Written Testimonials

Over 110 Written Testimonials from happy clients who tried AtlasPROfilax®

*All testimonials featured are of the opinion of the person that wrote or recorded them: Marie-Agnès Casalini takes no responsibility for anything stated and would like to make it clear for legal reasons that she does not claim to have healed or cured anyone. The AtlasPROfilax® method is no compensation for medical care or diagnostics. Any current treatments must neither be interrupted nor terminated, also future treatments must not be postponed. The AtlasPROfilax® method is neither a diagnostic method nor a medical therapy, no diseases, no symptoms of diseases, no medical conditions and no sufferings are medicated.

 Testimonial 1:

Hereby is reproduced with his consent, the testimony of a Mr Robert A Pope, Chiropractic physician.

“I had the privilege of experiencing the AtlasPROfilax massage treatment. I must admit I was skeptical when it came to the claim that this was a onetime correction of the atlas misalignment. I am a Chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience in the study and correction of misaligned spinal components. I have been seeking quality correction for a very long time. I have had many, many adjustments of my atlas and have performed thousands of adjustments on patients over the years. The promise of permanence has been sought by chiropractors and healers for over a century! Is it possible? Maybe now, for the first time.

Nothing I have experienced nor performed has given the benefits and results that this onetime treatment has. The experience to date with the AtlasPROfilax treatment is that my atlas has maintained proper alignment and function. The chronic pain at the base of my skull is gone. I am more balanced and empowered in my life. My energy is consistent and my overall sense of well-being is harmony and peace. Can this onetime treatment do this for everyone? I don’t know, but it is an essential piece of the puzzle!

The difference between the AtlasPROfilax treatment and chiropractic is that the correction of the mis-aligned atlas is not done through osseous manipulation. There is nothing in chiropractic that matches this process. In fact, I would highly recommend every chiropractor and chiropractic patient have this correction done. It will save the patient and the Doctor of Chiropractic from unnecessary suffering and ineffective treatments. Now this does not replace chiropractic. Once the AtlasPROfilax correction is accomplished, the ongoing supportive alignment of the spine and pelvis must be maintained to further support healing and well-being.

In the toolbox of treatments that make a difference, the AtlasPROfilax treatment is a must!”
Dr. Robert A. Pope
Chiropractic Physician
2682 S. Highland Dr., Suite 103
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
801 486-9600

Testimonial 2:


Dear Marie.
I wished to write to thank you and let you know of a slightly unexpected outcome of the Atlas treatment I had several years ago.

As you may know I had my Atlas corrected in August 2007 (3 years ago). The results were instant and quite dramatic. I had been born with difficult and assisted labour and had suffered 3 major head concussions as a child/teen. This had resulted in a fairly chronic neck ache which I struggled to resolve.

I was told of Atlas Profilax by a friend and patient (I am an osteopath) and although initially sceptical tried it. The effect was immediate and ever since my Occiput-C1 feels free, like my head is on a roller ball.

As a result I told patients, friends and family and in Feb 2008 you treated my partner. He did not personally feel such a dramatic effect but his previous symptoms were minimal and I can tell with palpation that the Atlas is free.

In June last year (2009) I became pregnant with our first child. I remember having been told that it may be possible that babies born to Atlas corrected parents may also be born corrected. I did not think this would apply to us as I had been told that in humans it took 5 years to ‘filter down’ into the next generation (apparently it is faster in animals and they use it on race horses).

Since my Atlas correction, I have however had a lot of Osteopathic treatment, Cranial Osteopathy, done Alexander technique, Yoga, core stability work and meditation. These, I believe, were all instrumental in helping support the corrected Atlas and allowing the rest of the body to ‘reposition’ itself along the new spinal alignment.

In Feb 2010 baby Jake was born after a difficult 3 day labour. He was 11 days late and weighed 4kg so struggled a little to get out and his head got twisted and stuck. I thought that this would cause him trouble and so both myself and my colleagues treated him with Cranial Osteopathy soon after birth.

We all noticed the same thing, that even though his jaw, neck, upper chest and sacrum were compressed from the birth, the Atlas- C1 junction was free. He has full head range of movement unlike many babies I see who look preferentially to one side. I believe that we were very luck and the Atlas correction which my partner and I both had might well have filtered down to our son.

For this I wish to thank you and wish you all best in treating future parents.

I would suggest though that anyone thinking of having a baby also work with extra bodywork therapies to help their own realignment after the Atlas has been corrected. I believe that the body is a dynamic system which responds to feedback from all parts (mind/body/etc.) and this helps support the cells in correcting themselves after the physical Atlas correction has taken place.

Best Wishes, Jessica & baby Jake

Testimonial 3:

Hi guys, my family and I recently had the Atlasprofilax treatment over the weekend and I would love to share with you my experience.

The Atlasprofilax treatment(i’ll now refer to as just the treatment) is a method of correcting the position of your Atlas, the top bone in your spine. The atlas is reportedly out of place from birth/before birth(children born through C-section have been apparently been observed to have their atlas out of place). This can cause a myriad of problems from neck ache to sciatica, from depression to an out of control temper, digestion problems and concentration.

Flexibility problems, joint pain, poor immune system, poor eye sight even blindness. Still the list goes on, I couldn’t justify not using a new paragraph! But on a serious note, there seems to be a benefit to having this treatment for every human being sharing this planet(Sounding like a hippy is not a side effect, don’t worry).

As I can see, the treatment works in 2 ways. 1st by allowing the spine to go back to it’s original and the bodies prefered position. Imagine hanging a chain from the top link down, if you turn the top link the rest of the chain will turn too. If you turned the lower links back into the old position before you turned the top link, they will inevitably begin to turn as soon as you stop holding them. Unfortunately almost all work done on the spine is started in the wrong way, for the spine to be in it’s correct position, the 1st Cervical vertebrae must be in place, otherwise any work done on the spine will give at best only temporary relief.

The 2nd way in which the treatment works is by taking any possible unwanted pressure on your nerves right from the top of your spine 1st. Seeing as information from the brain must travel from the brain and down through the nerves in your spine, it makes perfect sense to treat this area before attempting much else on the lower. Taking pressure off the trapped nerves allows them to function properly. This means you can experience pain relief which is usually instant, noticable seconds after the Atlas is corrected! Improvements in all of your senses would not be unusual, 3 days after the treatment I cannot believe how sharp my hearing and eyesight have become and my wife no longer needs her glasses to read! Apparently her hearing has not improved as she still doesn’t listen to anything I say…

There are so many benefits and reasons to have this treatment it can seem unreal when someone speaks about it. Any skepticism I held before hand has been put to rest.

Personally I have experienced the following;

* Neck Pain – gone
* Back pain, around the spine – 60% better
* Back pain, muscular, old injuries etc – 60% better
* Increased range of movement in my neck
* Joint pain – gone! Feels like all my joints have been oiled!
* Morning headaches, completely gone
* Improved vision
* Pain behind right eye – gone
* Waking up much earlier and feeling much more refreshed.
* Feeling happier! I feel fantastic physicaly and emotionaly!
* Less stress and much better stress management, this feels fantastic
* improved digestion and much better bowel movements
* Better breathing, through better posture my organs have more space!

There are other things but these are certainley the major benefits I have experienced so far. I am also aware of old injuries as a dull ache while they’re healing, this is nothing compared to how uncomfortable I can be simply sitting down or trying to get to sleep. I have slept like a baby since I have had this treatment!

I am an athlete and I will be returning to training tomorrow after a short break due to illness (that has cleared up since having the treatment) and I cannot wait to see and feel the changes in my workouts.

Lee Price, Manchester

……..After 6 months:
Everyone up here is doing fine, the benefits of the Atlas treatment continue to appear all the time. I have seen a great deal of emotional healing in those who really needed it and physical in everyone in all areas! My mum’s back continues to improve and her confidence is higher than ever, my dad’s sciatica is loooong gone. My little brother Ryan has been the most amazing, he is more confident at home, at school and everywhere.

As an athlete I can report that the Atlasprofilax treatment has enabled me to train at a higher level, much improving my abilities which is always a good thing haha! I feel like my balance is better, it is so much easier to perform any physical action when your balance is strong. I feel like I’ve been given whole new lungs like I can breath in forever! Obviously this helps with me not tiring as soon but also I feel like my body is able to function better in general with the extra oxygen coming in. I feel like I am healing faster from intense workouts which allows me to train much more often.

Lee Price, Manchester

Testimonial 4:

Hi Friends,
Here is a report as promised re my experiences since visiting Marie Agnes in London on April 20th. 2009.
1) Much reduced pain in my neck area at night – so much better sleep.
2) No pain when I swim which is wonderful as I love swimming.
3) No crunching and very little clicking now when I turn my head – especially to the left.
4) Less tension in my shoulders, although the old patterns within the muscles are still there and I am having excellent shiatsu treatments for that. (The very experienced shiatsu chappie is intrigued by the treatment as he noticed right away that my upper spine was more supple and the whole left side of my body structure presented differently – more mobile etc. I am asking him to compile some notes for Marie and her testimonials. He and his girlfriend might be coming along on our weekend for the treatment themselves.)
5) Lighter carriage and movements all round – I feel as if I could ‘walk the world….’
6) Endocrine damage suddenly taken a big turn for the better and my dowsing picks up that the level of health of this all important system has suddenly jumped up from 60 to 80%This is brilliant as it is the one area which has caused me the most distress and depression in the past and has proved to be so long winded in its restoration, in spite of herbal tinctures, crystal salt etc.
7) Posture change – I am more upright, instead of rounding my shoulders and leaning forward when walking etc. as if I don’t want to be fully in the present. I have already bought a scoop neck t-shirt to wear instead of always wearing polo necks with a collar. This re-alignment of my body structure means that I am able to walk easily without putting a hand or both hands in my pockets or holding onto a rucksack strap etc. etc. My upper body seems more free and loose, which is so good.
8) Dowsing has revealed that my soul contract has jumped up from 60 to 90. This is huge and for me to achieve 60 is brilliant as a few years ago, when I was toxic and hadn’t much of a clue about myself, it was about 20…..!
9) Physical body health has improved as it was 80 and is now 90. That is so good to know.
10) Manifestation has improved in the time it takes for me to think about something and for it to appear in my life. (This doesn’t always happen – it depends on what I think about…) So, I am thinking of seeing my eldest grandson after 10 years as he is now 19 years old and we will see what happens….
11) I had a strong feeling that something profound was wrong with my body before the treatment and found myself counting the days until my trip to London . I was so focussed on it, it wasn’t true and now that feeling has completely disappeared. In fact, I feel as if a new era of my life has begun and am very keen on promoting the whole atlas profilax story re deliberate genetic engineering by the Anunaki to keep us in a slave race mentality.
12) I nearly forgot – but some improvement is noticeable in the vision of my left eye. For some months I have noticed a deterioration in that eye which was a worry as I don’t wear glasses and don’t want to.
13) Last thing to report is that when I dowsed the amount of my reptilian DNA before and after the treatment, to my surprise I found that it has completely disappeared. There was only about 5% anyway and that had gone down from 10% but I had no idea the atlas correction would change DNA. When I spoke to Marie on the phone yesterday evening to make more arrangements for the weekend she is coming up, she agreed it is possible as when a lady before conceiving a child has her atlas corrected, then her child will be born perfect. If she hasn’t had it done, the child will be born with its atlas bone luxated. I feel that this is very important knowledge.
Recent dowsing has revealed that when the atlas bone is in its correct place our DNA changes by 20%. That was a surprise to learn…..

I have just checked my light energy composition and there has been some changes after my treatment. Here they are :
– Indigo energy changed from 30 to 20. (It has reached up to 60 at this time last year.)
– Crystal energy: 40 to 60 (A few years ago, I didn’t have any crystal energy.)
– Turquoise heart: 10 to 20 (This concept is connected to the new 8th chakra which is linked to the thymus gland and is the new heart chakra.)
Not bad for just over two weeks is it? . I intend to keep a sort of diary as this was the most profound, easy treatments I have ever experienced and know in my heart of hearts that it is one of the reasons I have re-incarnated at this time. Everyone’s atlas bone is luxated by 23.5 degrees and that is the same as the tilt of the Earth. Marc told me that when enough humans have had their atlas bones corrected, then the Earth will tilt back on Her axis to be upright. This will then manifest in semi-tropical seasons and we will be able to live outside and be able to use telepathy etc. That is impressive…but I would miss the snow and our four seasons. But on reflection, if we are rolling into a time I call the ‘golden age of peace’ when the lion will lay down with the lamb, then that is more than is more than welcome as I am an animal ‘nut’ and cannot bear cruelty and predation.

Penny, Cumbria

Testimonial 5:

I’m someone who whilst never having had a bad accident or experienced whiplash yet lived with painful C1/C2 vertebrae rotation on an ongoing basis for the last 15 years. Those suffering will know that this includes sickening headaches, nausea and limited head and upper shoulder movement. In my case things were getting worse and I was spending a small fortune on osteopath treatments which never lasted beyond 3 days after which the C1/C2 would slip out of alignment using the body’s own “posture memory”. Not wanting to live the rest of my life like this and after doing some Internet research I discovered several AtlasPROfiliax websites. I read about the treatment as well as the testimonials of those who had it done.

Now I’m extremely cynical about anything that smacks of a “cure all” but after years of spending a small fortune on osteopathy without getting any long term benefit the pain was worsening so my feeling was one of desperation: what did someone like me have to lose? It turned out having the AtlasPROfiliax treatment was the best thing I could have done for myself. In spite of having to perform heavy outdoor work – there remain only the minor aches and pains expected as the body heals after a lifetime misalignment. The C1/C2 vertebrae remain naturally in place. Even a cranial osteopath – a hard nosed cynic like me when it comes to any “miracle cures” – has confirmed that the spine and vertebrae remain naturally in alignment of their own accord. I would urge anyone suffering spinal or neck pain to consider having the AtlasPROfiliax treatment and give themselves a chance to heal- it’s the best health investment you’ll ever make.

Tatiana Clayton


Testimonial 6:

Hello Marie-Agnes,

I said I would write to you to let you know how I feel after the treatment on your last visit.

Although I was not suffering any major problems before my treatment, I used to wake up with some ache in my back most mornings. I put it down to getting a bit older, and assumed that I would simply have to manage it as best as I could. In order to ease myself into the day, I used to use my electric massager most mornings before getting up, simply to loosen the muscles and get rid of the ache. Since my treatment I have not suffered any aches at all and knowing that when I wake up I shall be able to get up and move around perfectly comfortably without having to gentle my back into the day is absolute bliss. Getting up in the morning is actually a good time now, rather than feeling like a poor old crock, so that I feel much keener to face the day.

Other things are still adjusting – I had muscle spasms in my neck occasionally, although they have lessened considerably over the month and have now stopped almost completely. Judy and I have been comparing notes, and we both feel more upright and balanced when we are walking. Also, I did go through some odd periods of depression – nothing serious though. Suddenly, with no cause or warning, I would feel very very down. It would last for few minutes and then go again, so I am glad your details of what to expect actually mentioned the possibility of depression because I did not then worry about it. That too has now cleared again.

The work you did on the arthritic joint in my finger has proved amazing as the pain has completely gone, even when I knock it.

As I said, I would like to buy one of the scanners, and as my Mum is keen to see if it will help her she is pushing me not to wait until after Christmas

Please let me know about the scanner.

Regards, Margaret McLachlan

Testimonial 7:

I had my atlas corrected 2 months ago and though the “Atlasprof” had a bit of difficulty at the time I have benefited in the following ways.

Immediately my intestines started working better and are now functioning very well. They had always been sluggish. I feel straighter and notice that I’m more positive in that if I see something needs to be done, I’ll do it and won’t procrastinate. I have also lost a few pounds in weight which is good and “know” that I don’t have a weight problem anymore. I have also lost my chocolate addiction and can walk away from it now which is amazing and I don’t eat more at mealtimes than I need. I also experienced the knowledge that my body now knows what it needs to do to be perfect. I have more energy and stamina.

I generally feel balanced, physically, emotionally and spiritually and I can understand how that before I saw life in a skewed way! In the past I have done a lot of self improvement and process work and it is just so much easier now. A long time issue with anger is resolving.

I have also had sciatica since I had it done and other spinal aches and pains which I expect are from my body re-aligning itself. However my neck is now silent when I turn it and has a greater range of movement. I had broken a bone in my back when I was 18, 40 years ago, by falling off a horse so getting some back pains is not surprising.

I’m looking forward to watching what further changes and improvements I experience over the next few months and years as my body continues to heal itself, because that is exactly what I feel is going on.

Would I recommend this to anyone – absolutely yes and have already done so.

Jill Dunsford, Exeter

Testimonial 8:

Hi. My Name is Nils and since my correction of the Atlas I experience my body much less painfull and I’m a musician and use to have a pain in neck and shoulders even in the lower back. Now I feel no pain and have no head ache. This is a win for me. Thank you very much.

Nils, Sweden

Testimonial 9:

I came to you at Riding House Street on Monday 4th, so this is just to let you know how I am now feeling.

The first night and the following morning, I felt as if I had been kicked all over, sore and aching, but since then I can report that I have had no pain anywhere in my body! I have suffered from sciatic pain, and neck and shoulder pain, as well as occasional low back pain for years, but since Tuesday, I am free of pain and am absolutely delighted.

I am monitoring this day to day, and will ring in a few weeks to have the follow up with the scenar device. I have recommended this treatment to several people, so hope they will take it up.

Many thanks,

Geraldine Mcveigh

Testimonial 10:

Hi there from sunny totnes

Thank you for contacting me to provide the above mentioned which I am delighted to do.

A paradgm shift has been my response to the treatment. I am now enjoying my new found energy and being “straightened out” has meant my heart space is much more free/open. I have a painting at home that is of a women in a bikini with her head separate from her body and that was how things were for me. However, since the atlas it feels like we are back together again!!

I am keen on taking good care of myself but this has been quite patchy for some years now, what is interesting about this treatment is if your not feeling like going after stuff, once you have been treated the healing goes on at its own pace/momentum.

This was an unexpected gift for my 50th birthday and has been most benefical in that I have since tackled difficult issues with enthusiam.

