, depending on what a person’s body has been through, and how long there has been pain or discomfort.

Is this treatment safe? What does the treatment involve?

The procedure is perfectly safe, it is a specific neuromuscular and myofascial massage, with no strenuous manipulations done to the neck.

We use a specially designed hand held patented device (AtlasPROfilax® Wellness) that massages the muscles and soft tissues around the Atlas (not the vertebrae itself), doing a neuromuscular and myofascial work in the occipital region that restores and can improve fascias and muscles related to chronic pain and many pathologies. In addition, this vibropressure work improves the Atlas position in most cases.

The method is non-invasive, non-medicinal and non-chiropractic.

How many sessions do I need?

Usually, only 2 sessions are needed. The initial session is the main session and is for the Atlas realignment, It includes simple body alignment tests to indicate whether the Atlas is out or not, whether the spine is aligned or whether one leg/arm is shorter than the other. Those tests are performed before and after the procedure.

However in some cases, if the person is not young, overweight, mal-nourished, or has lived for a long time with fascial and muscular deformities, it could be essential to continue working with them.

What does the second session involve?

The follow-up session (free of charge) is for a check-up, any muscular release massage required and also to clear any negative cellular memory as the body very often tends to go back to its previous position, helping the body to re-adjust to a better position. We use a device called “Scenar” which is a natural healing device developed by Russian scientists and used to keep their astronauts in peak physical condition.

The Scenar catalyses the process to produce regulatory peptides in large quantities, those peptides will in turn break the stability and rigidity of unfinished programs of diseases, helping the body develop, finalize, and eventually eliminate them from our cellular memory. This device effectively addresses any residual areas of pain and muscular tension.

The Scenar aids the body through triggering the healing process in damaged cells.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is normally not painful, some clients find it pleasant, some of them find it uncomfortable, it all depends on how much tensions is held by the client or his/her sensitivity. The procedure could be compared to a deep tissues massage applied around the occipital joint.

For instance, it is normally not painful for children as they rarely have muscular contractions (newborns never move or cry during the procedure).

What are healing reactions?

As a result of the realignment your body could experience a self-healing process. The healing duration is dependent on the physical constitution of each individual. Your body will regain its natural vital strength and you will feel its regeneration process accordingly.

Responses may emerge on the same day, weeks and even months after the treatment. Fatigue may occur as a result of carrying disease and injury in the body. Emotions such as sadness, depression and negativity may also surface during this time in order to clear completely.

Medical conditions of a physical or mental nature, which have not been entirely cleared, may appear again in a modified form to be ultimately cured within the regenerating and self-healing process; For instance, persistent coughs, bronchitis, colds (a runny nose over a period of time is part of the natural regenerating and clearing process).

What kind of after-care should I seek?

It is essential to support and your body, especially your neck and your back with massages. Regular relaxing baths (with Epsom salts) , steam rooms and saunas are also hugely beneficial on a regular basis.
Other traditional treatments and complementary therapies are even more effective after the AtlasPROfilax® Therapy. We always recommend clients to see their Chiropractor or Osteopath, or have massages, (or whatever treatment they usually rely on) after the AtlasPROfilax® Procedure, because the whole body/skeleton will be wanting to settle into the correct position, and this may take a little time, depending on what a person’s body has been through, and how long there has been pain or discomfort.

In certain cases not only patience is required but also therapies and traditional treatments to help relieve persistent pain and blockages along the spine, the cervical vertebrae and around the pelvis. Muscle memory can be deep seated. Tensions could be held in your body, especially in the neck, back and the lumbar region of the spine for months after the adjustment.

Bad posture and accidents which have poorly healed can become sensitive. As the nerve channels slowly recover, sensitivity may temporary be felt in the teeth, armpits, shoulders and arms.