If I can provide any mor detailed info please do not hesitate to ask.



Testimonial 11:

Atlas correction is the only treatment I’ve experienced that has given me dramatic and lasting results.

I managed for at least 10 years with lower back pain which I felt most when I woke in the mornings. I used to go sleep with pillows under my knees in the hope that I’d stay in that position throughout the night. But I would inevitably wake up on my front and have to move slowly due to the pain I would experience in my lower back.

Immediately after the treatment Marie asked me if I felt any difference but I couldn’t say I felt any different. That was until I woke the next morning with my back pain completely gone. It has never returned and it’s all down to the adjustment of my atlas.

A few weeks later I also had an unusual clearing of my sinuses. Clear fluid tinged with blood drained out of my nostrils intermittently over the course of a day or so. I’m looking out for any more healing spells/crises which may materialise over the next few years due to the increase in blood flow down my spinal cord. Marie-Agnes is professional and thorough in her treatment and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking the opportunity to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Kindest regards,



Testimonial 12:

I am a diagnosed manic-depressive and a self-diagnosed mild insomniac. I have had heredity spine pains in the top and bottom of my back. I also suffer from I.B.S. Before this, I had acupuncture ordered by an osteopath.

Since my Atlas Profilax, the pain in my upper part of my spine subsided.
My posture and walk improved dramatically as well as a definite clarity of Mind and Spirit.

My bouts of insomnia and depression have died down but when I have them they are very intense.

The pain in my lower back remains and occasionally is very uncomfortable.

I have had a lot less problems with my I.B.S since having the Atlas Profilax So all in all the good outweighs the bad and I am very happy with having the Profilax

Aidan, 20 yr old, East Grinstead

Testimonial 13:

After I had correction of my Atlas bone, I experienced improvement in my sense of smell.

Knara, 49 yr old


Testimonial 14:

July, 1st 2007

Since having my Atlas adjusted, I feel more able to move my body without effort !

I have also realised that after 5 weeks, I have had no back pain nor a migraine.
This is phenomenal as I suffered with back pain for 25 years and regularly suffered debilitating migraines.

Of course, having been in an unbalanced state for over 30 years, I experienced some aches, pains and joint swelling on and off in different areas of my body as it became more balanced.
All in all, I feel more mentally alert, taller, and able to move without any attention on my body !

Just incredible! I would recommend this to everyone, man or woman of any age, as it is a life long benefit, after just one treatment !

chantale Hickman, 42 yr old
East Grinstead
Tel 07756917195

Testimonial 15:

Before my partner had his Atlas bone adjusted, I noticed that his shoulders were sagged, one lower than the other and in turn he walked with a kind of a limp. He slumped in his chair which concerned me.

After his adjustment, he looked so alive, now walking taller, upright and straight. He feels that he is able to move more freely and I can see more of a spring in his step than ever before.

An added benefit is that he removed his glasses after his treatment as his eyesight
has improved ! Quite incredible.

Chantal Kickman


Testimonial 16:

Many years ago, I had an accident where I was hit by another car from the back.. and have had whiplash ever since… Lots of pain in my neck, I could even wake up in the middle of the night, just because of the loud “cracking” noise from my neck !! ..plus that I always had problem/pain in my left wrist and left elbow.. not knowing it was because of the neck problem..

…and my shoes… believe it or not… I could not walk properly in my shoes… they were always cracking on the middle.. after few months of use…

Then I heard about the Atlas bone.. and was told my wrist and elbow problems where because of the misplaced atlas bone… I did not believe it… how could my wrist and elbow be connected to problems in my neck.. !!…

So, after another 3-4 years I was introduced to Atlas Profilax.. I still did not trust the method to could solve my problems.. but could it just improve a bit.. it would be worth the money

Today, 3 months after the correction, I have no pain in the neck, no pain in my wrist.. and no pain in my elbow anymore… and my shoes… they can now last for a normal shoe-lifetime.

You are very much welcome to call me or write me if you have any questions… Thanks

Michael Haagensen


Testimonial 17:

I would like to thank you for advising me to have the Atlas treatment.
Since I have done this treatment, I am feeling a lot better generally :
My posture feels more correct and in balance and a lot of pains from my upper back, shoulders and neck has disappeared. At first, right after the treatment, I felt great relief of pains and tensions and kind of feeling as if I am taller.

I am nearly 50 year old and I am quite amazed how instant are the results of this treatment and in fact, what a powerful positive effect it has on one spiritually and physically !
I was wondering if this fantastic effects would remain and I realized that it is good to maintain and enjoy the remarkable changes by doing some exercises and keeping in shape. It really goes together and it gave me really a boost.

As it stands, I don’t think I would come back for any follow-up because it really seems that the atlas is back in place and I should take advantage of it to work and improve my body further.
E.T. Mose, East Grinstead

Testimonial 18:

5 minutes after the first treatment (Atlas correction), I could not believe that the pain and tension I had felt in my neck, back, chest and stomach, had disappeared. I felt so light and found I could stand up straighter than I think I ever have been able to. I now feel much more comfortable generally and have a much better posture.
I also sleep much more soundly and comfortably.
Dean, 23 year old, London, 23/10/07


Testimonial 19:

When I first heard about the Atlas Profilax method, I immediately checked it out on the website.
I was impressed about what I read…….. its sounds so obvious and logical that this small bone (Atlas) is a key for a perfect bone structure and one of the basis for good health.
Despite I didn’t have any particular problem, I went to Paris straight away to get my Atlas corrected (as there wasn’t any Atlas practitioner in UK at this time).
Just after the correction, I felt incredibly light, as if my arms, legs and all body were weightless.
And still now (one year after), my body is so easy to move !
I always had a leg shorter than the other, which gave me some pains sometimes on my left hip and knee. Surprisingly, few weeks after my Atlas correction, my right hip and knee started to hurt. It lasted few weeks and then, the pain disappeared. I guess that was a sign that my body which was compensating for so long, finally got back into balance.
Now, I feel less and less aches in my left hip and knee.
I would recommend the treatment to anyone, especially young children, so that they could grow up healthy and develop optimally, in harmony.

Marie, 50 yr old, West SussexTestimonial 20:

My 2-3 and 6-7 cervical vertebras have been moving occasionally over the years. That gave me great pain and problems with all my body : pain all over, headache, brain damage, vertigo, problems with my eyes, back pain, hip pain, problems with specially left leg and right arm, tiredness, problems with sleeping.

At first, I felt as if my head was placed wrong at my spine. Afterwards, I could feel something in my legs. My daily live is much better now I have less pain. And I can do a lot more than before. Now, my spine cord feels much better with less pain. I felt also a lot happening in my entire head bones for the better.

Lili Thorsted Osterbye, Denmark, 50 yr old


Testimonial 21:

My experience with the Atlas bone adjustement
“When I heard about the Atlas bone and its correction possibilities I went straight to the internet and watched the video to see where the atlas bone is exactly. I was excited and scared at the same time. I travelled two hours to get my correction done. I have a number of improvements and now after six months there are still healing effects going on.

First my neck is now free, which went stiff very often and was a problem for me nearly all my life. I don’t have this pressure anymore on my neck and I can turn it wider than I could for a long time.

Then my right hip had started to be an ongoing problem for me. It was stiff and very often I couldn’t move my hip freely. I had to go regularly to an osteopath to get it released. After the atlas bone was corrected I felt pain in my right leg for some weeks and I had the feeling that my muscles were growing. But I started to move my right hip again. It became more flexible and I was not blocked any more. I have still a little pain ongoing in my right hip but it feels as if it is healing and readjusting the whole body better. At the end of all this I can move my hips again.
I am so pleased that I got my atlas bone adjusted, because I know I saved myself further hip troubles and lower back pain.”
Dorothea Eicker, West Sussex
Testimonial 22:

I received the Atlas treatment and was amazed at the difference in my peripheral vision. I didn’t realise before how restricted my vision was and after the treatment I felt like an owl and can now see virtually 360 degrees. I also felt very good after the treatment which wasn’t painful.
I would very much recommend it to others. I also had my 9 year old daughter have the treatment without any problems and she also had a nice win from it.
MaryAnne Hunter aged 46, Forest Row UK

Testimonial 23:

After the treatment, I felt incredible all my body seemed to move without problem and my posture problem fixed, plus good sense of balance.
After a healing reaction, I went 72 hours without sleep and was still full of energy.
Since then, I only need about 3-4 hours of sleep at night.
Few days after my atlas correction, I developed a problem with my heart and it hurts to breathe but after consulting with a doctor, I was told that my heart got difficulties because it was not used to cope with much more blood circulating in my body, but my heart was, in fact, getting stronger.
Shaun Balbrook, 16 year old, East Grinstead


Testimonial 24:

Since I have had my Atlas corrected, I have noticed lot of changes, like a positive energy I did not have before, and most of all, my left hip and shoulder has not got inflammation anymore.

I used to practise sports, and got a lot of inflammation, I have not got these
symptoms anymore.

I can practise sport without any fear.

Gurvan Le Quilliec, East Grinstead 27 yr old

Testimonial 25:

After my Atlas was realigned, I felt little difference, but that night, I was kept awake with energies pulsating through every part of my body, going through places that seemed to have been blocked for years.

After the Scenar treatment, the following day, I immediately felt totally different :
Body properly balanced and in harmony (for the first time).
My head lighter and clearer, yet at the same time very grounded (I can now stand on one leg !).
Later, I realised that the emotional changes to negative memories had disappeared and so, had most and most of the internal dialogue, making it very easy to live in the present –a freer happier person- True Liberation.
Many Thanks Marie-Agnes
Judith Mills, (Social Worker psychotherapist)

Testimonial 26:

Recently, I had a spinal adjustment and had the Atlas vertebrae put into place.
Not everyone has the same reactions but my space opened up and everything looked so much clearer.Each tree stood in relief and I felt as if I could see behind it. My body felt different and I wanted to run and jump (I am 77). I felt as if I was taller and standing very straight.

My friends sometimes mentioned I had a very distinctive walk and I often wondered “how” I walked. I am told I no longer walk with a limp and feel I no longer feel “bent” in the middle.
I tore the ligaments in my arm/shoulder and could’nt put my hand behind my back very easily. Now, I can and have nearly the same movement as the other arm. I could’nt lift my right leg very high, having dislocated my hips a long time ago. Now, I can and can squal and get up without levering myself up on whatever happened to be near.
I have been to chiropractors since 1950 and this is the best adjustment I have ever had.
Everyone needs to have it done.
Best Wishes.
Audrey, 77 yr old


Testimonial 27:

After taking my 5 week old son for his Atlas bone adjustment, I noticed that he felt calmer and looked freer, like his space had increased and calmed down in just minutes.

Since then, he is sleeping through the night, growing fast and has incredible strength in his body. He is able to stand up at 3 months old and just about sitting up on his own.
I believe that having his Atlas bone adjusted has given him a head start to a healthy spine which in turn supports a healthy body and of course, a Happy Baby !

Chantale Hickman, Mother of a 5 week old baby

Testimonial 28:

After having my Atlas put back into place, I felt lighter and straighter, also a bit more awake. This is just after I had it done. After 3 weeks, I am still improving and find it easier to play my drums because I have more balance.
Thank you very much.
Shane Garnham, 21 year old, East Grinstead

Testimonial 29:

After the correction of my Atlas, I felt a lot straighter, my shoulders were a lot less hunched.
I swear ! I must have grown half an inch !
I can recommend it to anyone !
Maarten Graziano, 25 yr old, Forest Row


Testimonial 30:

I had a very serious car accident when I was a kid, with cranial trauma and my body was so damaged that surgeons thought I won’t survive. But I did…. But always had lot of pains and suffered from vertigo.
After my Atlas correction, my first surpise was that I could stay 15 minutes, sitting on a chair, without having any pain. Also, when I stood-up, I didn’t need to hold something to assist me with my balance. I feel so great, most of my pains are gone and I have a much better balance.
Cyril, France, 29 year old


Testimonial 31:

I, Paulette,79 year old, would like to witness the positive changes I felt after having my Atlas bone relocated by Marie Agnes Casalini.
I used to feel dizzy when bending my head or leaning forward so I had to be constantly very careful. Vertigo have disappeared and I now feel released.
I am deaf but my hearing has drastically improved since I have had my Atlas bone re-positioned. I had to reset my hearing aids straight after my correction
I had a stiff neck that prevented me from moving my head from right to left. When riding my bike, I had to stop at junctions, and turn my body right and left in order to see oncoming cars. I can now move my head normally.
My hips used to ache on the right side and this prevented me to straighten my arms to cook or do the gardening and I used to get frustrated and used to feel very tired, I also had to be vigilant when going to sleep and mind my position in bed. I am not as tired now when I do the gardening and I feel good after a normal night of sleep, I don’t even have to mind my position in bed any more.
I used to zigzag and struggled walking straight. I now have a perfect balance and I can walk straight. I therefore attest that I have had great improvements in my life since I have had my Atlas bone relocated.
Paulette, 79 year old


Testimonial 32:

When I decided to meet an Atlas practitioner, I was 52 year old. Often, my back and neck used to ache. I had very painful sciatica so I used to go to the chiropractor but my pains would not disappear.
I have read Mr Shümperli’s book and understood that after the Atlas bone re-positioning, the body has to re-adjust and unfortunately, some pains can be felt.
I met an Atlas Practitioner, watched a video and had my Atlas bone re-positioned straight away. I have suffered, but according to statistics, only a very small percentage of people feel pain. Then, after a while, I did not feel pain and felt likeI was released from a weight.
I had a great sensation of well being, I felt like I could perceive more things around me. As I stood up; the room’s colours were brighter and shinier. I was in harmony with myself and with things around me.

After a while, I could still feel some pain in my neck, of course, but above all, I have had positive changes. I finally run without tripping. I feel like my back is straight. I still have few symptoms of sciatica from time to time, but it is bearable, nothing like what it was before!

Since, all the members of my family have had their Atlas relocated, they have all observed good changes too. My 13 year old son never used to enjoy sports. He was always arriving last when running. Few days after he has had his Atlas in place, he told me proudly he arrived second at a running race.

Also my sister feels more balanced now. She is fitter and her back problems have dramatically improved.I have a lot of admiration for Mr Schümperli who has been looking for the causes and found a solution to cure negative symptoms I too used to have. He also taught his technique to others to release mankind from other pains caused by a dislocated Atlas.
Frederique BISCH

Testimonial 33:

I am 25 year old. I am a very busy lady. I have had my Atlas relocated 6 months ago and I must admit that work has never been easier ! As a matter of fact, I am used to working in factories and doing cleaning jobs and since I have had my Atlas corrected, I do not feel any pains anymore.
It is fantastic ! I can work as much as I want !
Thanks for this beautiful present. Even my menstruation are not as painful !!!!
Fantastic !
Thank You.
E.M, East Grinstead

Testimonial 34:

When I had my Atlas corrected, I could’nt believe that I was standing so straight. It felt like I was walking for the first time. I was reliving every day events as if it was the first time it had ever happened to me. In other words, I felt more aware of things happening around me.
I did not have many aches and pains but the few I had, are now gone. On the same night, I enjoyed sleeping on my back for the first time.
Brieug Le Quilliec, 19 yr old, East Grinstead

Testimonial 35:

I was very impressed by the impact of having my atlas corrected;within days my persistent headaches have become less severe and less frequent, and to my surprise I have found that my eyesight has improved as well.
Laurence P, 45 yr old, London

Testimonial 36:

It is not that I am skeptical or not but my experience showed me that I should not spite on something I do know nothing about even if rumors can be so easily spread about it or not. This was my attitude when Marie Agnès proposed me to follow the therapy. What did I have to loose !!!! In no more than 25 minutes, nearly all my tensions in my back were gone. I felt with my 2 feet really on the ground, in total balance and the feeling of relaxation was intense. Now I can watch TV in my bed without any pain in my neck and I feel my body is straight. Honestly I did not know it was not before until I received the therapy. Amazingly the benefits I got from the therapy are still present after weeks and guess it is going to remain like this. Of course I convinced all my family to do it and they all had great benefits from it. I know lots of other people who experienced the same feeling doing it.
I encourage any sceptical or not to try. It is no use to be sceptical and it stops you from benefiting of great experiences like this one.

Rolland Bouchat, 40 year old West Sussex

Testimonial 37:

Bonjour Marie Agnes,
J aimerais te redire combien ce traitement m’a ete benefique…. c ‘est vraiment une decouverte extraordinaire!…..
You are part of this new paradigm of amazing lightworkers, here on earth, to raise humanity’s consciousness for the dawn of a new age…. the age of Light.
I am deeply grateful to the Universe for bringing you into my life.
Many Reiki Blessings and lots of love always.

Testimonial 38:

I thought I’d let you know how i’m getting on following our two atlas sessions on Monday.The first thing I noticed when I got home was thatmy arms were tingling and that the experience oftouching something was much more vivid, sharper and filled withfeeling. (Tho’yesterday i had times when my arms felt numb and shortof energy.)The biggest change that I notice is that I feel much more positive. I’m not so slow and tired as before the treatment. I feel more grounded and sometimes taller. The back of my head feels smoother (!)I’m really pleased I had it done…
Thanks for your help,
Best wishes, Rachel Adams

Testimonial 39:

Just had my bath, I feel an overwhelming calming peace within me, my mind and my spirit. The perpetual pain throbbing daily in silence in all my body and bones seems to have subsided over the last four days. My arthritis in my arms, legs and feet is silent and tranquil, my fingers are not as painful anymore or stiff as they used to be.
A wonderful peaceful feeling of well being envelops me and I am at peace. The pain is distant, not constant. The benign tumour on my left hip and back is no longer hard but softer now, and seems as though he is asleep and peaceful, does not feel like a hard sore thumb sticking on my hip which I feel inside me is a good omen.
The lump on my scull, on the right side of my head just above my forehead, has been there since 1972 through an accident with a bicycle that hit me in the dark. This has over the years developed into a cyst at times it felt like a hard solid ball hidden between my hair. It has been there since 1972, it has been a cause of worry for years and always clashed with my comb and brush.
In the last years of my life it has grown hard and at times given me discomfort and inconvenience; I have been advised just to leave it alone, the doctors” opinions and verdicts for or against its removal was always uncertain. It is really a very small operation under local anaesthetic, yet in my heart as a psychic medium I was strongly opposed to meddle with it and leave it be. Now today I feel that it has improved on it’s own a little and I think that it may have gone slightly down in size. As I said I feel more peaceful and more comfortable with its presence.
Maybe through correcting my Atlas it may heal and slowly subside and shrink away, at least I hope so. God willing all my body is healing slowly. Every day, I feel an improvement in my Mind and Body.

The perpetual noises in my ears which have been with me for many years and in the last two years seem to have grown louder beyond proportion, appears at the moment as I am writing about this last four days, to have quietened down, giving me a welcome respite. My menias disease and vertigo have calmed down to a certain degree, I only hear them as a distant background noise in my right ear at present.
It is amazing, overall my memory seems more wide-awake, my nervous system has remarkably improved, there is a more tranquil normality pervading my whole being more peaceful in body, Mind and Spirit.

A remarkable experience I had the day after my treatment as I walked on Thursday 5th July to the high street, unaided I moved steadily on my feet not wobbling as usual or supporting myself on shop windows or doors. I realised that the feeling of being taller which enwrapped me was so wonderful because my eyes were actually looking down on people from a higher level, looking down rather than up, so I felt taller, stronger and happier all round.
During this last few days I seem to have a feeling of being lighter, straighter, a little taller and the muscles in all my body are functioning nearly as normal as I used to be before all this happened. I don’t feel as old and ancient as I did before, a lightness inner feeling, feeling more normal like other people around me, I am no longer thinking that I am 86 years old and decrepit.
It is impossible to describe the upliftment of your thoughts, your feelings, the functioning of your body, the ability to feel that you are not hampered because your body is older.
I am trying to describe to you the overall effect, which I cannot fathom yet in the change taking place in my body, mind and soul at the moment. It really is like you overhaul a car completely and renew it, I feel suddenly more elated, more lighter, more alive and more normal, perhaps renewed and I pray that these feelings herald a wonderful future for me to look forward to, as day by day I will step forward once again without any fear for being alive and grow old gracefully.

Of course there have been some incidents twice that would have given me anxiety yet I know the cause of them and therefore I took it in my stride. Twice I got up from my seat after sitting for a while, I got up too suddenly and the blood began to rush from my head to my feet or vice-versa, I do not know which. I felt giddy and everything swan around, I felt slightly faint but the feelings did not last long because even before the treatment I suffer low blood pressure and very often these things occur when I get up too suddenly and stand upright, so I did not panic. I took it gently understanding why and how it happened. Also you are telling us in your brochure that sometimes when things get better too quickly there may be adverse effects, so sensibly I understood where this was coming from and did not fight it so the feelings came and went very quickly.
I repeat, up until today these are the only two times it happened. I think I feel a little taller or maybe it is a feeling inside my muscles, I do not know, but the overall running system of me and my body has definitely undergone a very pronounced change for the better. I am sure that as each day welcomes another I seem to find improvements without searching for them because I am no longer lacking in confidence or frightened to walk on my own. I don’t hold onto others as much and try to be independent without any fear and I find that my steps are surer than they have been before.
I wanted to share these feelings with you, the readers and with the friends who helped me and most of all I want to thank God in advance for putting this new way of feeling renewed and overhauled inside and in my mind.
I will continue to write whenever I have the urge to share all this with you. Thank you one Marie-Agnès and Parveen for introducing me to this unbelievable way of putting me together once again.

Until the next instalment,

Shula Bailey, East Grinstead
Testimonial 40:

For years, my game has been stuck. On-form, I could play to a ten handicap, but I was always in a struggle to get my swing into trim and to keep it that way. So, at 75, I went under the GASP cameras which revealed that my swing went off plane at the top. A simple adjustment I thought but, try as I might, my body would not change its action.
Two years on, my wife happened to hear of the ATLASPROFILAX treatment. This sets out to correct the position of the Atlas –the bone between your skull and the top of your neck which, evidently, is misaligned from birth. Typically this can lead to poor posture or balance; and to neck, back, hip or knee pain. A misaligned Atlas bone can restrict your body turn at golf; it can also restrict and put pressure on the vertebral canal, the spinal cord and nerve tracts, and the vertebral arteries –leading to any manner of non-specific physical and mental ailments.
Since my treatment, my posture has improved; I am able to make a full turn without a struggle; my swing stays on plane; and my movements flow better and easier giving a superior ball strike; I even walk more freely (Masai Warrior ?). The treatment needs only be done once in one’s lifetime, so I now hope –and even expect- to be playing competent golf into my old age.

Robert, Topsham

Testimonial 41:

Atlasprofilax and Scenar Treatments April 2008.
I would like to let you readers know that I have found the treatments I had from Marie-Agnes very helpful indeed. I enjoyed both of them and have found that the pain I had in my back, neck and shoulders for around twelve years has eased by approximately 85%. She was kind enough to also treat my toes of my left foot with the Scenar equipment and there has been a significant improvement there too.
She is a very professional, kind and lovely lady who wishes to help people and that really shows. The fact that she is very willing to travel to places to do her work is also very kind.
I am looking forward to even more of a recovery in the near future and to any other benefits that go along with the treatments.
Thank you very very much Marie-Agnes and may you be able to help many more people.
Blessings, Love and Light to you.
Jan Ogilvie
Testimonial 42:

Dear Marie Agnes
I just want to thank you for the amazing difference you and your Atlas Profilax treatment has made to me. For years, far too many to count I have had immense stiffness and tension in my shoulders and neck.
I feel like a new woman. I honestly can’t believe how my whole body is feeling fantastic, more flexible, more supple, especially my neck which has been so stiff and out of kink for years and I mean years, nearly 50y I am still in beautiful shock ha ha.

I would recommend this to every person. Even my father and other people have noticed a difference in my posture. He could see the shape of my neck for the first time ever, for me it was an immediate change I can’t believe it. I am so happy and still amazed at the effects. Thank you very very much for my new strength. lots of love
jane x x

Dear Marie-Agnes, I want to let you know that before I had my Atlas corrected, I had a road traffic accident and was badly injured. Since then, I was in despair, in pain and crying every morning. Since my Atlas is corrected, I feel much better and can cope with it, I am not crying anymore and I am very optimistic.

Sue Webster, Totnes

Testimonial 43:

I have been using the Alexander Technique for 15 years and consider it essential. It has taught me how to improve my use, and go on improving it (…‘the use of the self’… as it is called). The technique is grounded in an improved control over what we do … and don’t do. Ability is developed in the student through a hands-on teaching method. All is based on the relationship between the head, neck and back, and this is known as the ‘primary control’. The AT is a vital and living witness that our bodily dynamics originate from, are centred in, the area where the atlas vertebra is situated.

So it was stunning news for me to hear an Atlasprof explain in a specially arranged lecture that the atlas vertebra in humans (and horses and cows, cats and dogs, etc) is dislocated. I allowed myself a month to reflect on what he said, for it dovetailed so well with what I had succeeded in observing in myself during my years of self-improvement. And then I fixed an appointment for my dislocation to be corrected. (What other choice did I have!?!) That was a month ago today. And since during all these years I have become used to sensing differences associated with, or consequent upon, head/neck/back ‘management’, it is not difficult for me to sum up my new situation. Leaving aside what are often regarded as the more predictable reactions of the first few days, I list what I have noticed, starting with what, I guess, would be easiest to assess clinically……

Regular use of my false teeth and, in particular, the consuming of as little as one raw vegetable salad, used to cause varying degrees of neuralgic pain from my trigeminal nerve, and this could take up to 3 days to clear. It stopped happening from one day to the next! And now when I chew I can exert the same pressure that I applied when I had my own teeth, even on salads. Also, my excess weight has been going down and my weight has become more stable: this is because my appetite isn’t peaking.

My appearance is improving because certain facial lines are lessening, relatively wasted areas in the cheeks are fleshing out, the rings under my eyes have reduced and my eyes are livelier. Surprisingly, too, my eyes have not yet experienced tiredness from any amount of effort. My skin is still extremely sensitive to the sun but it no longer turns an aggressive shade of red quite so easily, though the difference here is only a small one.

Slouching no longer has any effect, not even after a day of immobility watching cricket. When I say that, I am trying to describe a very comfortable and permanent feeling of flexibility in my whole back. There is not a trace of sluggishness or lethargy in me. Neither my posture nor any furniture I use contributes to this state of being. Also, my feelings of being upright and balanced, not just physically – one of the first effects produced by the atlas correction – but also mentally and emotionally, are new to me.

I am generally less anxious, more at ease and able to act more decisively. I feel happier with myself as I am. The urge to seek compensations has dwindled. I always feel splendidly relaxed when going to bed and waking up in the morning, since lying down and extending my body has become a very pleasant prospect. I feel that I am engaged in a long slow detox without having to pay any sort of a price for it, and there is an equivalent gradual build-up of stamina in this new world that I am exploring …………. or that is exploring me!

Michael Chamberlain, 65 yr old
Testimonial 44:

Hello, My name is Matthew and I have recently had the Atlas correction, performed on me by Marie-Agnes. I found the procedure quite comfortable, although my Atlas was a great way out of place, due to a lot of head traumas from boxing and Martial Arts and other contact sports.
I could feel the Atlas moving in my neck after about 5 minutes of treatment. There was minimal discomfort even though mine was so out of place !
I felt pressure behind my eyes later in the treatment and I actually felt the ball clique back into the socket on the right hand side.
Before the treatment had finished and for 20 minutes after, I felt flooded with energy, my breathing changed and I felt happy if not a little intoxicated.
When I got to my feet and walked up and down the room, I noticed I felt taller (this later went back to normal), and my centre of vision has changed.
It seemed before the treatment I was looking at the world slightly slanted, this has now straightened up and I fell very balanced and upright.
I am spiritually open as a person and I have felt a change in my energy immediately after the Atlas was corrected.
I have felt my energy inside myself since I can remember, but my psychic abilities have developed much stronger as I have got older I believe due to a number of near death experiences.
Since having the Atlas correction, my energy seems to be all around me even though I am grounded in the physical world, my energy field feels open to the source even before I make the intention to use any of my abilities.
It has only been a couple of hours since the treatment has finished, and I am writing this testimonial.
It the effects of the treatment increase over time, I will be overjoyed, as I feel it has done so much for me already.
I would recommend this treatment to anybody who is open spiritually as it will do so much for you spiritually and physically.
Matthew Champion, Birmingham


Testimonial 45:

Thanks, Marie-Agnes, Herewith my testimonial:-

I had my atlas corrected 2 months ago and though the “Atlasprof” had a bit of difficulty at the time I have benefited in the following ways.

Immediately my intestines started working better and are now functioning very well. They had always been sluggish. I feel straighter and notice that I’m more positive in that if I see something needs to be done, I’ll do it and won’t procrastinate. I have also lost a few pounds in weight which is good and “know” that I don’t have a weight problem anymore. I have also lost my chocolate addiction and can walk away from it now which is amazing and I don’t eat more at mealtimes than I need. I also experienced the knowledge that my body now knows what it needs to do to be perfect. I have more energy and stamina.

I generally feel balanced, physically, emotionally and spiritually and I can understand how that before I saw life in a skewed way! In the past I have done a lot of self improvement and process work and it is just so much easier now. A long time issue with anger is resolving.

I have also had sciatica since I had it done and other spinal aches and pains which I expect are from my body re-aligning itself. However my neck is now silent when I turn it and has a greater range of movement. I had broken a bone in my back when I was 18, 40 years ago, by falling off a horse so getting some back pains is not surprising.

I’m looking forward to watching what further changes and improvements I experience over the next few months and years as my body continues to heal itself, because that is exactly what I feel is going on.

Would I recommend this to anyone – absolutely yes and have already done so.

Jill Dunsford, Exeter


Testimonial 46:

Dear Marie-Agnes,
-Comments on effects of treatment (testimonial) as requested –
I found the Atlas treatment “regenerative”. It immediately affected my veins, balance and senses of smell and taste.

It increased blood flow, changed my breathing and digestive system too.
All of the minor problems that I had with my back were immediately alienated.
In addition, I can sense an energizing of the skin and an increase in general vitality, my mental form is sharper and more consistent too… continually transformative effect.
I trust that this above will be of some help to you…..
Yours Sincerely,
Stuard Riddle

Testimonial 47:

I had suffered for twelve years with chronic back pain due to a slipped disc when I was sixteen, I had tried Acupuncture, Osteopathy and eventually I had an operation on my back to partially remove a prolapsed disc. All these treatments helped but none cured the pain. When I heard about Atlasprofilax I jumped at the chance as at that moment I had been suffering from neck pain and thought that it could help. The treatment was quick and almost immediately my sciatica, constant headaches, lower back pain faded away. I was able to bend down and almost touch my toes, which I hadn’t been able to do since I was sixteen.
The results are different from person to person but for me it has been the best thing I’ve ever done. And I would recommend Atlasprofilax to anyone suffering from back pain.

Mark Fairholm

Testimonial 48:

Hi Marie,
My name is Jean Harrison, I came to see you on 17th and 18th of November in London. Just to let you know that some of the problems with the base of my skull, neck and top of my back have improved since I had my atlas bone re-aligned, my Osteopath(CranioSacral) has noticed a distinct difference in tensions and inflammations.
I know that you said it was a once only thing, but I wonder if it is possible that it could slip out a little again, I ask this because some of the problems that had gone are coming back a little. I would appreciate your advice on this. Thank you for the emails on the MMS.
In love and gratitude
Jean Harrison

Testimonial 49:

I must say Jessica/Marie, I really feel the benefits of the Atlas work of over a year ago. Since having it, my shoulders and neck have been always completely fine.
Amazing compared to before !

Thank you again – Clemens

Testimonial 50:

Dear Marie,
Hello and how are you ? I promised to let you know how I have responded to the treatment and I hadn’t forgotten but thought it is best to wait for a little while to give it a chance to work, my body having endured major abdominal surgery, I thought the treatment may take a little while to manifest to a positive outcome.
Well, I feel very blessed to have received the Atlas adjustment, my body has been much stronger since then and I have experienced surges of strength and more energy and feel much more optimistic that any other treatments of any kind will be more successful as a result.
I think it is a wonderful thing to have done and you are very comforting, warmth and sunny, healing approach to me, your kindness of your open heart I will always remember. You are doing a wonderful work and God will always keep you in his Care, Love and Protection and safety on your travels and at all times.
The cell memory treatment ? well, nothing specific in the way of improvement to any of the abdominal problems or the sinus problem. Perhaps my timing of the treatment for that was wrong, I don’t know, not to worry though because I know the main object is to re-align the Atlas and that will prove to be the finest thing I have ever done so far to date.
So, although a little later perhaps, as I promised to let you know of my progress, my letter comes to you with my love and thanks and it was a pleasure to meet you.
I will not forget your wonderful approach and your caring spontaneith which made me feel so much better, I thank you Marie.
Take care and God Bless you Always.
Yours Sincerely,
David R. Williams

Testimonial 51:

Hi Marie

Although I was feeling quite sore and tender immediately after ‘having my head put on properly’, I felt different straight away; my shoulders felt relaxed in a way that I wasn’t used to and my neck felt longer. Initially I had a few headaches and pains in my back, but after a few weeks I now feel generally much more healthy; my spine is more flexible and my posture is improving noticeably. I’ve still got a lot of old tension-habits to overcome, but it feels as if I’m making progress with that without too much effort, whereas before it was a constant struggle to feel comfortable.
Surprisingly, I also feel more cheerful and optimistic.
Thank you Marie, I will certainly be recommending this to other people.

Best regards

Testimonial 52:
Dear Marie Agnes,
I’ve waited a few days to report, since things are changing day by day:

Firstly, thank you so much for the treatment, which you did with such love and dedication.
Secondly, whilst I had thought I was going into it with no expectations, I was wrong. I’ll tell all my patients that the body’s healing energy is intelligent; it will do what it needs to do, rather than what we would like it to do, but obviously fixed somewhere in my mind was a hope for greater mobility for my neck.
I knew this may show instantly, or may take days or weeks to show improvement… but I suspect at the back of my mind, that was the improvement I was hoping for; and immediately after the treatment, there was a slight improvement in the rotation of the neck.
What I really noticed first though was that I could tilt my head back to drink the last drop of water; so at that point, I knew something had changed. The next morning was my biggest shock – I looked in the bathroom mirror and for the first time in years, my face was on straight! Increasingly over the years since the accident, my head has been tilted to one side and twisted. Now it is aligned, and my shoulders are level, and no longer feeling so much like blocks of steel.
The next surprise came after meditating – as I opened my eyes and came back to awareness of my surroundings, I also became aware that I was seeing from my left eye as well as my right (once again, increasingly over the years, although there is nothing technically wrong with the vision in my left eye, my right eye had become so dominant that I was unaware of using the left, and had difficulty in judging distance.

I had also mentioned that I slept with a pile of assorted pillows next to the bed; and as I woke repeatedly through the night, I would try a different pillow, then a different one…
I am now sleeping on the same pillow, and not waking in pain. There have been many other subtle changes too, and the neck is continuing to improve daily. Once again, thank you so much. it will be fascinating to see what else has unfolded by January!
love, Corinne x

Testimonial 53:

Hi Marie;

A couple of years ago, I was subject to an accident which caused some long term pain and stiffness in my middle back, neck and jaw. Despite undergoing various treatments, I continued to suffer badly from a range of symptoms which also included nausea, pins and needles in the face, and problems with maintaining a good posture.

I heard about the AtlasProfilax procedure through an advertisement in a magazine, and aware that my Atlas vertebrae was out of joint, decided to give it a try. I was rather nervous on the day of the procedure, but Marie’s friendly nature and her provision of plenty of information beforehand helped to calm me down. The procedure itself (which involves a vibrating massage device applied to the neck) I found slightly unpleasant and mildly painful, but Marie often checked to ensure that I was doing okay.

The first time I stood up, after the procedure, I could immediately tell the difference. On walking up and down the corridor outside of Marie’s room, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I found myself walking far more smoothly, and with greater ease than before. My spine felt straighter and I felt more energetic. On walking back towards the tube, I felt alert, upright and more in balance internally.

The next day, I decided to do a yoga lesson (I’ve been a keen yoga practitioner for several years). During the lesson, I was delighted to notice how easy it was for me, compared to in the past, to get myself into the various positions. Whereas before the AtlasProfilax procedure it had been a trial to get my body to do what I wished, I noticed how it now responded with a new fluidity and strength. These improvements have continued into the present, and my neck and back feel considerably more flexible, and looser, than before the AtlasProfilax procedure.

Another radical improvement that I have noticed has been around a 95% reduction in my back and neck pain, which as you can imagine has been a real source of relief for me. In addition, the nausea (which previously had sometimes made it difficult for me to walk in a straight line and often left me exhausted at the end of the day) has now reduced considerably. (I am getting some remedial massage for my neck muscles in the hope this will calm it down completely).

My posture has also improved, and I find it far easier to sit and stand upright without slouching than before the procedure.

Side effects; for around three days afterwards my neck muscles felt a little tender and painful in places, but this has now gone down.

All in all, I can say that of all the various procedures and treatments that I’ve had done over the past couple of years, the AtlasProfilax has been the singly most beneficial so far. For me it hasn’t been a cure all (I still need to sort out my long term muscle problems with therapeutic massage and careful yoga) but I feel it has provided me with an excellent foundation for building good health in the months and years to come.


Testimonial 54:

My husband has suffered from osteo-arthritis for 20 years and was on waitlist for a hip replacement…now he is so much better!!!!
His hips are at the same level now but there is a long way to go still. He has been limping for 20 years and all his back muscles need to relearn how to move and hold his body upright.
I am using the scanner on him every other day. They are many issues to be
treated. He has lost trust in his body after all this time!
He is due for a check up in the hospital (re his hip) next Tuesday. Let’s see
what happens.

I’ll keep you posted!

Love – Maria

Testimonial 55:

I am a 23 year old male from Birmingham. Throughout my earlier years I always knew something was not quite right. In my teens my balance became worse and I started to feel pain from nowhere. Headaches, back pain, extreme sensitivity to anything. Also fatigue and therefore depression from feeling like a young soul in a 70 year old’s body. I literally had no energy and was anxious all the time wondering what was wrong with me.

Initially, I went to doctors. They didnt know. Then I went to a psychiatrist because my mental health was suffering because of this. He couldnt put his finger on it and just prescribed me anti-depressants as they all do. I eventually stopped the medication realised it wasnt quite this. My search for answers took me into more ‘alternative’ solutions. I visited various healers but the relief was only temporary. After a good few years of searching I eventually came across Atlas treatment through consciousmedianetwork.com – thoroughly recommend this site. I then searched for local practitioners and came across Marie. She looked like a nice lady and the testimonials only showed great results. I went for it, it seemed so logical. And it is, it’s incredible.

There are various debates as to the root cause of why the Atlas is out of the place but the main point of consideration should be its benefits of being in place. Increased well-being, energy and happiness. More clarity of thinking and expression of self. Depression and anxiety is going away…Better posture and looking more healthy. More symmetrical facial structure and feeling more of a human being. It is a one off treatment that lasts a lifetime. What more could you ask. If you do one thing for your health, do this.

Dom, 23, Birmingham.

Testimonial 56:


I have been suffering from a serious Neurological illness (CIDP) for some years and recently have also been diagnosed as having Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Orthodox medicine has made little impact on these illnesses, apart from some pain controle.

I have had both the initial treatment to re-align the Atlas joint at the top of my spine and the follow up treatment as well. The improvement of my general health together with a feeling of vastly improved wellness, was very quick and resulted in an immediate improvement in both my general health and lifestyle.

Marie applied her treatments in a thoroughly caring and professional manner and I have no hesitation in recommending her treatment to others.

The general, ongoing, improvement in my health would have to be in the area of 65-70% and the benefits of the treatment continue to this date, approximately 6 months after the initial treatment.l

From a very grateful patient,

Jon Graham – November 12th 2009-11-20

Testimonial 57:

Dear Marie

I think it is about a month since I had my second atlas treatment, and I said I would give you some feedback! Although I am still getting pains here and there, good days and bad, I do feel a dstinct general improvement.

Things just seem more normal. I am now able to walk for a couple of hours, providing I take a couple of breaks and don’t do it all at once. The lower back area seems stronger, as I don’t seem to need the same amount of lumbar support as I did.

I have been having massage, although not cranial osteopathy yet.

Thanks again for your treatment. I do feel it has helped.

Best wishes- Judy Mc Glashan

Testimonial 58:

It is now 5 weeks since my atlas bone was re-aligned.

My energy is much improved. I have had only one headache, which lasted a shorter time and was milder than before, ( I used to get them frequently.)

thank-you, Sincerely, Janet Barnett

Testimonial 59:

Hello marie

just wanted to give you an up-date after my atlas treatment with you in east grinstead on 14th September. Well, my neck mobility has certainly improved – that’s for sure……..

however, the most significant improvement has been with my breasts!! – by that i mean alignment…. let me explain!!

i realised, about 6 yrs ago that my right breast was a little lower than my left – this had gradually got worse over the years until there was about a slightly less than one inch (how many centimetres is that?) difference in actual drop – i put this down to all the weight i had carried on my shoulders over the years regarding bags and shopping etc which weight i always carried predominantly on my right shoulder – it had actually started to upset me

however, by your atlas treatment i can honestly say that my breasts are now LEVEL – and it’s unbelievable – i never bothered to mention it to you at the time plus my slightly crooked smile is now straight!!!

my neck has become a bit stiff but this will go away and my lower back still gives me the usual stiffness due to the osteoarthritis – i feel this will be with me for ever

however, i’m so happy with the smile and the breast re-alignment lovely to meet you and every good wish to you my dear eccentric girl

A.P. xxxxx

Testimonial 60:

Hi Marie-Agnes,Its been about a month since my Atlas treatment and now my body has been adjusting so feel its time for the next bit,

I have been feeling the following symptoms:

Immediatly after treatment 1-4 days:

I had some massages however feel quite tired after these trestment and aching

Feel more grounded
no neck clicking 75% better
better movement in my neck more balanced 60% better.
Jaw feels like its re-poisitioning. and a very loud click

4-10 days

Re postiong of jaw pulling my jaw forward loud cracking sound, feels beter after this (1 time very loud click)
feeling slight change of posture right foot and calf muscles seem to more use
More energy 20%
Still morning head acheas and stiffness no change
Very sore jaw
deep sense of detox
Feel more grounded. more balanced on my feet.

10 days till now

Re postiong of jaw pulling my jaw forward loud cracking sound, feels beter after this ( clicking 3-7 times on 2 occasions)
Still morning head acheas and stiffness no change
acheing on right side of upper neck, using hot stone helps
right foot seems like different muscles are being used.
No neck clicking 75% better
More energy 30% better
Deep sense of detox
feeling of overall shifting of well being.
feeling of detox cant eat much white bread or meat
need less sleep difficullt balancing my new found body with more energy etc
Neck pain and jaw pain pore resposive to rest heat pack and hot stones
Feel stronger and more keen/confident to to train to build strength
Left side less tight than previously (above hip)
Feel like my body is still adjusting ie jaw still re-postioning lower neck muscles on right side tight, tilting my neck back feels tight,
Balancing my work now so will look forward to settling post Atlas Profilax

Would Like to see how I feel this week and have my Atlas top up on Fri, Possible Sat or Monday?

Thanks any advice much appreciated

Andy R, london
Testimonial 61

Dear Marie,

I am writing to let you know that the Atlas profilax has worked wonders for my back.

I know, because I went to sit for meditation for 10 days on a Vipassana course recently and as I have previously had back pain I was expecting it. I noticed that I had virtually no back pain throughout the course.

Also, you worked on my knee with the frequency tool and it has almost healed, which made me able to bend the knee much more and able to sit without supports for my knee.

It had got so much better in just a month, whereas it had taken over a year to heal very slowly. prior to you using the tool.

Warm regards, Christine, Brighton

Testimonial 62

My Experience of the Treatment by Stephanie Ryan

(Extract from the North London M.E. Network newsletter)

I collapsed with severe M.E. in 1998 after having had an operation to remove three ovarian cysts on my right ovary. I had a similar operation a year previously on the same site which was performed by a top surgeon which healed very quickly. This time though the surgery was performed by students and immediately after the operation I felt ill.

Apart from getting a severe infection, my muscle tone disappeared overnight, my skin turned completely white and was clammy to the touch, I was covered in a rash from head to toe, the site of the operation continued to be extremely sore and the scars wouldn’t heal remaining red, raised, itching and bleeding for years to come. I just couldn’t get my strength back.

My GP told me this was all psychosomatic as I had had an operation the year previously. During the course of the next eight months my condition worsened especially the pain in my womb, I developed S.A.D., panic attacks and agoraphobia until eventually collapsing with M.E.

Other symptoms I subsequently suffered from included severe pain in the neck on the left hand side, from the base of the skull, down the left side of the neck and across the left shoulder; pain in the lower back, left hip, left knee, left Achilles heel and left foot; a strange pulling sensation in the calf muscles in the left leg; heart pain; kidney pain on the left side of my body; a ‘clicking’ and locked jaw on the left side of my face; my left ear ‘closed up’ and my eyesight worsened in my left eye.

I also had the sensation of a trapped nerve in my neck spreading down my spine on the left hand side; a sensation as if my head had been cut off at the base of the neck; a sensation of being out of body, as if I was floating about two feet above my body; no mental cognitive function; an inability to read; no willpower; brain fog; a weak immune system; allergies and asthma; severe constipation; menstrual difficulties and PMS; severe depression and an inability to regenerate energy after exercise.

After a few medical tests with the GP which all showed that there was ‘nothing wrong with me’ I went to the Hale clinic to see a naturopath and saliva tests showed I had adrenal weakness and therefore severe Chronic Fatigue (M.E.). As the cause of my M.E. was unknown at this point in time my GP could offer no remedy.

Knowing that I had emotional issues that needed dealing with I embarked on a long course of spiritual healing (after having had no success with councillors.) This managed to reduce the pain in my womb immediately, heal the scars of the operation (which were still bleeding) and over the course of a few more years helped clear a lot of the brain fog and gave me more mental clarity. All the other symptoms remained though the most distressing of all being the complete lack of mental cognitive function.
Finally when I felt that all of my emotional issues had been dealt with and I felt that I had found myself again I had my last spiritual healing. After this my energy seemed to speed up a little and I noticed that my neck and shoulders had become very tense particularly under the base of my skull. This coincided with an appointment to see a Biomechanical specialist to investigate the increasing pain in my left foot. The investigation was very thorough and revealed that the left side of my body had dropped by 1cm. This meant that the left hip and shoulder was 1cm lower than the right. After wearing 1cm of felt in my left shoe for two days my symptoms from the diaphragm down disappeared. The symptoms from the diaphragm up remained though and in fact they were worse because there was now more pressure in that area.

The biomechanical specialist did not suggest a remedy for this but because I had heard of Atlas Profilax treatment a couple of years earlier I realised that this was my next course of action.

The Atlas bone is located at the top of the spine right underneath the base of the skull. It is free floating i.e. not attached to the rest of the spine being held in place by the neck muscles and by two bony processes that protrude down from the base of the skull. It can be knocked out of place if the head is jerked backwards harshly as in a case of whiplash. Once out of place it can cause one side of the skeleton to drop out of place.

I went to visit the Atlas Profilax practitioner Marie-Agnès Casalini in September 2009 to have the treatment. To be honest I was absolutely terrified because the atlas bone is near to all the major nerve and blood vessels in the neck and I was frightened of something going wrong. I needn’t have been though, Marie Agnes was very easy to get on with and put me at ease straight away and the treatment, although a little uncomfortable due to the pain that I already was suffering from in my neck, only lasted about 15 minutes and consisted of a deep massage to the neck muscles around the Atlas bone, nothing intrusive.

After the treatment I noticed immediately that my posture had improved dramatically. I was absolutely exhausted though and went to bed for three days. On the fourth day however I woke up and felt refreshed for the first time in 11 years and I could think. I was absolutely astonished. All of my symptoms had disappeared.

It appears that the drop in my skeleton on the left hand side had trapped nerves all the way along my spine causing my organs and endocrine system to dysfunction. The misaligned Atlas bone interfered with the nerves and blood vessels travelling up my neck into my skull preventing me from using my cognitive powers and causing a lot of pain in the neck due to overstretched neck muscles i.e.trapezius, levator scapulae, mastoid etc.

Although I was expecting a vast improvement in the pain on my left hand side I was not expecting my cognitive function to reappear, nor my constipation and asthma to clear up. The most extraordinary result was the feeling of being grounded in my body and being able to feel the circulation in my hands and my feet. I also found that walking was effortless and the more I exercised the better I felt.

Two weeks later I returned for the second part of the treatment. This involved being massaged with a ‘scenar’ which helps the muscles to adjust to their new ‘holding position’. After the first treatment the muscles felt a little ‘out of place’ and it felt like they were trying to pull the bones back into the original position, the position that they were used to. During the weeks following the scenar treatment a lot of emotional issues came up again but this time in abundance which I treated with the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Among these was intense anger at the person I believed knocked the bone out of position in the first place and the resulting lack of achievement in life due to my low energy levels. I was also very angry at the various doctors I had seen over the course of the years who wouldn’t investigate the pain in my neck with an x-ray. I actually told them that I thought that I had a trapped nerve in my neck which was somehow causing my M.E. I was just told to exercise however and it would go away but I kept telling them in return that I couldn’t exercise due to my M.E. and I thought that the reason why my body wouldn’t respond to exercise was because of this trapped nerve. One x-ray could have solved the problem years ago.

Once these intense emotions had cleared the muscles seemed to relax and the skeleton on the left hand side dropped out of place again much to my dismay. Over the course of the next two weeks however they tightened up again holding the skeleton back in place once more but this time it felt more comfortable like they were more adjusted to their new position. Now, four months later, this readjusting of the muscles as more emotional issues have come up to be cleared has happened a couple more times and in each case it has taken less time for the muscles to go back into position. I don’t know how long this will continue for, maybe a couple of years, but at least there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

On an emotional level it is as if I am moving along and growing emotionally very quickly as if this part of my development has been held back by the Atlas bone being out of position. If I got emotionally upset in the past it was like putting a bee in a jar, screwing on the lid and shaking it up. I just couldn’t rationalise my emotions. Now it seems that I can process them and move on.

On a physical level every time I exercise I can feel the body working properly. After exercise my face feels flushed and the next day I can feel my lymph glands swelling as my body is now detoxing itself properly. The realignment of the Atlas bone has started spontaneous healing on both an emotional and a physical level.

I believe my Atlas bone was knocked out of place when I was seven during an attack on me when I was thrown to the floor and kicked in the face. During the incident I felt an internal ‘snapping’ and immediately after the incident I felt ‘shocked out of my body’ and thought this was just an emotional response to what had happened. I also noticed that my neck and shoulders were strangely tense just underneath the base of the skull but couldn’t understand why.

As I was only young and extremely fit and active no other symptoms presented themselves. When I reached fourteen however and we stopped doing PE at school and I generally became less active and put on weight my energy levels plummeted. I went from being one of the highest achievers in the school to being hardly able to attend school due to fatigue and severe depression. This was explained away by the doctors as the effects of puberty. I knew this was rubbish but couldn’t come up with any other explanation.

Then during my lower sixth form I was entered for a half marathon at school and had to train hard running several miles a day and weight training three times a week. My energy levels soared again and my cognitive function increased and I became one of the school’s highest achievers again. I did get a lot of running injuries however all of them being down my left leg.

A sports physiotherapist at the time indicated that my left foot pronated outwards more than my right indicating that the left leg was longer than the right but couldn’t give me an explanation as to why. After completing the half marathon and finishing training, coupled with having problems at home, I became exhausted again.

During the course of the next few years during my twenties I realised that in order for me to get through a normal working day I had to run five miles every evening. No-one else I knew had to do this and I realised that I still had energy problems. From the age of about twenty years onwards my head didn’t feel a part of my body and my neck and my chest felt weak.

My immune system seemed to slowly break down and I developed lots of chest infections, allergies and asthma eventually collapsing with mild ME after catching a particularly virulent strain of Asian flu at work. After recovering from this a few years later I had the operation described at the beginning of this article and collapsed with severe ME.

I don’t know if my ME will clear up as a result of the Atlas Profilax treatment. It may be that once the muscles settle into position for good I may have to have some other treatment to increase my thyroid function and to get my energy levels back to normal. At least however there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all these years and I have a better chance of responding to treatment now that a large obstacle has been cleared – thanks to Marie Agnes Casalini and the Atlas Profilax treatment.

Copyright February 2010

Testimonial 63

I have been a practising therapist for 18 years, and came across the Atlas Profilax treatment in 2009. I had my Atlas put into place, and have seen huge improvements. I always had one leg shorter than the other, and consequently, numerous problems with my left leg over the past few years, plus a tight and restricted right hip, raised muscles on the left side of my back, and a very tight neck and shoulders.
It was clear my body was trying to make compensations from top to bottom. As soon as my Atlas was put straight, I felt as if my whole skeleton had lengthened and straightened out, and my shoulders dropped a couple of inches.
The plantar fasciitis which I had in my left heel for a year, has completely disappeared. I also noticed my hearing improved. Over the weeks following treatment, I could feel that my left leg was no longer shorter (and therefore I didn’t need the shoe inserts I’d become reliant upon), my whole pelvis is now moving correctly, and walking is such a pleasure.

The back muscles have almost gone down to the same size as the other side. My neck and shoulders are much softer and more relaxed. I feel this treatment goes deeper than the physical, and works on well being on every level. I also believe this is a powerful “preventative health care” measure to improve my body’s functions for the rest of my life.
I am sure that, as blood, oxygen and lymph flow is now unrestricted, and there are no pinched nerves, my brain will benefit as a result! I have recommended friends and patients to have this treatment, and seen some wonderful results.

Erica Yonge (Licensed Acupuncturist)

Testimonial 64

Before 18th December 2009

I have always been a fit and healthy individual and have always wanted to achieve the best that I can in all areas of my life. In my personal pursuit of excellence, I have had to learn about how my body functions and accept that the oddest of reasons or techniques have allowed for a reduction in discomfort and pain which have all allowed me to maintain good all round health.

Historically, I have experienced considerable discomfort throughout my whole body and despite considerable body work from many practitioners’, to whom I am very grateful: Osteopaths, Craniosacral, sports massage, and physiotherapists, Bowen, Shiatsu, Pilates, Scenar and the Alexander Technique.

After much effort there remained levels of discomfort in my cranium around my right ear, my cheek bones were still horizontally miss-aligned, and my left hip and thigh continued to have various levels of muscular discomfort and miss-alignment.

18th December 2009

My Atlas was re-aligned. There was no sudden emotional or physical discomfort felt which I attributed to all of the “preparation” work that I had completed.

I felt more relaxed, lighter and I was aware that my head was able to stay looking forward naturally without my having to compensate for a historic tendency of it wanting to take up a relaxed “neutral” position facing some 30 degrees to the left.

I was very aware now of the tension in the left side of my neck that had previously been normal to hold my head to the left.

2 months later

The biggest aspect of change was sitting. For the first time in my life I was able to sit and stand comfortably, with no extra effort, in the “ideal” position prescribed by the Alexander technique and physiotherapists. Slouching is not comfortable.

I can now swim in a straight line without having to continually focus on external references to guide me.

The physical aspects which surprised me most were: the cranial pains in the right side of my head have disappeared completely; both cheek bones are now aligned horizontally; and the greater bulk of the residual pain in my left hip and thigh has disappeared.

I accept that it will take a little time for my musculoskeletal system to realign as so much tension has been released after some 40 years. To support this change I have continued a new regime of specific core muscle toning exercises and the support of other therapists to integrate this work into my body: Osteopaths, Craniosacral, Scenar, Bowen and massage therapists.

Thank you very much for this gift Marie!

Bruce Axten

Testimonial 65

Hello Marie.

You did my neck in Glastonbury about two months ago and I am finally writing to let you know how I am getting on!

As soon as I had had the treatment I felt as though my head was sitting straight on my neck for the first time ever. Holding my shoulders down and my head up like all the yoga and tai chi demonstrations you see was simply a case of sitting up straight instead of making an effort once the adjustment had been made. I have to say I found the treatment itself unpleasant and a bit scary (sorry!) although you were were kind, and confident.

Since then, my shoulders and neck which had got into a terrible state of stiffness have been starting to soften and movement has become freer and easier, although I think with a bit of massage things would progress faster – just haven’t managed to find the time to get round to getting myself treated.

The improvement is slow but steady – the self-healing process that you described seems to be taking place of its own accord. The unexpected benefit is that I have,for the first time in my life, developed a singing voice – I don’t think I’ll start a new career as an opera star, but I can hold a tune with a clear note for the first time ever in 48 years.

The voice is apparently controlled by C2and 3, only one down from the atlas, which makes sense – so I hope your other singer who was hoping for improvement has found similar benefits.

I have been complimented on my posture by many friends who have noticed the change in me, so thankyou for all you have done, and continue the good work!

Best wishes – Linda. x.

Testimonial 66
Glastonbury – November 12th 2009-11-20

Dear Marie, Once again I would like to forward my sincere and warmest thank you for the “wonder” treatment you have done so well.

After the treatment I felt “light headed” and naturally a little sore but immediately noticed that my posture which had always been bad, had suddenly improved. The extreme and sever pain in my neck which I suffered with for many, many years is gone.

Gradually my vision improved, ear ache complication gone, problem with swallowing gone and my face regained its normal shape it had before my deterioration with neck pain complications.

Also, my blood pressure improved. I have more energy and once again the “will power” to live the normal life.

The only thing left for me now is to combine a good diet with regular massage treatments.

Thank you Marie, you are a truly wonderful person and I wish you much success in your work to help suffering people like me.

J.B.Higgins May 2010

Testimonial 67

This is an unsolicited testimonial for the Atlas Profilax treatment I kindly received from therapist, ‘Marie Casalini’ shortly before the new year 2010.

I had come to see Marie due to long standing back pain from spinal fusion three years ago; I had been prescribed various types of morphine to relieve the chronic pain, which brought with it severe digestive problems.

Following the therapy, I immediately noticed a difference when driving home — I found it natural to sit back in the seat, rather than slouching over, which I usually do. Also, my range of neck movement was improved, such that I was able to turn my head to the left and right, further than normal.

Over the course of a few days, I consciously realized that it felt normal to walk with my head level, looking at the horizon; instead of down towards my feet. When walking now it almost feels like a piece of string is pulling my head upwards with a noticeable ease in my back and shoulder areas.

Before receiving Atlas Profilax, I used to find it uncomfortable to stand for any length of time and needed to lean against a wall, or sit down, for relief. However, whilst standing now I can comfortably do so, and actually feel at ease! Equally, whilst sitting, the pain around my tail bone which I used to experience has ceased.

Regards, Colin McFawns
Testimonial 68 

“Having Atlasprofilax treatment done last year has helped me go through some radical changes in my life, shifting from a material to a more spiritual way of living.

In reality I have gone through a ‘rebirth’. When my atlas bone was adjusted to its correct position, I noticed my hip was now balanced and no longer slanted, this allowed my legs to balance in alignment to each other, as previously my right leg had been slightly longer.

I got confirmation that my atlas bone was now in alignment, from a young lady promoting Nintendo Wii machine a week ago outside Wicks DIY store.

When the lady weighed me she was surprised that my weight was equally balanced on both sides of my body. She told me that most people she weighed tended to be ‘off balance’ and
heavier on one side of their body.

For any one looking to have atlasprofilax done, I would definately recommend Marie. I’m elated with the results of treatment and its benefits are ongoing.

Thanks Marie!

Samantha (Manchester)

Testimonial 69

Dear Marie.

Just want to say a BIG “thank you” for the adjustment you gave me yesterday.

Feel really different today- couldn’t really sleep last night as I was so excited, however, have got up this morning with NO lower back-ache, no head-ache, eyes focusing better, diaphragm less taut- feel wonderful!

Noticed a funny thing- I’ve always seemed to breathe more through my right nostril- left one didn’t move very much. Now, it looks different- more balanced.

I am now going to save money to have all four of our children done & hopefully my husband also.

I’m so very grateful to you.

Best regards, jilly


Testimonial 70

Dear Marie.

Thank you for the work you did with my Atlas over the last 2 weeks. It has been very interesting; more so because it has co-incided with some profound personal/spiritual growth, after a re-birthing process that itself was preceeded by 21 years of healing of one life’s difficulties. As promised, I have written a little summary below that you may find useful for your website.

At first I felt specially taller, but this changed as the first week continued after the installation of my Atlas bone. That first day I felt peaceful and quiet, but also very tired. I had an early night. Next day and following on from that, I had various physical aches and pains that seemed to have no other purpose for showing up, than to be let go; emotional experience done with but still remembered in the body. As the week progressed I found myself experiencing what can be described as a second spiritual awakening, where information from history (mine and the planet !), came forward, as if I was downloading the universe itself. This was not stuff from past hurts or trauma which had been completed before I came to you for Atlas adjustment, but rather memories of moments where I had a much larger understanding than my years, but without a frame of reference to express it in. The quiet voice inside remained quiet and heard only by me, but now it felt like I was retrieving lost but important information and knowledge, that has been left somewhere back there.

Physically, I am better and better as time goes on. My lower back carries less burden (hopefully not more than my own weight now), and I feel more robust I suppose, for want of a better way of saying it. Emotionally it is as if I am in a calm place even though I am going through a divorce and life changing circumstances around that. Mentally, I am clear as a crystal bowl, resonating with a different harmonic note, seeing truth from illusion in its various guises and a deep sense of having gained something infinately precious; seeing where we come from and the purpose behind existence (too long to go into here, but I am busy writing it all down!). I can say that the answers to life the universe and everything (for those of you who remember the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), is not exactly 42, but it’s close! (my little attempt at humour).

Now, I am not saying that the Atlas installation was the ’cause’ of a second awakening process, but certainly it has helped to create a much clearer channel for all energies to flow better and without hinderance. Thank you.

Best Wishes – Amanda Poyner

Testimonial 71

“It’s amazing that such a simple treatment has such an effect on one’s life: I’ve been practicing Yoga and Pilates for 15 years and teaching for 10.

My neck and back were already very mobile and flexible.

Marie-Agnes released a very tight and precise point in my neck; since then I haven’t had a tension headache or migraine. Also my swimming and Pilates practice have improved as my whole back feels even more mobile.

I’ve already recommended the treatment to five of my patients.”

Murielle carrasco / Yoga and Pilates teacher since 1999.

Testimonial 72

Thank you, Marie-Agnes for the fascinating introduction to the Atlas Profilax treatment.

The release of tightness and muscular tension from the suboccipital region following treatment was remarkable.

It was interesting for me to feel during the treatment to my left side a restimulation of the motion sickness symptoms I have experienced since birth.

However, I was amazed during your treatment on my right side to experience an overpowering sense of needing to give my consent to bring born.

Clearly, your Atlas Profilax treatment was able to reach and release deeply hold patterns in my suboccipital region.

Sandra Garratt – 8th October 2009


Testimonial 73

Testimony after ATLAS PROFILAX Treatment (05.09.09):

More mental clarity/clearer perception (“light bulb lit up”)
Connectedness to Source
More centered, focused, reduced stress
More emotional detachment/balance
No more overeating/food cravings (blood sugar more balanced)
Tunes strength and sense of “self”
Better physical balance (motor movements)
More “Joie de vivre”
Improved metabolism and lymph drainage
Improved inner peace/stability
Stronger sense of Wholeness of life
Earlier bed times ! (In tune with natural cycles)
Less obstructed life force/flowing freely
Stronger sense of being a co-creator
…………… and that’s just the beginning !

Maximia Lavaulx

Testimonial 74

Hi Marie.
You gave me a treatment in Poole a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you again. I have tennis elbow but had been experiencing severe pain in my forearm during the night. After the second treatment this went completely.

I have a chronic neck problem which has been in a bad phase recently. Since the treatment I have not had any neuralgia and gradually my neck seems easier and does not react to the slightest thing, which it did before. Therefore, I know that your treatments have been enormously beneficial and I have the joy of being pain-free. Thank you so much for your healing.

Regards, Karen

Testimonial 75

On Wednesday 6th May, I kept an appointment with Marie-Agnes Casalini, to have my Atlas Vertebra correctly aligned. As soon as the procedure was completed, I realised that walking was more comfortable, I felt lighter, better balanced. Also, the circulation to my hands felt better, later that day, my feet felt warmer too. Thursday 6th May, I enjoyed a good night’s sleep and continued to feel improvements during the following day, in particular, my knees and hip joints were more comfortable. Friday 08 May 2009, this morning I awoke with an unaccountable feeling of sadness, As the day progressed, this feeling passed and I retuned to a general sense of well being.

Saturday 9th May, This morning I used my tractor to cut grass and for about half an hour experienced muscle spasms in my neck. Later, I felt discomfort dissipating from an old injury to my lower back, it too, cleared within an hour or so. I continued to feel good for the rest of the day. Sunday 10th May, last night and this morning, slightly runny nose, otherwise still feeling good. Monday, 11 May 2009, Subtle improvement to my digestion. Tuesday,12th May. Still feel good, no further discernable changes. Sunday, 24th May. Scanner session today, left knee and back treated. Monday, 25th May. Knee and back both more comfortable. Tuesday, 26th May. Improvements continue and I look forward with confidence to a healthier future.

Clive, Lancing.


Testimonial 76
Feedback after AtlasProfilax treatment

Scoliosis, Regular headaches, Stiff neck and shoulders, bad posture; different length legs, therefore one side of the body is more tensed and closed up than the other, tensed stomach. Although I felt that something was not right, all the above symptoms were unnoticed to the naked eye and by myself until I was 25 of age. And I felt that something was not right. Many visits to the osteopath and complementary doctors revealed that I’ve had scoliosis probably from birth…Now I am 30 years old.

After the AtlasProfilax treatment.

Immediate change:
I felt light in the shoulders and neck right away. Posture improved right away. I said to the doctor:’ O, my God, I actually want to walk up tall now, it is easy!’ Amazing! I felt opened shoulders like never before! Felt warm in my body, especially hands.

On the same day in the evening:
My body ‘switched on’ self healing process. I did not want any food, just plenty of water. But most amazingly, I had amazing changes in my stomach; it went on and on doing some moves inside…it was not sore or unpleasant. I never felt anything like it before!? It felt as if it is releasing tension that is being going on for years!
Low of the back usually had sharp pain before and only deep heat and plenty of exercise would reduce the pain, but this time it is felt like it is stretching and pain was not sharp at all. It felt like it is opened up, as I was asleep for the first time I felt I am lying on my back properly. Nothing felt tensed!!

Next day after massage:
I felt very relaxed and warm all over the back. My lower back still had some discomfort feeling but very bearable, as I understand that scoliosis for so many years can’t be fixed overnight.

Three days later:
After doing some exercise noticed that both of my sides can stretch equally. During meditation my head stays centred without moving to the side. And also that sharp pain in lower back has gone.

A week after:
When cycling feels different, my body feels opened up and balanced! Amazing!

Thank you Marie-Agnes, this treatment has changed my life!

Svetlana,30 yrs old – Scotland

Testimonial 77

Dear Marie,

Just to give you an update on my progress, it has been amazing!! For the first few weeks, my neck was worse than ever, but suddenly over the last week or so, all the pain and stiffness has gone and best of all, my vision is absolutely normal, so I am chuffed to bits! I can’t thank you enough!

I have recommended the treatment to my mum and sister, as they too suffer from neck pain, so I’m sure they will be booking in to see you at some point.

I hope you are well. I’ll wait to hear from you.

Thanks again. Amanda


Testimonial 78

I think the most important thing that the Atlas Profilax did for me was put me more directly in touch with my inner truth.

Energetically, ways of being which had been working against the main flow of my body and mind were given a firm push towards integration and I saw this reflected in the way my aura changed after treatment.

The first thing I noticed was how much white light suddenly flowed into my colours.

I noticed this in 2 other people who had the treatment done too.

Dense areas of darker colour in my own colours considerably lightened and I experienced more physical flexibility, less tightness or pain in problem spots on my body.

My heart energy opened hugely. I felt softer and more open to those around me though not scared to feel those feelings because everything overall seemed to have a lighter touch.

I was drawn to more fresh food straight after the treatment and was definitely much more grounded. I noticed that my lower chakras were spinning at a more even rate and all energy centres of my body were working together more smoothly.

The first weekend after treatment I felt very emotional and fatigued, as if there was a sudden release of all the effort it had taken to keep previous ways that did not serve me, in place.

The adjustment after that however was very quick. My mind was quieter in meditation, powerful emotions or negative situations seemed less of a problem. And about 6 weeks later a huge problem which had been dogging my life for well over 20 years, was simply swept away. -Not without initial upset I might add-, but the removal of this problem was decisive and final.

The Atlas treatment simply kicks out large energetic imbalances that might be hidden deeper and the ego is swiftly brought into line A massive investment in my well-being. I’m really glad I went for it.
— Jacqueline Hobbs
PhD candidate in Social Anthropology
Wolfson College/MIASU

Testimonial 79

Dear Marie,

I am writing to let you know that the Atlas profilax has worked wonders for my back.
I know, because I went to sit for meditation for 10 days on a Vipassana course recently and as I have previously had back pain I was expecting it.
I noticed that I had virtually no back pain throughout the course.

Also, you worked on my knee with the frequency tool and it has almost healed, which made me able to bend the knee much more and able to sit without supports for my knee.

It had got so much better in just a month, whereas it had taken over a year to heal very slowly. prior to you using the tool.

Warm regards, Christine, Brighton

Testimonial 80

I had a very serious car accident when I was a kid, with cranial trauma and my body was so damaged that surgeons thought I won’t survive.

But I did…. But always had lot of pains and suffered from vertigo.

After my Atlas correction, my first surpise was that I could stay 15 minutes, sitting on a chair, without having any pain.

Also, when I stood-up, I didn’t need to hold something to assist me with my balance.

I feel so great, most of my pains are gone and I have a much better balance.

Testimonial 81

My name is Angelique. I am 41 years old, I live in France with Pierre-Yves (37 years old) and we are the parents of Gael (20 years old), Teddy (17 years old) and Mathis(3 years).

In August 2009, Marie-Agnes came to visit us to put our Atlas bones back into place.

Gael had suffered for 4 years with chronic jaw pain following a wisdom tooth extraction which was a bit too forceful. The doctors were unable to give him any effective relief from the pain.

The only suggestion for relief was to wear a gumshield at night. He also suffers from bruising easily and this gives him a lot of problems on a daily basis.

Teddy has suffered with hip problems since he was little, it’s probably a postural problem; he has one leg shorter than the other (1.5cm difference). He has seen an orthopedic surgeon many times who did not find it necessary to operate, however Teddy wears insoles to reduce the difference between the two legs and is getting some re-education from a chiropodist, which gives him great relief but doesn’t solve the problem. Effort still gives him pain and he gets tired very easily.

Pierre-Yves is an I.T. engineer and because of his job doesn’t sit in a very ergonomic position in front of the computer. He complains regularly of trapeze and neck pain. Originally he was not considering having his Atlas bone done but decided to go for it.

Like Pierre-Yves I was hoping that Marie-Agnes’ work would help the boys but not really considering having it done myself, thinking that I don’t have a particular problem. However, when everyone had their Atlas put back into place I thought ‘why not?’

I don’t exactly know how everyone felt during the session (which lasts a bit more than 20 minutes) but we all found the ‘pneumatic drill’ effect of the device a little difficult although overall it was quite bearable. Marie-Agnes, being someone who is patient and careful offered us regular breaks but we did not need them

As far as I am concerned, I felt quite a strong pain in my eyes at a certain point as if they were pierced by a laser from underneath, going up to the top of my skull. I could have located them precisely, and this reminded me of the migraines I have suffered with for many years. Like many migraine sufferers I have heavy eye pain during an attack.

It might seem strange that I had forgotten about this problem but as I said before I was more concerned about my boys.

Then suddenly I remembered being in hospital 4 years ago for sciatica and lumbago, my neck being locked with intense pain making me vomit. Doctors thought I had meningitis but it turned out not to be and after many examinations and x-rays they couldn’t tell me what triggered those pains, for a week I was getting anti-inflammatory and antalgic injections. When I got back home I was not feeling reassured as I’ve been told that this incident could re-occur for example even from a simple draught in a car.

For many years I effectively had chronic cervical pains.

Now, 4 months later Gael who still wears his gumshield at night as a precaution, does not complain any more of jaw pains and he is so happy about it as this was spoiling his quality of life.

Teddy is now more at ease in his body, doesn’t use his insoles any more and most importantly he doesn’t feel any pain in his hip any more after sports practise (as he does a lot of sporting activities).

Pierre-Yves told me that he doesn’t have any more pain in the neck when he returns from work in the evening, just a little in the trapeze, but he doesn’t feel uncomfortable driving any more, which was a permanent problem for him.

As for me, I now have an incredible flexibility in my neck, no more pain, no blocks (I used to suffer with a stiff neck and apart from a tiny migraine two weeks ago I haven’t had any more problems – I used to have them at least a month).

The results of this experience are beyond my expectations, although the whole family was keen to try, we were not expecting so much improvement on a daily basis. I am even considering asking Marie-Agnes if she can try this technique on Mathis when he’s older because I’d like him to benefit in the same way as the rest of the family.

I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who has any specific problem.

A big thank you to Marie-Agnes.


Testimonial 82


I am the mother of a six year old child who had a hip problem.

When I was discussing it with Marie-Agnes, she suggested the Atlas bone massage for my child. I was a bit sceptical. Then we measured my sons legs before the massage and we could really see the problem: Ilhan my son had a leg longer than the other. I did not hesitate any longer and Marie-Agnes did her work on him. Straight away, we measured the legs again, and to my surprise both were the same length. I could not believe it. I went to consult a chiropodist who confirmed that my son’s hip problem had miraculously disappeared.

Then I called Marie-Agnes again for myself as I had a scoliosis problem.

Before the session I was 159cm tall then afterwards I was 161cm.

Today I feel fulfilled because my son is healed and I’ve a couple of centimetres extra.

Thank you very much to Marie-Agnes, I will highly recommend you.

Sincerely, Hanife, France

Testimonial 84

Dear Marie-Agnes,

For a few years I have suffered with a permanent backache, to be more precise a pain in my shoulder blades.

I even reported it during a routine medical check-up at work.

The doctor told me it was a ‘normal secretary ache’ and said that nothing could be done except taking painkillers, and that there was no miracle solution.

Marie-Agnes then told me about this new method of putting the Atlas back in place and as there was no risk, I went for it.

Months went by and I did not think any more of it until a colleague of mine asked me if I was still suffering with my shoulder blade pain and I realised I hadn’t thought about it – because of course I had not been suffering with it.

Today I have no more shoulder blade pain and I’ve also noticed that I no longer have the neck pain I used to suffer with when driving at night.

Maybe in the future I’ll notice other pains have also disappeared.

A big thank-you, Marie-Agnes,

carry on healing and and freeing up people from pain.

Maite, Quimper, France.

Testimonial 84

Hello Marie,

I have already had major improvements since our meeting of last Friday.

One of my vertebrae, which was very prominent and was giving me a lot of pain when I was doing exercise like stretching and yoga, has gone back to its correct place, so no more pain.

My head has much more flexibility, it feels lighter and looser.

Certain yoga postures which used to give me pain in my back are much less painful.

I’m feeling taller and fitting better in my body (it’s a bit difficult to explain).

After the treatment I didn’t feel fatigue any more. Following the machine vibrations my neck became sensitive so I put some tiger balm on it and today it’s much better. Well, I’m so thrilled to have my atlas bone in its proper place and I will recommend it to everyone.




Testimonial 85

Hi Marie!

We are all really well although perhaps still suffering some effects of the atlas?!

We are sooo spotty round our necks, in our ears and faces.

Never had spots like these before! I guess the toxins are coming out. Could be the vegan diet also maybe.

Anyhow the fantastic news for me personally is that I have not had a migraine!

I’ve had 2 periods now and have been migraine free for both. This has NEVER happened before and I am so grateful and delighted.

I have tried everything over the years and had resigned myself to managing them as best I could. What a wonderful thing that has happened!

Kisses and hugs from us 3

Catherine xx

Testimonial 87

To Marie-Agnes Casalini,

Since receiving the adjustment, I have experienced improvements in all areas of the body.

After small adjustments involving the whole skeleton, experienced as shoulder stiffness (across back), and a strange ankle stiffness which only lasted an evening, I feel more mobile and fluid physically, and am able to cope with stress a bit better.

Of all direct medical improvements that can be made, the Atlas adjustment is likely the best choice for anyone.

The treatment is set in ideal conditions and finishes with a useful cell-position reprogramme scan, which tones all connective tissue within the spine.
Yours Faithfully, Fin O’Brien


(01458) 835 608


Testimonial 88

Dear Marie-Agnes,

Please, find enclosed a cheque for £80 to cover the rest of my Atlas PROFILAX treatment.

Regarding reactions to the treatment, I have had many interesting reactions/changes and observations concerning my body and its movement and my usage of it.

I am continuing with Alexander Technique and am planning on creating a personal Tai Chi syllabus for myself to forward with.

I can’t really explain a lot of the differences. I feel with in my body and myself as they are too numerous and varied to get have a full grasp of where I am right now.

The main observation though is simply one of a change, a shift although in what manner and direction I don’t get know.

After a period of intense compounding staynatum in my life, this change is welcome, even if I don’t know where its leading right now.

I look forward to being able to move things physically and especially swimming which at the moment causes me pain.

Thank you for helping me

Lewis King, Birmingham

Testimonial 89

When you did my atlas, I felt the slip in (similar I felt it like when I moved back my joints but more gentle). I felt it moving into the right position with a gentle “knack” and my thoughts “Ah, now it is right.” I had always tried before your treatment to slip it subconsciously back with strange movements as I felt it was not correct. People had sometimes wondered what I am doing there (and I did not know it until then either). This subconscious movement had stopped since; I do not have this ‘tick’ anymore. I felt light and good posture natural from this moment on. I was struck how quick my Scheuermann’sche immediately improved to a good, relaxed posture. I lost my year long tension in neck and back. I felt like new. There were no knacks anymore which I had usual.

Then the same happened with my lower back, then shoulder and then upper back from itself over the few next days. The same feeling and thought of ‘Now it is right” appeared in my mind on these occasions.

The first part of my healing journey was physical and I had this first couple of weeks yet no emotional symptoms.

I started then to feel my belly cleansing the cell memories out. I felt as if belly and legs (which felt heavy) had to clean out, were not complete (which we had not done). In the night I felt a similar energy like in your laser coming up and rustling through my legs, belly and other parts of my body (it felt stronger than your device). I don’t know if it was Kundalini or any other energy (maybe the same as in your laser). In this time strong memories, emotions and sensations came up. I thought in these times, I would crack up or die honestly. I thank Fernando for being all the times there for me and holding it in presence without believing my stories. He is another great present from the universe, like you and a loving soul. I had diarrhoea and digestion in exchange but afterwards my belly felt lighter and my legs, too. My legs by the way match now properly in the kayak how it should be (the same lengths). Another night this energy which is similar to your laser energy was coming even stronger back and cleansed the chest and heart area from cell memories.

The next part of my healing journey went into the field between psychology and spirituality, the astral level. I saw my pain body (see Eckhard Tolle ‘Power of Now’) first inside me but then after the cleansing of further cell memories, it went outside into my aura energy field and lingered there around. I saw it as shadow. The pain body is the dark shadow of the ego which is responsible for being destructive in life. I wanted to cut myself just off from this shadow energy but remembered that I had done this in other lives. This energy field can survive on the astral on its own and had messed up in the akasha field which created the traumata I had to experience in this life. I remember me hunting after it, when I was on the ‘other side’ but not catching it. I felt that this shadow needed to be invited back into the love, the universal love by embracing its energy, loving it and not fighting it again (and cutting it off). When I did ‘The Work’ (Byron Katie, Loving what is) I saw it dissolving like smoke into the light. This process is still happening.

This energy (which is similar or maybe the same energy then your device, mixed with other energies) came back and activated my first chakra. I had in this time emotional reactions again and Fernando helped me with his love, presence and compassion again. I had a lot of anxiety about survival and dying. I thought all the time; death is just around the corner. I was paranoid and thought that even this energy is out to kill me and God would be out to kill me. With the help of Fernando and doing the questions of The Work I became more accepting of death (it is still a topic tough). Dreams about death and coincidences when Fernando and I talked about it happened. I found in the shop where I volunteered cross and bones bracelet, and walking around a house which had a big skull, cross and bones. Fernando found a holy stature of the Kali which he made me as present.

I experienced the same energy in my 2. Chakra and I realised that I need to go with everything more playful. Instead of trying to do things with force, to follow the energy where it leads me – a playful energy and to love my own ego instead of giving it the feeling that I want to get rid of it (killing it). It is more about educating the ego, that it is not only this poor creature of destruction, that it can trust the universe and let go into this love (and is the more, the true). I was so in hate of my ego, that the ego of course gave the alarm “ I get killed…”, there was not much self-compassion and education in it.

This energy flowed through my 3. Chakra, where was no block – I was living the most of my life more out of this one.

The energy reached the 4. Chakra; I became more compassionate about myself again and to the same time felt the need to make even life for people beautiful who I hated or feared before (with some of them I have already a beautiful and honest relationship and it moves more and more to it). I behaved more loving towards my family and other people. I had dreams about death again but these times about the suffering of other people and my heart was compassionate about it. I wanted to be a healing force in the world and not to be destructive anymore. When I popped into a shop, I heard a song “Are you healing or hurting now? Are you teaching or judging now?” Another coincident!

When this energy reached the 5. Chakra I have become able to contact my spirit guides easily (in animal form, light guides etc.). I see them sometimes so or when I journey to them. I made friend with the spirit of death, experienced it on a astral level and lost some of my fear about death AND life. There were many coincidences again as to find new possibilities how to move into my dream profession of river guide. I have a spirit who is a kayaker as friend and he was so nice to manifest some stuff for me which I needed for Kayaking together with Fernando. Fernando and I talked about foam and we found it immediately on the road. (Fernando is really connected with me on this journey). I found out that it is easier when a friend makes a request to the universal field and I for the friend (Fernando is teaching me a lot just by his presence, too). I have learnt to communicate more open and honestly with human beings, too and I found a mentor who will work with me on some of my missing leadership skills and to work towards my goal to become a river guide. I do not forget to say thank you to the spiritual world (I did in the past) and have become less demanding.

One of my spirit guides (I can see them and hear them) told me that the energy will now break through the 6. Chakra. When I meditated with Fernando, I saw his and my energy field deeply and could see into the quantum realm, the movement of waves and strings. I found out, that I live to the same time in the future where competition is no word, it means playing together, teaching each other. Working is playing out, communion, being of service. I have there the profession to receive per intuition ideas and give it to the people with the skills (a profession which does not exist yet). I tap myself often, trying to find jobs which do not exist yet, because I am aware of the Sandra in the other time WHICH HAPPENS to the SAME TIME tough.

I can receive from there information, as this seems to be an advanced culture. I experience very often that my ego is just disappearing and the usual separation lost, and it feels naturally. I dream a lot of dreams where I disappear into light, an ocean or a light fire, into a blackness and then being everything or nothing – still often resisting tough (which I had an inner voice saying, we work on this). This is how my mind translated the feeling tough. I find messages on places which match with my questions. My true self is doing something while my ego disappeared into universal love but the ego is sometimes shocked when it comes back (and says, what happened here?) Too late, ego! But it went then always in the good direction. The true self (universal energy) says things the ego would not, so when the ego disappears the true self gets into loving action and creates new situations, improves the relationships. My ego thought it is a disaster, but it all went very good and the outcome was always great. It is about learning to trust. I heard per random a song again. “Stopping to hurt, kick the devil now, break through the fears and leave it all behind. Enter the all compassing love and do not look back.” I have got less interested in the stories and to follow it all up. The interest shifted more back to the present. Coincidences happen regular.

My toe nails which were black (and no GP knew what it was), are now in a normal colour. My body is relaxed although strong emotions, sensations and energies are flowing through it. It just flows through without getting stuck. My depression disappeared but not my general anxiety disorder yet. My depression is replaced by intense emotional reactions. My neck and back pain disappeared, but since the announcement of a spirit guide that the energy reached the 6. Chakra, I had some strange migraines which seemed to have disappeared now, too. My premenstrual syndrome was physical not this heavy anymore but still emotional and energetic strong. I got aware that I carry still the “I am a depressed person” identity with me around although I would not see me as depressed person anymore. My hands (tendons) seem to need more time to heal. It changes between better and pain.

Sandra S, Blackpool.
Testimonial 90

Hi Marie

Although I was feeling quite sore and tender immediately after ‘having my head put on properly’, I felt different straight away; my shoulders felt relaxed in a way that I wasn’t used to and my neck felt longer. Initially I had a few headaches and pains in my back, but after a few weeks I now feel generally much more healthy; my spine is more flexible and my posture is improving noticeably. I’ve still got a lot of old tension-habits to overcome, but it feels as if I’m making progress with that without too much effort, whereas before it was a constant struggle to feel comfortable.

Surprisingly, I also feel more cheerful and optimistic.

Thank you Marie, I will certainly be recommending this to other people.

Best regards – David June 2008


Testimonial 91

Dear Marie Agnes

I just want to thank you for the amazing difference you and your Atlas Profilax treatment has made to me.

For years, far too many to count I have had immense stiffness and tension in my shoulders and neck.

I feel like a new woman. I honestly can’t believe how my whole body is feeling fantastic, more flexible, more supple, especially my neck which has been so stiff and out of kink for years and I mean years, nearly 50y I am still in beautiful shock ha ha.

I would recommend this to every person. Even my father and other people have noticed a difference in my posture. He could see the shape of my neck for the first time ever, for me it was an immediate change

I can’t believe it. I am so happy and still amazed at the effects.

Thank you very very much for my new strength.

lots of love – jane x x

Testimonial 92

Dear Marie

Thank you for the realignment session I experienced about 2 years ago now. When I went to see you I had a very painful knee from an alignment issue, which the doctors specialists and physiotherapists hadn’t figured out yet. I was aware that my knees pointed in and my thighs rotated inwards. I had tense shoulders that felt like they were always raised. I suffered with IBS, and my abdomen felt ‘closed in’.

Since the session, here is what I have observed: Straight after the session, I had a feeling of floating and that I was not used to being balanced and so I felt wobbly. The next day there was a shooting pain in my left breast (it had had cysts in which the doctors said they are best left alone).

In the weeks and months that followed, it felt like everything in my life took a faster gear – things fell into place and literally seemed to align. It seems it is easier to reach my goals now. Slowly, my body has realigned – the knee has been pain free since last autumn – a year after the realignment.

I had a good physiotherapist who simply helped me to see how to help my leg improve the alignment, but she could tell that my body was doing all the correction itself and I feel this was enabled by the freeing of the Atlas bone. Similarly my shoulders since the alignment feel like they are able to go down if they want – it has just been a case of the muscles slowly loosening to allow this to happen. Before, it felt like there was a skeletal reason why they didn’t go down. So consequently I am finding it esaier to open and relax.

My abdomen is slowly healing too. The leg realignment has been from the hip, opening outwards, and this is freeing my energy in the lower chakras and clearing emotional blockages from the past. The IBS is becoming understood more, and with the help of Colonic hydrotherapy it feels a lot clearer now.

Overall, i simply feel released to allow my body to heal itself and move on. I feel like I am free to be myself and to clear old wounds much easier. From my science background of course I can say that I have absolutely no proof that all this is the result of the Atlas realignment. It has to be a thing of trust and what feels right.

This procedure came into my life at a perfect time and I followed my intuition. It still feels like an landmark in my healing journey 2 years on. I still feel like I am realigning as a result. Thank you Marie and Many blessings to you and your practice!

Katherine Stringer, aged 30

Testimonial 93

Dear Marie,

Thank you for your time yesterday and for showing and telling me about the SCENAR which I am seriously considering. Please see below for my notes which I promised to let you have following my Atlas treatment.

On 17 June 2010 – I had my Atlas treatment and afterwards felt my posture was more erect and my shoulders not hunched. I attended an exercise class that evening and felt that it was easier to keep my shoulders down and stand tall. I noticed some tenderness around the base of my skull where it had been massaged. I found that I could turn my head really easily from side to side and holding my tummy in with less effort.

On 18 June 2010 – I noticed that I was lying straighter in bed, previously I had a habit of resting my right foot on the inside of my left knee. I also noticed that it was easier to sit upright on a bar stool rather than slouch!. Felt less tension in shoulders when doing a few yoga warm up exercises in the morning.

On 20 June 2010 – feeling more emotional than usual

On 28 June 2010 – woke up with pulled rib muscle on right side of body which eased off during the day but got worse when sleeping/prone.

On 29 June 2010 – Rib still uncomfortable but not unbearable

On 5 July 2010 – Rib now fine only lasted for 3 days I think. Still enjoying feeling of being able to turn head almost like an owl!!

Regards – Julie

Testimonial 94

Thanks Marie for the treatment. My hip pain seems to have gone immediately, a great relief. And my knee pain has disappeared after a few minutes using the Scenar.

Fingers crossed that the treatment works long term.

I’m optimistic.

Many Thanks. Jed Mc Gahern

Testimonial 95

Dear Marie

I would like to update you about my after treatment reaction. Also I didn’t have physical reference, I did have major emotional change.

First it was very deep negative experience, but since few weeks now I recognize that I can emotionaly connect to my feelings, people, situations and heart. I find it amazing and it surfaces much to deal with during counseling and normal life

Consequntly I have positive and changing experience from your treatment and I would like to do part 2.

Sincerely thanks and looking 4ward 2 hear back from you

Ondrei Motuz

Testimonial 96

Bonjour Marie-Agnès

To start with thank you so much for fitting me in last Friday way past the time.

When I left you on Friday, I felt about 5 cms taller!!
I felt as if I was standing more straight and tall.
The feeling of straightness is still with me.
Walking felt lighter in some way too.

When I rotate my neck left and right I feel as though I have more circular movement.
Also there is no longer kind of limiting point turning to the right, which there used to be.
My neck also feels looser and when I move it around there is less of a crunchy noise inside!!

So all in all I consider it to have been a successful treatment!!!

I will be in touch with you as soon as I know if/ when I am coming to London again after the Easter holiday period.

Best wishes.

John, London

Testimonial 97

Hi Marie

I am fine. The base of my skull was very tender for a few days after.
That has now cleared and I have lots of movement in my neck.

I also feel very clear in my head. Someone who I have done a lot of work
with really noticed the difference when she connected with my energy field!

So all is good.

Thanks a lot


Testimonial 98
Dear Marie-Agnes,

Of the people you treated in Ulverston on April 9-10, my
son Douglas (16) is thriving and appreciates that things have
changed in his approach to people, in his ability to organise
himself and in lessening his dyslexia;

Lawrie Ashburner (nearly 70) has more energy but is
trying to give up smoking while under great strain with his
business and gets blocked breathing tubes (a condition only
partly relieved by homoeopathic remedies);

and I (now 60) have been running a high temperature with
symptoms of a cold, giving me an opportunity to offload old
disease and to strengthen a severely depleted pituitary gland.

After her treatment in London in early April my sister
Harriet Gibson (54) has lost a lot of the nerve tingling
on her right side and I’ve been treating her mainly with
colour. It’s worth having it done when you’re young!

With love and thanks to you, Mary

Testimonial 99

Hello Marie-Agnes
Thank you so much for the adjustment yesterday! The first thing I had to do when Peter met me afterwards was change the angle of the car seat-back to accommodate my expanded chest and straightened shoulders!

Also, I am walking with my head held high and no longer crunched up looking at my feet; my hearing is much more acute; the bell-ringing sounds in my ears have reduced, and I am sitting here at the computer with my back straight as it’s too uncomfortable to sit as poorly as I always used to!

After the 2-hour drive home yesterday, I got out of the car without feeling all crunched up as if I’d lost the use of my legs, and I got up from the reclining sofa last night after an hour of reading RCS’s book without even a twinge – and I can look like Neanderthal woman sometimes on getting out of a chair after sitting for some time!

I had a really good night’s sleep last night – the first for a long time in which I wasn’t constantly changing sides due to general discomfort of my neck and back, and I can actually lie comfortably on my back, which I couldn’t do previously.

The main change I have noticed, however, is that I feel so calm. Right from childhood I have always been a very anxious person (sometimes tipping over into depression as well), but this feeling of over-stimulation seems to have left me and I feel calmly in charge of my body and mind like never before. What a tremendous difference that makes!!

I intend to keep a diary to log the changes I notice so will be able to discuss them when I next see you in March. In the meantime, I send you my best grateful thanks for your help and expertise.

With Love from Maureen.

Testimonial 100

Good morning Marie,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to contact you regarding a follow up appointment,
but I have been trying to work out when I will next be able to get to London.

It’s a bit of a way off, but I should be able to get there some time between 31st
May – 10th June. I’m not sure if you’ll have your clinics worked out that far in
advance so I am happy to contact you again nearer the time if you like.

Anyway, my first treatment seems to be working well so far, I have far more
movement through my neck. I’ve still got quite a lot of tension in my trapezius
muscle, but I didn’t expect something I’ve had for years to disappear overnight.

One unexpected good side effect is that my lower back has been much much
better, I’m not stiff when I get out of bed in the morning and even when I rode
out on a very naughty horse a couple of weeks ago I had no ill effects (except
ALL my muscles were very sore;-)

All in all I think it will be giving me a new lease of life, so thank you very

Look forward to seeing you for my follow up treatment in the near future.

Kind regards


Testimonial 101 *

Before I went to see Marie I had had a pain across my right shoulder blade for three months which burned if I used my computer mouse. After the first session
it got much worse – which I saw as an improvement
response – and now, three months later, it has gone
completely. Nikki Wyatt – The Karma Coach


Shoulder is still great!

Testimonial 102 *

Hi Marie
Here is my testimonial!!!!

After my treatment with Marie instantly felt lighter and looser in my neck/head and shoulder area. I noticed very quickly (next day) that my neckwasn’t sore anymore which is amazing because I have had a very sore and stiff neck for most of my life, it’s been bothering me on a daily basis and I always had to have massages as it was so painful
but they only ever helped temporarily.

I have no pain these days and it makes my daily life much, much better as I am not constantly in neck-agony! I still think that there are changes happening in me and that correcting my atlas bone will continue to improve my life. I’ve started making big changes already in my life, now I don’tknow if it is because of the atlas bone correction of

I am really happy I did the treatment and have already recommended it to many others.

Thanks Marie!

Love and Light,


Testimonial 103 *

My partner had been saying it would be good for me to get my Atlas
Profilax done for a while.

I didn’t really understand what it was about or how it would help me. Then I kept getting lower back pain and pain in my hips.

It felt like my partner was adjusting my head to align my posture more and more frequently. I finally took the plunge and went to get it done. I was surprised at the amount of pain I felt during the process and I felt a bit dizzy afterwards. I had a few days of healing, where my body was adjusting to the new position.

I don’t have any neck pain or hip pain and my lower back has massively

I now feel much more comfortable standing and sitting in alignment and my neck is not as tilted.

My intuition and awareness have also improved and I feel much more connected.

I found Marie to be a lovely person, very approachable and I felt comfortable around her.
This is an amazing process, the benefits are remarkable. I fully recommend it.

Thank you Marie!


Testimonial 104

Hello,this is my testimonial.

As a nurse with 40 years conventional education and experience in the health profession, it was a leap of faith into the unknown when i embarked on this treatment
after over 20 years of putting up and undergoing various medical and alternative treatments for my neck pain.

After just 2 days of treatment, I had a relief which as I write has lasted 18 months.

This treatment is at the fore front of holistic therapies and will come to recognition the same way acupuncture came.

Healing modalities of sound frequencies, vibrations, light spectrums and “focused intent” are the some of the way forward towards our new brave world.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has pain, especially pain of a muscular nature in the upper part of their body.

Vincent Adika.

Testimonial 105 *

hello marie

just wanted to give you an up-date after my atlas treatment with you in east grinstead on 14th September

well, my neck mobility has certainly improved – that’s for sure……..

however, the most significant improvement has been with my breasts!! – by that i mean alignment…. let me explain!!

i realised, about 6 yrs ago that my right breast was a little lower than my left – this had gradually got worse over the years until there was about a slightly less than one inch (how many centimetres is that?) difference in actual drop – i put this down to all the weight i had carried on my shoulders over the years regarding bags and shopping etc which weight i always carried predominantly on my right shoulder – it had actually started to upset me

however, by your atlas treatment i can honestly say that my breasts are now LEVEL – and it’s unbelievable – i never bothered to mention it to you at the time plus my slightly crooked smile is now straight!!!

my neck has become a bit stiff but this will go away and my lower back still gives me the usual stiffness due to the osteoarthritis – i feel this will be with me for ever

however, i’m so happy with the smile and the breast re-alignment
lovely to meet you and every good wish to you my dear eccentric girl

A.P. xxxxx

Testimonial 106 *

Case History and Testimony.

I hope by writing about the experiences that led me to AtlasPROfilax it may help
those who’s lives have been plagued by health problems that no one has been able
to help. I also hope those heavy handed Professionals who think they have all the
answers and disregard or make light of their patients concerns, which can have such
devastating consequences, will learn from my experiences. My story is like a horror
story, it has been a very traumatic journey.

To understand my case history I need to start at the beginning. I will condense it as
much as possible. I was born with an irregularity in my pelvis (right side wider than
the left) my spine compensated, I have scoliosis. This was diagnosed when I was
about 6 years of age. My Mother was a Hairdresser, she commented the left side of
my head was wider and took a couple more rollers than the right side. My head was
tilted slightly to the right. Nature being the miracle that it is had balanced me up.

I come from a farming background and had my first pony at the age of 5 years. This
is when I started riding. I started dancing at the age of 6 years and performed ballet
and tap dancing. I was the only girl at my dancing group to toe tap. At the age of 14
years it was Jive and Rock’n Roll and I won several competitions. I did Ballroom and
Latin American Dancing. Although I had scoliosis it did not stop me having an active
life. Horses became my career I trained as a Riding Instructor and went on to teach
Classical Dressage. I was a Listed Dressage Judge. I had a livery yard which required
a lot of hard work.

Yes! I did get back ache and yes sometimes my back would jam up. I use to visit a
Osteopath who would sort me out and on I would go again. In 1987 age 45 years I
was having a back problem and went to a different Osteopath. Although I did not
realise at the time, this was to be the beginning of 24 years of Hell. This Osteopath
told me unless I had intensive treatment I would be crippled up by 60 years, he
was very convincing.

This really worried me so I began the intensive process. His manipulation were forceful, he said, that this is what was needed. He told me to lay face down on the floor daily and for my husband to lean on the lumber region as this is where I had several vertebrae which were posterior. He explained everything to my husband. I just knew there were prominent vertebrae. That is how my back was.

The sessions continued. I was unable to ride or do any work in fact I was feeling dreadful
and often spent days lying on the floor. I was assured all would be well in the end. I
must hold in with the treatment. Not so, the last visit I made to him the manipulations
were very forceful and I left feeling ill and knew I could not continue. I do not know
how I drove home but on getting home I passed out, luckily my family were at home
and I went to bed. I had an early menopause, I had not had a period for months but
this experience brought on a period. When I think back it could have been internal

The next morning feeling extremely unwell I got out of bed and as I managed to
shuffle to the bathroom I felt as if the top half of my spine had left the bottom half.
It was the most weird, powerful experience. My pelvis and lumber felt extremely
unstable and walking was very difficult the pain in these areas was un-bearable. I
was very worried. I called the Osteopath who told me to get a wide elastic strap and

put around my hips. He said, this would help to stabilise my situation. He made light
of the situation, I found myself in. I had a friend who was a saddler. My husband
called her and she came to measure me up. She was horrified when I told her what
had happened. She used girth elastic to make me the support. This did little good
and I spent hours just lying on the floor, I thought I was going to end up in a wheel
chair. My lumber area and my pelvis had tipped forwards/inwards. All the forceful
manipulations together with the leaning on the lumber region of my spine by my
husband had overstretched all my ligaments and muscles. This had a devastating
effect on me. I was born with a pelvic irregularity and scoliosis. I told the Osteopath
this when I first started having treatment. He had altered how I was born to be. I knew
at this point my career with horses was over and the Riding School would have to go.

My husband called our GP who had great difficulty understanding the situation. He
said, he would arrange for me to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon for an opinion but in the
mean time there was a Chiropractor that had a good reputation and it would be wise
to get his opinion. This we did. I was carried into his Clinic as I found it very difficult
to walk any distance, at the time I still had a heavy period and my stomach was
very painful. The Chiropractor took my details and seemed sympathetic. I explained
everything to him in great detail. He then telephoned the Osteopath, the Professional
thing to do. I do not know what was said but the Chiropractors attitude seemed to
change after that telephone conversation.

The chiropractor had an x ray unit and I was taken for x rays on my back and neck.
I had never had a problem with my neck so I was surprised. He told me I had triple
lordosis ( in my terms a big hollow in the lumber, upper pelvic area) of the lumber
region. One of the Chiropractors Associates took over my treatment. He gave me
gentle manipulation movements and he put me on a Petie Bon Machine. I later
learned this machine was designed by a Chiropractor. I can only assume it was
approved by the Chiropractic Ass; as other Chiropractors knew about the machine
and to this day I know people who had this treatment. I was told I needed adjustments
to my head/neck balance and this is what the machine was designed to do. I was
desperate for help and I trusted I was going to get the best help available.

After a few sessions on the machine (which tapped me behind my left ear as I lay
very still) I felt as if my head was turning and I was looking left all the time. I told the
Chiropractor how I felt, he made an adjustment which felt a little better, put me on the
machine one more time and I ended up loosing my balance. I felt I was falling to the
right. I had chronic neuralgia in both sides of my face and TMJ joints. My teeth were
aching and my jaw had gone out of alignment. I was crying, the pain was so intense.
It felt as if the base of my head had been shunted forwards and rotated anti clockwise
and I had pains in my skull. I had pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I felt
totally twisted in my body. My husband called our Dentist as I was in such agony in
my teeth. It was Christmas holiday and our Dentist was closed but he agreed to see
me and immediately told us to go to the Oral Dept; of our nearest hospital.
I had to have a tooth guard made and my jaw had to be realigned. I was still in agony.
My balance was terrible. I developed a twist in my face. My once perfect teeth went
out of line. Here I was in this state and no one wanted to take responsibility for what
they had done. I was in shock and my body felt traumatised.

I reported the Osteopath to the College where he trained, with little effect. The

Osteopath, a few years later, was removed from the Register and forbidden to
practice, he had caused injury to others. We went to see a Medical Solicitor but the
cost of fighting my case was far beyond our means. I was left in a situation where I
was struggling to cope. The treatment on the Petie Bon Machine brought on panic
attacks, anxiety and neurological problems. With my husband’s support we travelled
to find help with the best Professionals we could find but nothing helped, in fact
everything seemed to make things worse. The Orthopaedic Surgeon I was referred
on to by my GP dismissed everything I told him and said what I was telling him was
impossible. I am sure he thought I was completely mad. What I have been through I
would not wish on anyone.

I felt as if I was plugged into an electrical circuit my central nervous system was short
circuiting, buzzing but no one understood it. I had a lot of tingling down my legs and
back. I felt as if water was running up and down in particular areas of my spine. It felt
like there was movement in areas of the spine. I had a muzzy head. I was diagnosed
with IBS and I was suffering from Vaso spasms (nerves closing down on blood
supply) I became electric sensitive, any type of electrical treatment where a pulse was
going into me, like Ultra Sound made my nervous system worse. Reflexology made it
worse, Kinesiology also. I have tried every type of therapy to help myself. I learnt the
ones that did help me to cope on an emotional level. Even energy healing stimulates
my central nervous system. Energy and our electrical system are closely related. My
lumber and pelvis eventually stabilised but it took years. It is still feels fragile. I was
diagnosed with Pons Cord Tractions which I understand means pressure/restriction of
the spinal cord.

Cranial Osteopathy helped but did not cure my problems and I had the best Cranial
Osteopath possible. As years have gone on I felt my general health was suffering
and I had several falls to the right over the years. Walking and exercise stimulates
the spinal nerves and my CNS, this is difficult to cope with as it badly affects my
sleep. I have had a problem with insomnia ever since this whole situation started.
Acupuncture TCA made me feel really ill and I had to stop treatment. I have struggled
hard for 24 years and no one has truely understood my symptoms. It really has
been one HELL of a journey. It has been a huge restriction on my life. In fact it has
ruined 24 years of my life which should have been some of the most rewarding. I
put my complete trust in 2 Professionals. What they succeeded in doing was altering
my skeletal frame, how I was born to be which is why it had such devastating
consequences. The motto is “if you can not do good do not do harm” that did not
apply to me.

I did not want to take prescription drugs. I learnt about supporting my body with
natural remedies and nutrition. I became my own natural doctor.

I had my first AtlasPROfilax massage September 2010. I was drawn to this because
it is non invasive After the first massage I felt I was looking left less and I felt lighter,
slightly less tension and twist in the spine but everything else remained the same.

Two months later I had the follow up massage but could not have Scanar because it is
an electrical stimulation. The Practitioner gave me extra massage and this was a great
benefit to me. After this massage for 4 days I had terrible anxiety but it cleared and

to date not returned. I felt even less in a twist and my head/ neck balance improved
more. The twist in my face is gradually getting less. My body is still changing 7
months from the first treatment. The hollow in my lumber region is slightly less. I
know as my body adjusts I will experience things I have gone through during this
past 24 years. The neurological problems are not quite so severe and I live in hope. I
definitely feel better within myself for having AtlasPROfilax.

When I read the symptoms of what can happen with a misaligned atlas, these were
all the symptoms I experience so I do not feel so alone and isolated. Why did no one
understand my symptoms when I spoke to Chiropractors and Osteopaths? It took
the information provided by AtlasPROfilax to enlighten me. I am so grateful for
the understanding I now have and I am so grateful for this specific type of massage.
I am especially grateful to Marie the Practitioner. I know it will take time for my
body and the functions of my body to adjust and I hope, heal as best it can. I have
recommended AtlasPROfilax to many and will continue to do so.

Name provided by Practitioner if required.

Testimonial 107 *

Hi Marie!

We are all really well although perhaps still suffering some effects of the atlas?!

We are sooo spotty round our necks, in our ears and faces.

Never had spots like these before! I guess the toxins are
coming out. Could be the vegan diet also maybe.

Anyhow the fantastic news for me personally is that I have not had a migraine!

I’ve had 2 periods now and have been migraine free for
both. This has NEVER happened before and I am so grateful and delighted.

I have tried everything over the years and had resigned
myself to managing them as best I could. What a
wonderful thing that has happened!

Kisses and hugs from us 3

Catherine xx

Testimonial 108 *

Dear Marie,

Once again I would like to forward my sincere and warmest
thank you for the “wonder” treatment you have done so well.

After the treatment I felt “light headed” and naturally a little
sore but immediately noticed that my posture which had always
been bad, had suddenly improved. The extreme and sever pain
in my neck which I suffered with for many, many years is
gone. Gradually my vision improved, ear ache complication
gone, problem with swallowing gone and my face regained
its normal shape it had before my deterioration with neck pain
complications. Also, my blood pressure improved. I have more
energy and once again the “will power” to live the normal life.

The only thing left for me now is to combine a good diet with
regular massage treatments.

Thank you Marie, you are a truly wonderful person and I wish
you much success in your work to help suffering people like me.

J.B.Higgins May 2010

Testimonial 109 *

Marie, Hello

I have to write you this and tell you.

Since I have had the atlas my lower jaw seems to have moved I used to
have a really big over bite and it seems that my teeth are starting to sit
one on top of another like they are meant to……so bizarre

Marie I just wanted to say, I think you are such a good hearted person a
really innocent and kind person…..I hope you are always protected from
people that try and hurt that in you :)) genuinely I hope you are always
looked after by the powers above as you are so such a nice, sweet and
pure person :))

God bless and lots of Love …..speak again


Testimonial 109 *

“My name is David Ian Rogers, I had the Atlas treatment about a month ago. I used to experience sporadic shoulder pain after an hours driving due to two road traffic accidents where I was diagnosed with whiplash and severe bruising to the upper arm and shoulder joints and muscles.

Having met Marie and experienced two sessions and a final follow up session, I am now completely pain free in both the shoulder and arms even after long periods of driving.

I certainly recommend the Atlas treatment and would advise anybody to do the same”.

David Ian Rogers, Manchester UK

Testimonial 110 *

I am feeling great many thanks to you, the pain from the neck and shoulders have completly gone, but I still feel pain the lower back sometimes, but I guess that will go too in good time, I am forever greatful to you, you have transformed my life.

God bless you. love, Hasu, London

Testimonial 111 *
7th November 2014

Dear Marie Agnes

It has been about 20 months since you re-aligned my atlas for me.
Whilst I was trying to decide whether or not to come to see you, I read your numerous testimonials, the majority of which had been given shortly after the procedure. These were quite helpful and encouraging. However, I remember feeling concerned about the lack of longer term client feedback and decided that I would wait at least a year before sharing my experience.

Since then not a day has gone by that I have not blessed you and thanked God for my phenomenal good fortune in having been treated by you. In fact my body and life is continuously improving thanks to your having realigned my atlas.

I had been suffering a back problem for over 25 years. I was not able to bend, run or even just hurry along and what I could do was always a strain. Walking and standing was very limited; carrying items and stairs were huge obstacles. Pregnancy, birth and caring for young children had been a constant struggle requiring much assistance. As a naturally active, sporty person, to say I had been frustrated for most of my life is an understatement.

I was extremely nervous to allow you to treat me because of a moderately large slipped disc in my neck and I was concerned to aggravate it or cause myself further damage. However, after emailing you with some questions which you promptly responded to, I elected to try the procedure.

Immediately following the AtlasPROfilax treatment I was unsure of any effect. However upon leaving your clinic I found climbing the exit stairs easier than usual. I then twisted my head around and found that it moved easily and further than before. Walking down the street felt more comfortable and fluid, but I was not sure if anything had truly changed or that I may have been perhaps just enjoying an adrenalin rush.

That evening at home I continued to notice improvements. Suddenly I could bend, and I felt much more comfortable in myself. The next morning braced for my usual struggle to reach for clothes off the high rail in my cupboard I laughed out loud as I stretched up and reached what I wanted with ease.
The benefits continued and have increased as time has passed. Three months after treatment a follow up MRI scan showed that the slipped disc in my neck had significantly reduced!

Now at the age of 53 years I can once again sweep the floor; vacuum; carry heavy items; twist and stretch; dance and skip; stand in a queue and even run. I can ride a bike; climb stairs; find a comfortable sleeping position and as I am continually healing and strengthening I am looking forward to one day going skating.
So many opportunities are opening up for me now and Life feels exciting!
All that suffering which seemed so complicated and caused so many complications has been resolved simply and easily and joyfully.

My whole Family have since been treated by you for no particular ailment but all are very happy with the beneficial effects such as moving and walking with a greater feeling of ease.
Additionally, one of my Sons age 19 years, used to have a recurring issue with his right shoulder which would dislocate quite often. Since the AtlasPROfilax adjustment approximately 15 months ago this no longer happens and he no longer feels any weakness there.
Also, I used to always nag one of my Daughters age 17 years, to straighten her back and I was very concerned that she held it in a slight hunch. The morning after AtlasPROfilax treatment her back was suddenly straight and is still in perfect alignment.

There too, are several others, family and friends who have been to see you after witnessing our wonderful benefits and are still thanking us for telling them about you and the AtlasPROfilax treatment.

So many many many heartfelt thanks to you

With warmest regards
Naomi Kamara

P.S.: Naomi Kamara has offered to give her address and telephone numbers for patients who would like to talk to her about her experience with AtlasPROfilax. Let me know if you would like her details.

French Testimonial 1 *

Bonjour Marie,

Comment allez-vous ? Pour ma part, je vais bien. J’ai deja constate plusieurs points positifs suite a notre rendez-vous de vendredi :

  • une de mes vertebres qui etait tres proeminente, et qui me faisait un peu souffrir quand je faisais des exercices au sol du type stretching et yoga, a repris sa bonne place, donc plus de bosse,
  • ma tete a vraiment plus de flexibilite, je la sens plus legere, “detachee”,
  • certaines postures de yoga qui me faisaient mal au dos sont bcp moins douloureuses,
  • je me sens plus grande, placee differemment dans mon corps (c’est un peu plus difficile a expliquer),
  • quand je marche mon bas du dos reste assez raide et tendu, mais cela a aussi affaire avec les chaussures et le soin ne date que d’il y a 3 jours.

Apres le soin, je n’ai souffert d’aucune fatigue. Suite aux vibrations de la machine, mon cou etait sensible, j’ai donc applique un peu de baume du tigre et aujourd’hui ca va bien mieux. Bref, je suis ravie d’avoir mon atlas a sa bonne place. Et je vais recommander ce travail autour de moi. Merci pour tout.

Je serai a Paris entre le 30 sept et le 7 octobre, j’aimerais bien avoir mon deuxieme rendez-vous avant ce deplacement, peut-etre vendredi 25 ou lundi 28, dites-moi si cela vous est possible et les horaires qui vous arrangent le mieux.

Autre chose, je recherche un cours de stretching ou de stretching postural a Londres, ou meme du Tai Chi, Chi Qong… Peut-etre pouvez-vous me conseiller un lieu ou un enseignant ?
J’espere que ce message vous trouvera en bonne forme et vous dis a tres bientot,

Amities, Virginie

French Testimonial 2 *

Je m’appelle Angélique,j’ai quarante et un ans,je vis en France avec Pierre-Yves,trente sept ans,et nous sommes les parents de Gael,vingt ans,Teddy dix sept,et Mathis,trois ans.

En août deux mille neuf,nous recevons à la maison Marie Agnes qui viens remettre nos Atlas en place..

Gael souffre depuis quatre ans de douleurs chroniques à la mâchoire, dues à une opération des dents de sagesse un peu trop “énergique”…Les médecins se révèlent impuissants à la soulager véritablement; la seule solution proposée à été de lui faire porter une gouttière la nuit pour le soulager,il souffre également d’un bruxisme,et tout cela lui pose beaucoup de problèmes au quotidien.

Teddy,lui souffre au niveau de ses de hanches depuis tout petit,il s’agit probablement d’un problème postural; il a une jambe plus courte que l’autre (un cm et demi de différence).Il a rencontré à plusieurs reprises un chirurgien orthopédique, qui n’a pas jugé bon de l’opérer,en revanche,il porte des talonnettes visant à réduire l’eccart entre ses deux jambes,et à fait de la rééducation sur un an avec une podologue,ce qui l’a soulagé nettement,mais n’a pas complètement résolu son problème,il continue à ressentir des douleurs à l’effort et se fatigue vite.

Pierre-Yves est ingénieur en informatique,et du fait de son métier l’obligeant à garder une position sans doute pas très érgonomique devant l’ordinateur,se plaint très régulièrement de souffrir au niveau des trapèzes et de la nuque,à priori,il ne pense pas forcement demander à Marie Agnes d’intervenir sur lui,mais se montre partant pour tenter l’experience.

Quand à moi,je suis un peu dans le même créneau que Pierre-Yves,c’est à dire que j’espere que l’action de Marie Agnes va contribuer à soulager les garçons,mais je ne pense pas spécialement à tenter l’experience moi même,pensant que je n’ai pas de soucis particulier,pourtant,une fois que tout le monde à bénéficié de sa séance,je me dis “pourquoi pas?..”

Je ne sais pas exactement ce que chacun a pu ressentir pendant sa séance, (qui dure une vingtaine de minutes)ce qui est sur,c’est que globalement,il nous a semblé un peu difficile par moment,de supporter l’effet “marteau piqueur” de l’appareil,mais sur l’ensemble,tout cela reste tout à fait supportable,Marie Agnes étant quelqu’un de patient et attentif,elle nous a proposé régulièrement de faire éventuellement des pauses,ce dont personne n’a eu besoin.

En ce qui me concerne,à un moment donné,j’ai ressenti une douleur assez forte au niveau des yeux,comme si on les transperçait avec un laser par le dessous,je ressentait cette douleur jusqu’au sommet de mon crâne,et j’aurais pu indiquer précisément sur ma tête,ou les deux points se situaient,ce qui m’a fait me rappeler que je suis migraineuse depuis plusieurs années, et que j’ai très souvent,comme beaucoup de migraineux,de fortes douleurs aux yeux au moment de la crise..Il peut sembler “étrange” de ma part d’avoir un peu occulté ce problème là,mais comme je le disais précédemment,j’étais surtout centrée sur mes garçons. Du coup,je me suis souvenue aussi avoir été hospitalisée il y a quatre ans pour des cervicalgies aiguës,mon cou étant complètement bloqué,avec des douleurs intenses, au point de provoquer des vomissements.Les médecins avaient pensé à une méningite,il s’est avéré que non,mais après avoir fait plusieurs examens et radios,ils n’ont pas pu me dire ce qui avait provoqué ses douleurs là,j’ai étée une semaine sous perfusions d’ anti- inflammatoires et d’antalgiques,et je suis rentrée à la maison pas très rassurée, puisqu’on m’a expliqué que cet épisode pouvait très bien se reproduire,à cause d’un simple courant d’air en voiture par exemple.

Depuis plusieurs années j’ai effectivement mal aux cervicales de façon chronique.

Je précise que sur trois jours environ,nos nuques ont étées très sensibles localement,mais la douleur n’était pas irradiante,juste très localisée et supportable,comme si on nous avait appuyé très fortement de chaque coté des cervicales,cette douleur a très rapidement disparu.

Quatres mois se sont écoulés,et Gael,qui porte toujours sa gouttière pour dormir par précautions,ne se plaint plus de douleurs à la mâchoire,et il en est vraiment heureux car cela lui gâchait beaucoup la vie,Teddy lui est plus à l’aise dans son corps,n’utilise plus systématiquement ses talonnettes et surtout,ne souffre plus de la hanche après ses séances de sport (il en pratique beaucoup)

Pierre-Yves m’a fait remarqué qu’il n’epprouve plus aucune douleur véritable au niveau des cervicales en rentrant le soir de son travail,juste un peu des trapézes,et n’est plus gêné pour conduire,chose qui était récurrente chez lui…

En ce qui me concerne,j’ai retrouvé une mobilité qui me semble incroyable au niveau du cou,presque plus de douleurs ni aucun blocage (je souffrais régulièrement de torticolis) et à part une toute petite migraine il y a deux semaines,je n’ai plus eu ce genre de soucis alors que j’en faisait très régulièrement,au moins une très forte par mois.

Les résultats de cette expérience vont bien au delà de nos espérances,puisque même si nous étions tous plus ou moins partants pour la tenter,nous ne pensions pas qu’elle allait nous apporter autant d’améliorations concrètes au quotidien.

Je pense même demander à Marie Agnes si elle peut effectuer cette remise en place sur Mathis quand il sera plus grand,en réalité,je ne sais pas à partir de quel âge il est possible de le faire,ni si il y a une limite d’age,mais ce dont je suis sure,c’est que j’ai envie qu’il puisse en bénéficier comme ses frères et nous…

Je ne peut que conseiller vivement à toutes les personnes qui ont des problèmes particuliers,ou qui souhaitent bénéficier d’un véritable mieux être,de la tenter sans hésiter,et….un grand grand merci à Marie Agnes!


French Testimonial 3 *

Cyril, France, 29 ans

J’ai eu un serieux accident de voiture quand j’étais enfant, avec un traumatisme crânien et mon corps etait tellement abimé que les chirurgiens pensaient que je ne survivrais pas. J’ai survécu… Mais toujours ayant beaucoup de douleurs et souffrant de vertiges.

Après la correction de mon atlas, ma première surprise fut que j’ai pu rester 15 minutes, assis sur une chaise, sans avoir aucune douleur.

Aussi, quand je me suis levé, je n’ai pas eu besoin de m’appuyer sur quelque chose pour m’aider avec mon équilibre.

Je me sens tellement bien, la plupart de mes douleurs sont parties et j’ai un bien meilleur équilibre.


French Testimonial 4 *

Le 21.03.2010

Je suis la Maman d’un enfant de six ans qui avait des problèmes de hanches.
En discutant du problème avec Marie-Agnès Casalini, elle me proposa son massage de l’Atlas sur mon enfant.

Je suis restée un petit moment sceptique. Au final, nous mesurons les jambs de mon fils avant l’application et là, effectivement, le problème est bien apparent.

Ilhan, mon fils, avait une jambe plus longue que l’autre. Alors, je n’hésite plus,
Marie-Agnès intervient.Tout de suite après, nous remesurons les jambs, et là, à ma grande surprise, les deux sont apparues au meme niveau.

N’en croyant pas mes yeux, j’ai consulté un podologue qui m’a annoncé que le problème de hanches de mon fils s’était miraculeusement résorbé.
Alors je fis appel à nouveau à Marie-Agnès pour ses services pour moi-même, ayant un problème de scoliose.

Avant la séance, je mesurais 1m59 et après, je mesurais 1m60,5.
Aujourd’hui, je suis épanouie car mon fils est guéri et moi, j’ai gagné quelques centimetres.

Merci beaucoup à Marie-Agnès Casalini, je vous la recommande sincèrement.


French Testimonial 5 *

Temoignage – 23.07.07

Je soussignée Casalini Paulette, témoigne par la présente des résultats obtenus après manipulation de mon “Atlas” par Marie-Agnès Casalini.
J’avais des vertiges en levant ou baissant la tête, ce qui m’obligeait à une attention constante. Ces vertiges ont disparu à mon grand soulagement.

Etant malentendante, mon ouïe est améliorée

J’avais une raideur du cou qui m’empêchait de tourner la tête vers la gauche. Je tourne maintenant ma tête normalement.

Je souffrais de la hanche droite, ceci m’empêchait de tender les bras, soit pour cuisine, soit pour jardiner, et ceci me causait bien de la fatigue et je devais pour me coucher prendre bien des precautions. Et maintenant, lorsque je jardine, j’ai une fatigue normale qui passé avec un peu de repos.

Je zigzagais, j’avais du mal à marcher droit devant moi et maintenant, j’ai retrouvé mon équilibre.

J’atteste donc que cette manipulation m’a fait un très grand bien.


French Testimonial 6 *

Le 8 Juin 2007

Chère Marie,

Je voudrais vous remerciez pour m’avoir conseillé de faire le traitement de l’atlas.

Depuis que j’ai fait ce traitement, je me sens beaucoup mieux, de façon générale:
Ma position semble plus correcte et équilibrée, et beaucoup de douleurs du haut du dos, des épaules et de la nuques ont disparues.
Juste après le traitement, j’ai senti un net soulagement de mes douleurs et tensions et aussi une sorte de sensation d’être plus grand.

J’ai bientôt 50 ans et je suis assez étonné des résultats instantanés de ce traitement, et en vérité, quels puissants effets positifs spirituels et physiques!

Je me demandais si ces merveilleux effets resteraient et j’ai realise, qu’afin de conserver et profiter des changements remarquables, il était bon de faire des exercices pour rester en forme.
Ca va vraiment de pair et ça me donne un reel regain d’énergie.

Je ne pense pas que je reviendrai faire une visite de verification parcce qu’il me semble vraiment aue l’atlas est revenue à sa juste position et je devrais en profiter pour travailler et améliorer mon corps encore un peu plus.

E.T Mose,
East Grinstead

French Testimonial 7 *

Chère Marie-Agnès,

Comme promis, je t’envoie la lettre de témoignage.

Depuis plusieurs années, je souffrais d’un mal de dos récurrent, plus exactement d’une douleur à l’omoplate.
Je m’en étais plainte lors de visites médicales à la medicine du travail, le médecin m’avait alors parlé du “mal de la secrétaire” et qu’il n’y avait rien à faire, mis à part les anti-inflammatoires, mais que ça n’étais pas la solution miracle!

Marie-Agnès m’a alors parlé de cette nouvelle method qui consiste à remettre l’atlas en place, et comme c’est sans risqué, je me suis laissée tenter!
Puis les mois ont passé et je n’y pensais plus jusau’au jour où une de mes collègues m’a demandé si je souffrais toujours de mon omoplate, et je me suis rendue compte que je n’y avais plus pensé, évidemment car je n’avais plus mal!!!

Ajujourd’hui, je n’ai plus mal à l’omoplate et je me suis aperçue que je n’avais plus non plus cette douleur à la nuque lorsque je conduisais la nuit.
Peut-être vais-je encore m’apercevoir de la disparition de maux desquels je n’ai plus à me préoccuper et qui me gâchaient l’existence au quotidian!

Un grand merci à toi, Marie-Agnès et continue à guériri et libérer les personnes qui souffrent!


*All testimonials featured are of the opinion of the person that wrote or recorded them: Marie-Agnès Casalini takes no responsibility for anything stated and would like to make it clear for legal reasons that she does not claim to have healed or cured anyone. The AtlasPROfilax® method is no compensation for medical care or diagnostics. Any current treatments must neither be interrupted nor terminated, also future treatments must not be postponed. The AtlasPROfilax® method is neither a diagnostic method nor a medical therapy, no diseases, no symptoms of diseases, no medical conditions and no sufferings are medicated.